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Fantasy author, historical fashion nerd, medievalist, painter, #KingArthur scholar, #Regency geek, tea dragon. #ADHD She/her 🏳️‍🌈 - 💗💜💙

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I was a high school teacher in Venezuela, when I left my country and I moved to Colombia I gave someone a 2 hours E…
Retweeted by Natania Barron @premeesaurus @ChuckWendig #TeamPremee :D @premeesaurus @ChuckWendig OMG PREMEE!! YAY!okay so! A BROKEN DARKNESS, the sequel to BENEATH THE RISING, seems to be out! congratulations book! my first ever…
Retweeted by Natania Barron @MelissaFOlson @StinaLeicht @LKDucolon1984 @strangelykatie ::bashes the follow button:: @StinaLeicht @MelissaFOlson @LKDucolon1984 YES! Let us all dance our fiery dragon tea dance together. @MelissaFOlson @LKDucolon1984 @AdagioTeas ... get out of my tea cabinet! That's my favorite. It's my splurge tea. @MelissaFOlson @LKDucolon1984 Literally just sat down to another cup of loose leaf (this is just an Irish breakfast… @MelissaFOlson @LKDucolon1984 It depends. Probably Earl Grey. @MelissaFOlson @LKDucolon1984 Happy to talk any time, my dear. I think Fate has required we are connected. :) @craignewman OMG tell me about this pup! @craignewman I also don't give him all the cheese in the house. And for that I am a true monster. @craignewman He slowly sheds the blanket into the couch. @andrewr124xx SO adorable! @FoxyLustyGrover OH FOR SURE. He needs his nails clipped, too. But last time I made him yip and I'm scared. @andrewr124xx He's... not bright. But a wonderful pup who loves with everything he has. @FoxyLustyGrover He was... in between dreaming. @moorehn He will take them without question and then bay madly when he thinks a falling leaf outside is someone at the door. @cmpriest YAAASSSS!!!Woohoo! GRAVE RESERVATIONS makes the LJ homepage! “Cherie Priest offers a quirky and lightly comic mystery featuri…
Retweeted by Natania Barron @moorehn HE IS. He's a Bagle (Basset/Beagle) and he is half melting all the time. His name is Bentley. I love him. @beaniezee He's my top performer, honestly. At least in hair-shedding. @titacookie1974 The pillow is what gets me.I am working downstairs today. This is my dog. He is not working. He owns this couch, though. @DavidJGonzales1 Fair point. There are chasms between poverty, our perceptions of poverty, and privilege. @xwordy Franks and beans. It's my daughter's favorite, but I remember choking it down. I still hate it. Also swee… @LAGilman Right? We need our annual three hours of discussion about everything and anything... and time in the woods. @xwordy I was, too! Totally. I was happy. I also loved just being with my family. I had my writing, my guitar, and… the FEELS. @becsolila @GirlsandGoblins The love is VERY important, though. And doing the work is great, too. @THIESSEN_J @stephens_ben Ouch... @KenBurnside1 I was an RA, so I had a decent meal plan. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I would have done. @xwordy It's weird how you can NOT notice. My roommate took me shopping once for an "interview outfit" at Ann Taylo… @GirlsandGoblins My dad's father was a professor at a public university, but he himself was a first generation Jewi… @GirlsandGoblins I just assumed that's how it worked. When I went to college -- with scholarships and loans -- and… @jgriffinhughes The debt is real. It's multi-generational, too. @fbdbh That would make me twitchy. And I'm out on the other side, but I remember so clearly the first time I went i… @shaunduke Yes, and there are levels of poor. Food insecurity vs. like, literally homeless. And systemic vs. person… @dorkland That is a FLEX. @Aglaia_Berlutti Love this! @dorkland Same! Same. I loved my school. But my fellow students calling their parents for “book money” mid semest… were briefly homeless. My parents lost everything due to my dad’s chronic illness. I loved thrift shopping and… anyone else super poor and didn’t realize it until later? I didn’t realize until college how wide of a chasm… @ceruleancynic Also written by people were never poor. Poverty can rewrite your brain. I had no idea how poor our… the actual fuck the thing about poverty is that it has this super high correlation with not having any money,…
