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"If YoU'rE nOt DoInG aNyThInG IlLeGaL, yOu HaVe NoThInG tO wOrRy AbOuT" #7,892
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @GodswillUgwaJr ready when you are the animals
Retweeted by Asian KronkA good reminder! This is a big insecurity of mine, I often forget this 🤪
Retweeted by Asian KronkThere are two kinds of writers.
Retweeted by Asian Kronkthis is an unusually honest framing of it but this is the kind of madness taught in mainstream economics, which ass…
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Retweeted by Asian Kronk @KuribosShoe that'll do it"why are there so many shows about kids and teens written by adults" -kids/teens want media abt their own age group…
Retweeted by Asian Kronkonce I met a guy who when I told him I wanted to go into animation he said "I thought kids made animation?" when I…
Retweeted by Asian Kronkbring back long hair anime boys and 90s special expressions💦💦 #rkgk
Retweeted by Asian Kronk能井ちゃんハッピーバースデー!!!!!!🎂🍗🍔🍖 #dorohedoro
Retweeted by Asian Kronk"Conan The Destroyer" Frazetta 1971
Retweeted by Asian Kronk👊 KO artist! 💪 Submission ace! Who wins in this clash of styles? #UFCVegas6
Retweeted by Asian KronkI found a new use for the phone holder in my car
Retweeted by Asian Kronk#yakuza0
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @BrenDorkasaurus telling people "it's not perfect" is enough to get them to wanna fight you One Piece is good, it's probably m… recapping how this works: Police murder = no consequences Civilian mischief = life sentence
Retweeted by Asian KronkTHIS IS A GOOD QUESTION I think it just amplifies the problematic-ness of both? they combine like a super robot @onimaruxlr 10/10 would read Donald Duck going on a murderous rampagePublishers offering POC a book deal:
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @onimaruxlr also got his body switched with somebody? Nick Fury, maybe?Well known by dog, alway time to cozy
Retweeted by Asian KronkIt is okay to dislike something without desperately scrambling for the moral high ground to dunk on it
Retweeted by Asian Kronkrt if you agree
Retweeted by Asian Kronk🔈 both arthur and sesame street have been able to do stuff like this for years bc they are on public nonprofit tele…
Retweeted by Asian KronkI forgot it was the 34th anniversary for Metroid oops Either way, went nuts & re-drew an old Samus art I did 3 yea…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk"The thing your mad about is an accepted industry standard" and my losing battle of choice is that it shouldn't be.
Retweeted by Asian KronkI'm confused also I didn't like Your Name that much and Bernie from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - illustration by Haruhiko Mikimoto (’Cellu Works’…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk"One piece gets good after 200 episodes." Nah it’s good from the start
Retweeted by Asian KronkSpace Dandy 線撮
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Retweeted by Asian Kronk50% of teespring revenue comes from selling "Irish American blue lives matter line punisher skull" t-shirts
Retweeted by Asian KronkCurrently crying because I literally grew the most beautiful peppers ever
Retweeted by Asian KronkOne of the best times I've ever had writing for the internet was when I roped @NateMing and @grantthethief in to ra…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @littlemac1183 @ykarps thaaaaat's right, I liked his "villain" outfit @ykarps @littlemac1183 but I also get it--when the '90s cartoon was running, Nightcrawler was with Excalibur (Colos… @ykarps @littlemac1183 the Captain America episode IS good (the Evolution one, too) another reason why I loved Evo… @littlemac1183 they did make new X-Men shows--TWICE and they were great! but nooooo everybody keeps going on and o… @superdeformed heeeeeey I had those Escaflowne clamshells! that's a very nice collectionwhen things go back to sorta-normal, I'm looking forward to hearing WAP at every karaoke get-together @pamadak @FallGuysGame FUUUUUUU Guys2Bコス!#春麗 #ストリートファイター #イラスト #illust #StreetFighter #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ #NieRAutomata
Retweeted by Asian KronkThis guy just found out that Bobby Caldwell is white...
