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@GraemeSeabrook They'll turn into teens who either take too much time in the bathroom or ones that never seem to wa… @IamKeonte Liaten, as a FRESH 40 year old, these don't feel far off. @KenzoShibata Oh, they raked missy over hot coals last night. They were still going when I woke up this morning. Th… @KenzoShibata I almost didn't respond to you because of the meddler in your profile picture. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 @centsiblelife I wish we were in a spacious home. We gave up massive rooms for a backyard and a garage. Not complai… watched Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2 now I get to see him The Goonies! I also completed TWO articles today - AND I ATE! @GraemeSeabrook Kids are tiny monsters who smell worse than anything I've ever known. And they don't care. @sometimes_there Yes! We have to have a sit down with our parents, but I think everyone is scared because all the k… recipe inspired by Jacques Pepin is one of our favorite hoity-toity meals to make at home. If you can handle c… just like that, I'm missing my brother and his weird sense of humor. @DaenelT My husband just wants to be comfortable. It can be atrocious and he's fine with it.I really want those of you who can afford life insurance to invest in it. And if your parents don't have life insur… @IamKeonte I think he secretly wants to see them suffer a little bit. But not as much as these haters with the stud… @IamKeonte I can still remember the day Nate realized that I had *some* jets still left in this body. His eyes got… did you discover your decorating style? Mine seems to be "whatever catches my eye at the moment" and I don't t… @IamKeonte Direct shade gets direct throat punches. Tell them that. @IamKeonte When kids are unintentionally shady... @JeniEats With a pepper in their place. @tressiemcphd I love you for sharing this. @ElitatheLibra MADAM! @efnord I'd actually go higher than half if I'm being honest. They also probably don't keep them sharpened either. @efnord Sounds about right. We're not in that percentage mostly because all the cooks would yell at me. And them ye… @efnord I guess I give people the benefit of the doubt. Which I should know better by now. I mean, it's right there…'s still not lost on me that Upgrade is a direct reflection of venom. Down to the lookalike lead actor. @efnord That's rough to hear, and I don't doubt it. I guess it's all in how you're raised and the level of kitchen…
@efnord Have you cut yourself knifing the pit before? I hear this advice often from folks who have.Looking for a great side to have when you're watching your sporting event? Try this super simple guacamole recipe.… Hardy as Venom. Hilarious. This workday has been amazing. @Chookooloonks @ElisaC Are they still a family friend? Also as someone who has done both, I just want folks to mind… likes Rolo candy? I remember always having a sleeve of them in grade school, and now I can put them in a cookie… @MissSueBurbia @StringsRamen We can do that too! @MissSueBurbia @StringsRamen All of it! @Walkerfarm306 I wish I was privy to the good spots close to Chicago. One of these days. @MissSueBurbia @StringsRamen I'd also put 20 billion dollars into my checking account and then buy all of Chicago a… @MissSueBurbia @StringsRamen If I could get rid of COVID-19 the inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave would have been… @Walkerfarm306 Good point! Switch out the beer for Pepsi though and we have a deal.I want to go fishing. @chrissyteigen But formula IS normalized. It's offered in every space in the hospital even when you state that you… @ogbrenna Roger that.THESE BABY LEGS ON @VancityReynolds for Deadpool2 are sending me over the edge! @_DionneWarwick It's refreshing. @kissmytulle Brad Pitt though?My dear sweet @StringsRamen what sweet nothings do I need to say to you in order to get you on the far south side? I'll love you forever.Keto Almond Joy Cookies - coconut, almonds, and KETO? You can do it friend, and @thecrunchymommy is here to show yo… @stigmafighters Specifically those of the toddler and geriatric variety.This whole X-Force scene in Deadpool 2 is something else. @Clarissa_Laskey I'm not sure if that's better or worse than 24 FULL hours of sick time. Good gravy. I wanna know who this company is. @BklynActiveMama Nah. No more cutting until next year. I'm on hiatus. @BklynActiveMama When you know