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mate :) @nateandmufasa i literally do not know

i travel and i write jokes, sometimes simultaneously if i'm feeling brave • he/him

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ur telling me aoc just played among us with kronk and i missed it? @tequilacowgirl w !!!!3 years later and i finally did (-:
Retweeted by mate :) @zachhipe oh klahoma @iamtherog i should have said "double denom" @iamtherog nice :) @fuckmarrywill HOLY COW !! :-) @maine_gov mainefor those of u who weren't around yet @okiecorri hubie @okiecorri gotta be quicker than that"a also a"the greatest day for me on here was the day i went viral because i fell in love with a girl at a coffee shop and i… @courtlylxve it's really just the leaf falling at the end without that it's nothing @cassthevirgin fun fact that oatmeal is like a year and a half old i forgot it at my moms house after i graduated c… @darksun1527 @rishipuff worse? u mean less awesome @rishipuff very down @Delaneyshaee hiiiiii :) @milkinhisbag what is a king without his crown @mushm0on not with that attitude @ilanz00 ily @ilanz00 🥺🥺🥺 @rishipuff our minds who just throw random emojis into their messages deserve the world they're just like "gn ❤️🦩🥞" and i'm like "🥺🥺🥺" @latergatorhater and once again, i love u @kpfeffss much to consider @kpfeffss what if i don't have a yard do i just stay singlewhy yes i did change my avi for spooky time thank u for noticing @jimjimsauce mhm yessir @potato2potatoes tysm !! @beckylaflor i am here to help queen
@thenotoriousyd yeet just pull up to the catskillscan't believe a cow died for this @latergatorhater no❤️ @timmy_bro_ yes def will post one soon @latergatorhater i ask myself this about u all the timeoh also i passed the test with flying colors @dave_cactus they did :) take that as u will @beckylaflor ok but in their defense u do be becky and u do be having good hairlisten ok hear me out real quick,, i'm kinda cute tho @scolioscis yes and it is good @femaleredhead i was SO HAPPY about that @kellyscarpone i want u to know i think about this tweet every daysome more relaxing brekky content for u 😌 @tropicanapussy thank u for ur kindness @tropicanapussy i support u but i'm actually about to post a couple bangers can u at least give me the rest of the day king @nobodysdaughter oh it's a dispersed camping area haha there's like 10 sites here @oweenis herbie :) @JaydeColer idk i'm super cozy rnwow the twitter crop really did me dirty herecheckmate 💅 @pant_leg AHHHHHHHHHHH @pant_leg omg erin it's been an hour please tell us @abbygov honestly nobody ever could. it's not ur fault @latergatorhater ME TOO @friendoftoads their name is herbie :) @kellyscarpone i love this :) @nateandmufasa adventurous boi
Retweeted by mate :) @couribruv kingmade a friend :) @drivingmemadi it was actually very spacious @gicaplez lmfaooooo @latergatorhater right??? @jasminericegirl catskill mountains !! @kellyscarpone me pleasewhat a beautiful walk just to get to a porta potty lmao love it here @cassthevirgin @the_emmadilemma ty em 😎 @okiecorri hubie :) @okiecorri ...hubie ? :( @okiecorri hubie @okiecorri hubie @abernothing i'm boutta sound so pretentious but i changed it when i studied in italy because all schedules there w… @pant_leg @meeeeeriem i know u wouldn't and that's why i love u @yedoyeOT anytime king @meeeeeriem hubie @abbygov and i LISTENED @yedoyeOT ur right and u should say itnot sure what she was looking for here tbh @abbygov i'm not sure i can look past this abby @laziestchris ... @lilredridingwud yes ofc !! @kellyscarpone this is a golden idea @kennagonerogue big agreeI just made spaghetti for the first time!
Retweeted by mate :)I
Retweeted by mate :)
@ballerguy no it's fine i'm an eagle scout @SlapOnSomePants do it i'll help u build it out @MadintheUS u mean salas @ThaMagicDragon yesevery day is a battle between wanting to eat my pbj sammiches and not wanting my pbj sammiches to be gone @maine_gov 🤪 @joe_climbs i simply crossed the border and it wasn't therestop telling me maine is real. i've been there and it's not real, actually @KylePlantEmoji i've literally been there. it's not realmom can u come pick me up a fake state is bullying me again day i log into my gcs and am attacked, unprovoked, @latergatorhater who told u this @getlaidan u were gone for literally 30s dude this tweet is a lie