Retweeted by Asian took me this long to realize that the mountains in the background of EHZ are HTZ off in the distance. Holy sh…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk난 아니다
Retweeted by Asian Kronkno couples in the straw hats but these two are married this is so cute bro
Retweeted by Asian KronkI hate the “I am not a robot” verification.
Retweeted by Asian Kronkmore #fatart 🖤✨
Retweeted by Asian KronkChubby Overload
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @CheyenneTheGeek your brother gives good advice#RiseOfTheTMNT support rise of the tmnt and ALSO support monkie kid, a new show that was ALSO animated by flying ba…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk並べた
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @crystalVfae HAPPY BDAY YO @AshsStash 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @AshsStash you'll figure it out! my first time playing, I went the wrong way and spent a couple hours getting my a… @AshsStash they're also very consistent about their challenge--if you figure out what works for you, it'll become an easier ride @AshsStash oh they're hard games, for sure but they're never unfair, just demanding and most of the community is… @AshsStash however! a friend of mine who does not like challenging games, and generally prefers more chill/less-dem… @OMGsushibacon oh I loved both Control and Alan Wake Remedy consistently makes good stuffGotou "you know you want this" Kiichi
Retweeted by Asian KronkOH SHIT “I love me a freak” Women rappers: *raps about sex* Men: “y’all need fathers”
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @AshsStash none, I'm sorry @MeadowAtLast the worst @KuribosShoe yeah, I mentioned this farther down but it has allowed me to build up an insanely good 360 library"It was like a horror movie" Poor baby! ;_; You know what's like a horror movie? A line of giant men in uniforms w…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @sacaitlin I diglet's all go to wall market again
Retweeted by Asian KronkHere it is, The Box Assassin! My senior thesis animated film. This was a one person project, but also a huge thanks…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @sacaitlin yeah, but I don't get to keep them like I do/did on Xbox if I end the subscription Games with Gold made… @YorPalSal oh damn, I didn't even know that so you can't even buy games you've downloaded through PS+ if you want… @amai_zo YUP same with the XBO games on Xbox Live--360 games are yours to keepthis is the same problem I have with PS+ are on a date!!
Retweeted by Asian Kronkウルトラマンゼット ご唱和ください!我の名を!
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Retweeted by Asian Kronk @kidfenris damn good pickThe three (3) types of accounts you meet on anitwitter
Retweeted by Asian Kronklegit miss this Muppet!
Retweeted by Asian KronkCorgi/Chow!
Retweeted by Asian KronkI say it a lot, but I have never seen SUSTAINED, CONTINUOUS ACTION like this before. Portland, and I know elsewhere…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @Cipher_db @MangaDungeon @CDCubed whoever takes over the new translation must have true mastery of puns unfortunat… minute you press the record button when performing a good deed, all the meaning is taken away and a selfless ac…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @Cipher_db @MangaDungeon @CDCubed "Nappa, bring out the GROWN MEN" and then it's these little dudes would honestly be funny as fuck
Trying so hard to radiate volleyball anime energy 🙈🏐
Retweeted by Asian KronkPssssssssst Read Witch Hat Atelier
Retweeted by Asian KronkAmerica, where property means more than life.
Retweeted by Asian KronkI asked my boyfriend to push my titties up for a photo I was taking for my Only Fans and ,,,,,,,,,,
Retweeted by Asian KronkSupport your friends! #RivalSchools #Hinata
Retweeted by Asian KronkPrepare for battle, the apocalypse is coming. Vanillaware’s #13Sentinels: Aegis Rim is now up for digital pre-orde…
Retweeted by Asian KronkNew #OnePiece opening reminded me a lot of Brand New World, and it lines up suspiciously well (with a few slight tw…
Retweeted by Asian KronkI hate this corner they've painted us into where if we support the film, we're supporting this horrible system and…
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @onimaruxlr oh for sure, Kakarot was boring as shit but a lot of people really liked it movement and traversal wer… out to all the trans men in the world no reason, i just think they are cool
Retweeted by Asian Kronk @onimaruxlr Arkham Origins was fine, I don't get why people hate it so much @onimaruxlr I mean we had an full-on open-world Dragon Ball game recently, and that was basically just a Yakuza gam…