better, you do better. ;) @ogbrenna OR - since tone isn't implied, was this a rhetorical as well? In case, I'll delete the above reply with apologies. @BklynActiveMama The job that my husband had before this was AMAZING pay but HORRIBLE PTO, this job we worked that… @ogbrenna I actually use the search function Bren because I know better. But thanks for trying! @ChittendenNate @SterlingKBrown ALSO? The CGI is so trash. @raisingwhasians Yeah, that's the reason I'm asking. But I needed more input on the pros/cons of the full Switch (w… @ChittendenNate @SterlingKBrown Oh, it's SO bad, but it's easy watching while I edit photos and write blog posts. E… for a great dish to make that comes together much quicker than it looks. The fact that everyone can customi… will you all learn to check the replies to see that you REALLY don't have to post the same thing that 35 other people above you have?Also, @SterlingKBrown they wrote your character arc dirty in The Predator my dude. I'm so sorry - and yes, this is 2 years too late.I forgot how easy on the eyes Trevante Rhodes is. And now I'm watching The Predator and working.Now imagine RECORD high turnout for DEMs, and LOW turnout for the Georgia GOP. We're working on BOTH. We can defe…
Retweeted by Above all else, your mental health is important - protect it with all costs. Check this out from @mom2summit @JPlovesCOTTON I believe Mother Nicholes plays. We shall see. This year has sucked for birthdays, so we're attempti… @WattWhereHow @Lightroom A stupid update was my nemesis. GRRRRRR! @WattWhereHow @Lightroom Thanks. @WattWhereHow @Lightroom CC @WattWhereHow @Lightroom I'm also wondering if this is something that they update with those of us who subscribe monthly. Hmmm. @WattWhereHow @Lightroom Nope. @WattWhereHow @Lightroom Not for me it isn't. That's where it was before, and now - nothing. The only watermark opt… @JPlovesCOTTON @lashawnwiltz I'm going to go ahead and say count next year out as well.I see that @Lightroom and I are going to come to blows today. Did everything switch around during the year that I h… @ewokmama I'll have big brother ask them outright so it won't ruin a possible birthday surprise - or letdown. @NicoleBlades Fact: I block people I'm not even following so they can't come across my feed with nonsense. Folks… gotta be specific with our manifestations.
Retweeted by @ElitatheLibra Why are y'all this way?How does one smoke from a metal key? @NicoleBlades Madam - did you forget who you were talking to? @NicoleBlades You should still block them on principle.Some of y'all use 'organic' like you use 'literally' - stop doing that. Everything isn't organic just because it isn't GMO. Stop that. @JustJ88918743 @ChittendenNate My bad. Especially with the way I just went through brown sugar this week.What. The. Heck. think that the Royal Family does a good enough job of making themselves look bad. Looking at the calls for Netf… @ChittendenNate @JustJ88918743 It's a line from Anne of Green Gables. :)20 lbs of brown sugar for $1Looks like I need to sign up for another couple of shifts of text banking for GA. @jtiltonflood Eye of Newt?TWENTY-SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! #ChristmasIsComing @Gadget_Consult Fantastic point - I don't know if they want to play games that attach to the screen, and don't want… @maximumbeth @netflix @johnlegend Did you know that it took @DavidETalbert TWENTY years to get it to us? I love tha… @agchick And it comes from other women too! It's a horrid cycle. @beingthefunmama @TonyaStaab Gotcha. Both parents are all about buying the model that's leaving. @beingthefunmama @TonyaStaab To buy the old version because the newer one will likely increase in price? @jtiltonflood I like that phrasing. Let me run it past he- I mean, that person in my house.We get to shut up and mind our business. Because it's FREE. you old when you stretch and the stretch incapacitates you? Asking for someone in my house. @Clarissa_Laskey @Clarissa_Laskey Send me an extra $200. 1/4 kidding. @TonyaStaab Yep, already knew about the controllers coming off, as they have informed me over and over again - as w… @NicoleBlades Delete those people from your feed immediately!I guess Kathy Griffin still hasn't learned, no matter how many times she's been told "you gon' learn today" >sigh<Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite? The twins have a birthday several days before Christmas and I'm kind of ti…