Retweeted by Natania Barron @nlowell Thank you! I love that people find my brain overspill interesting. I tend to research a ton, and then real… morning. This ensemble has my heart a flutter. I think we need to bring. Ack layered patterns and textures and… @Hosmeriana Firmly agree. @LAWombat Yes, I muddled the Richards. But I did know about the codpieces. Just not enough room to talk about all t… ⁦@NataniaBarron⁩ ⁦@kirbanita⁩
Retweeted by Natania Barron @ceruleancynic I have to pace myself. And many days I just find my way to despair about it. But there is always a…! Enjoy a hand loom velvet video.... @MattDoyleSmit Of course it does. @ceruleancynic Exactly. And how, with social media, there’s a distortion filter on everything. It’s masks on masks. @ceruleancynic For what it’s worth, you can always talk to me about it. I’m trying to talk about it more because I… @ceruleancynic I like writing entire books, getting a single rejection, and then trunking it. My brain is an assh… @ceruleancynic So many feels. I have been struggling so much with this lately.Greg Abbott is an idiot Some people in Texas are awful Some people in Texas are pleasant But everyone in Texas is…
Retweeted by Natania Barron @NataniaBarron Sorry, I was late didn't see the original Tweet so I galloped right up to respond. If it's not your…
Retweeted by Natania BarronThe answer to this question is NEIGH I am so disappointed in all of you. this talk of velvet, and green velvet, helped me remember Marianne Stokes, one of the women painters active aro… @MandaTheGinger ::cackle:: @MattDoyleSmit I mean... it's just so fun!Casting horses for your characters is totally normal right asking for a friend who is me @xwordy Very cool! @temptoetiam This might be helpful: @temptoetiam I think you need a textile forensics specialist! I know there are people who take pollen samples/fiber… mentioned only in brief last night, but Kuba or Kasai fabric from the Congo is really stunning -- it's not actual… @mmmirele Exactly! Now, it's almost impossible to find anyone who knows how to darn socks. We just throw them out and get new ones. @judeaa Just astonishing, huh? @BrobergMatthew It totally is. And it's helped rekindle my love of research. When I was in grad school, getting col… @BrobergMatthew Thank you! It's a bit bleak sometimes, out there, but the fact we live in an age where we can see t… @oakthorne You would totally rock this. @SuzyQuzey I KNOW. I keep watching it. The SOUND of the slicing... shivers. @inkgrrl It's a goddamn lifestyle!I do #ThreadTalk because I'm always thinking about world building. And world building and fashion is inextricable.… @SuzyQuzey Yay! I'm so glad! @lynnswayze It's 100% my fault for changing themes and making updates and being lazy about it! But ten years' worth… blog is being a total jerk. I think I'm going to have to do a fresh install and migration and ughhhhh. @inkgrrl It's weird, when you love tea that much. You can be jealous when you have some, and also never have enough. @JMMcDermott I ate the cake. @Shahalti It was a DAY. And it needed carrot cake in it.I have tea. And I have carrot cake. That's it. That's the tweet. (Yes, yes, I'm writing.) @StinaLeicht My heart! I'd love to see if you ever want to share it. <3 @StinaLeicht Oh, me too! I dive into the Pre-Raphaelites quite often. The color! The depth! Just... agh. @garethlpowell Every day.More velvety goddesses. @HillaryMonahan Oh myyyy @LeeDaly19 @ceruleancynic I’m sorry! I tried! @ArkadyMartine is incredible! @megelison We had a mockingbird going at it like a car alarm all day
Retweeted by Natania BarronICYMI
Retweeted by Natania Barron @tracydeonn Omg!!! Congrats! @StinaLeicht @ArkadyMartine @tithenai Sure, but if it’s magic it means it also generates our own individual ones, too.So incredibly proud of my brilliant wife, and of this book. You're going to LOVE it :D
Retweeted by Natania BarronI've gotten a number of really great questions. Plenty of time for more!
Retweeted by Natania Barron @KatieRBromley Aww! Ibuprofen.... I got it!I feel like garbage. But my mom was going to get rid of this duvet and it’s my happy fort now. I am in this fort. @PonchoRebound That Second Breakfast Club life.Update: Megastructures, the science fiction anthology that I edited - and all the incredible writers who were part…
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