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SFF novelist, #arthuriana nerd, #medievalist, painter, garden darling, liminal witch, tea dragon, friend to owls. #adhd She/her 🏳️‍🌈 - 💗💜💙

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I’m thankful for all of you. For inspiring me and encouraging me and tolerating my puns and humoring my obsession w… @_flothulhu I hope so! I have more NaNo to finish! @LeeDaly19 Oh! I just took them out of the refrigerator... they look incredible. Proofing for 2 hours and then it’s go time. @_flothulhu Keeping it quiet and easy! Hopefully get some writing and painting in.Good morning. My brain and body rejected sleep last night for a considerable stretch. But! It’s Thanksgiving? @wordfey Yes! What the fuck! @saladinahmed Whoo hoo!Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the weird little snails with humans faces under your mattress bite. @Greeblehaus I’ve done this... but white Subaru.I absolutely love this statue #KingArthur #statue #art ... @NataniaBarron have you seen this one?
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈 @MandaTheGinger So weird how sometimes you can e going along and then... it just stops. @LKDucolon1984 Yes! It’s so cool! I love the way it changes with the time and light. @MandaTheGinger I did not get that one. The election just... oof. But I’ve made up for it. @Pantrocious looks like #nanowrimo2020 will comfortably pass this year. I’m at 40k (43k total in the book). Some years, ADH… @Pantrocious The key is low and slow. Otherwise you end up with applesauce or still crunchy! I’ve been baking almos… @jennyrae Heaven! And my favorite color... @Pantrocious Nope! It does it in the pan.Trippy. @AustinAni You too, darling!Loving this approach. I painted a first layer of NEON. And now scraping away over the textures. #abstractart @AustinAni I make them once or twice a year, so I’ve had time to perfect it.Cinnamon roll progress. These go in overnight to the refrigerator. More pics tomorrow. crispy @dsilverbooks @TotalRECarr Yes! It's a Southern thing, maybe? My in-laws peel all their tomatoes. @LeeDaly19 LOL! I'll take it. @TotalRECarr They just fall apart when you cook them enough. I also know people who peel tomatoes, and like what? T… @LeeDaly19 Rest up! You're clearly going a little giddy to the core...I live wild, y'all. I don't peel my apples when I make apple crisp.Oh y'all. This apple crisp! @EFrenchMPhil They are half-sisters, so it works. <3 @LeeDaly19 I'm glad you enjoy it <3 @pauljessup Hah! Not at all. I love working with flour. It just hates me. <3 @pauljessup Oh YUM. Alas, I can't eat mine. But the kids will love them.I have committed cinnamon roll and apple crisp. Now I must create words and worlds. #amwriting #NaNoWriMo #almostthere
I think 99% of why I paint is just to involve my tactile expertise of the texture itself. @_flothulhu So good.Your moment of zen. of my friends in life... are either ADHD or some other flavor of neurodivergent... and often also queer. It’s… @jbadelaire UghI am rewarding myself with a nap. Here is a medieval rabbit with a helmet on. @MelDSullivan She’s such a mood. @MissLagsalot All the doom @JenLucPiquant They are sisters... so that makes sense! Powerful and not to be trifled with. @pronouncedLAHra I mean. I prefer tea at least thrice daily. @pronouncedLAHra Fair point. We can always have second tea. @SNemetschke We can contain multitudes, after all! @pronouncedLAHra You don't want murder!? ;)I couldn't get away without doing a Ladies of Queen of None meme. With apologies to the Pre-Raphaelites. Which on… ::freeze-frame:: "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation…" (W…
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈I did a Scary Thing ™ Now I need a cookie.I'm super pleased to announce that I have a story in the awesome new anthology, Escape Pod edited by @divyastweets
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈All I can say about the gargantuan publishing news today is...triple up on supporting and submitting to small press…
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈 @BrokenFiction @pauljessup And Brother Theodore's Gollum still haunts my nightmares. @BrokenFiction @pauljessup Hard same. @wnwagner @pauljessup I'm obsessed with it. I do a version with candied ginger inside. And gluten free (because, ug… @wirewalking When my publisher sent me an email a few months ago with the subject line "KIRKUS" -- I almost passed… @wirewalking Also, blurb barf? Like, asking people for stuff? Then, yesterday, I asked someone for... help... and… a copy of Close Your Eyes, and a get a few other really cool books while you're there
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈Good morning. I managed to get a good picture of myself, headed into a long weekend, and wanted to share. The ligh… @leverus Such a phenomenal book. And human. @wirewalking Is marketing-induced nausea a thing? @wordfey YES @KenSchrader4882 @fugitivehistor1 Exactly. @Pantrocious Ha! No! But, I have used lots of gold paint. @autoerraticism Yup. They probably had a lot more dogs as inspiration than dragons, too... @wordfey We’re doing an Eberron 5e! I’m playing a horny, alcoholic, rakish aristocrat warlock named Alidor. He’s very fun. @jennyrae No, the block cheese has the density you need. It’s my all-purpose, no fail, though. Amazing with apple pie as well @jennyrae I usually do a rugelach crust for everything. The cream cheese is 💯 @Kat_C_Writes Super lovely. @BrokenFiction Yup! Discord, actually. @jbadelaire We’re usually done by 11. So this is unusual :) @PrinceJvstin Oh goodness. @pauljessup @wnwagner Same, but gingerbread cake. @jbadelaire ::waves::I stayed up too late playing #DnD and it’s awesome.My dog makes this same face when I catch him eating the toilet paper rolls. @Pantrocious gilding yes -- using actual gold to add to the painting. Because it's vellum, it sort of lifts on top of it. Pretty amazing. @pauljessup @adamcallaways @BrokenFiction @ElliottBlackwe3 @mythopoetica You're forgiven. @BrokenFiction I have endless pictures of ladies in armor, so just so you know. If you need a fix...Don't forget to take the QUIZ! >> Which Arthurian Character Are You? Currently, Anna and Vivian are in the lead..… @susannahkirby Only one way to find out... @BrokenFiction Agreed. know there is boob armor on this one, but you've got to give her points for being thorough. From the British Libr… @mcmanlypants Maybe we ought to start our own tradition? I know my stress level is minimal. @mcmanlypants Right? We're doing a low country boil. @GeekyJules My FIL once called me "the prettiest liberal" he ever met. So that's what we're working with.I don't know about y'all, but I am relieved AF that I'm not going to have to have those awkward political conversat… @bocaljazz Sure. Or that. @MistyMassey I do that, too. @Pantrocious Someday. If you're feeling particularly jaunty. I take no blame, I am merely the messenger of the medieval mind. @NataniaBarron I DID finish the book (and Natania definitely sticks the landing). My next book? An arc of TRANSGRE…
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈 @PrinceJvstin @JulietteWade Oh cool!! And great choice for the next book! <3 And so glad you think so. :D :D :D :D @bocaljazz If she hadn't switched to the synthetic oboe... @saladinahmed My dogs are each over 45 pounds, so writing and cuddling isn't possible. He's just so... ::squish::Trying to write. While your daughter. Is learning "happy birthday" on the keyboard And missing notes. Like weird jazz. @saladinahmed How do you not just... stay snuggled with him 24/7?Your annual reminder the Salvation Army is homophobic af, has been for a very long, documented time (use your Googl…
Retweeted by Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈 @ninocipri Same and same!