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RBG died less than 2 months ago and the GOP already confirmed a new justice. We’ve been in a pandemic for almost 8…
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneThis how the 1% look at minorities. I was a classmate of Kushner let me tell you what I did to get into Harvard co…
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneRepublican Senators, who blocked Obama's nominee to a Supreme Court vacancy 237 days before the 2016 election *beca…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @Bo_Me_Yooo @dragon_berries god DAMN these are amazing
if Jeff Bezos gave each of his 876,000 employees a $105,000 bonus, he'd be left with as much money as he had at the…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @TriiGz W @thedirector21 @MatthewWolvert1 @2mlboa @theneedledrop @Ramello_ seperation of church and state buddy. if you only…
@chefkimchi this is a war crime @Dave_Stein @hopefromtwitt @MoralesAcosta1 @ricburton 2021 were returning to the flotilla fuck earth 😤the plan? distribute a covid-19 vaccine through a team of trained mall santas by promising them they will get it fi…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @jude_aotik @themattmeadow @jaysbabyknife @glittrfltr Incorrect, AR pistols are defined as pistol-length AR-15s whi… @bradlybuck7 @ATOWNWILLIS @FellowOfSome @DavidLarter I do bc it’s true. I dislike the Lincoln Project greatly, but… @Stepside76 @ZacB1990 @mcuban Honestly the fact that you listen to the shit that spews out of Matt Gaetz mouth lead… @jaysbabyknife @glittrfltr biden’s gun plan doesnt even want to take away guns, and considering the ATF just fucked… @Stepside76 @ZacB1990 @mcuban okay seriously think about it: if he knew, why the fuck would he ever say something b… @tuttibaci @PatCassa @mcuban for YEARS scientists have been warning about how unprepared we are and his tweet was i… set up a table with PPE for voters w/ music, voting schedule, masks, sanitizer, & gloves. NYPD demanded we be…
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneNot when it comes to racism and basic human rights.
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @KayzoMusic yall ready to get din tai fung every day??
@SlasherNewsLive @NYDailyNews if a verified, sourced quote being published is defamation of character, you really a… @clayton53361041 @BumpItMcCarthy @KirstenAllison @guardiannews @ProjectLincoln They're not a private corporation, t… @ATOWNWILLIS @FellowOfSome @DavidLarter Wrong: The Lincoln Project is current Republicans who don't buy into Trump'… @Alicia05021 @jennerific713 @realDonaldTrump if any other person was president and fucked everything up as bad as T… @msenicaracing @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump I wonder if your awful looking truck is why you've never won a single… YOU to the artists, musicians, snack and lawn chair providers, and everyday cheerleaders sustaining people’s…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @AndrewAngelCG @AOC also - republican candidates get large donations from the ultra wealthy more often than not whi… @AndrewAngelCG @AOC i thought conservatives were the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” party? she worked her ass… @Veltrida carmelldansen cosplay @jdsjackets @drodxo @AOC Scientific American is a peer reviewed, non partisan scientific source. Investigate the so… @jdsjackets @drodxo @AOC I’m sorry but do you realize how fucking hypocritical it is for me to provide you somethin…
youtube-dl was taken down by RIAA via DMCA. You know, the one that was archived here: and i…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @jdsjackets @drodxo @AOC so letting the planet die is more practical? heres a great article that explains how it wo… @johngarduno @basiciggy DAMNNNNN and i thought i was feelin good with copping an r6 yesterday 😭😭😭 the r5 is made for u @MuIharan @Trainwreckstv if i make 400k a year ill pay big motherfucking taxes GLADLY stop fighting for the millionare you wish you were# Common Tasks: 2 # Long Tasks: 1 # Short Tasks: 5 Common Task 1 - wear a mask Common Task 2 - create a safe vaccin…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @krnnguyen_ they have @stillgray as their only rt shocker theyre so fucking stupid @Halo okay cool what about PRIMARY SECOND COLOR CUSTOMIZATION IN H:I?? sell skins as mtx, not color options @jdsjackets @drodxo @AOC please explain what is so terrible about AOC’s plan instead of flopping hard on a dumbass retort @nycconservat @charsax @AOC stop smoking crack please, the fuck are you all on about? it’s like you let charlie kir… isn’t dying. We’re keeping Californians alive and healthy so we can open our economy safely.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneGiant Douche or Turd Sandwich?
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneHere’s the full Rudy Giuliani clip from Borat. Judge for yourself...
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneInteresting... like a New Deal, but Green.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneLast night Trump attacked Medicare for All as "socialized medicine." Funny. I didn't hear him complain when he rece…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @StopherBuck @AOC its sad that without reading ur profile i wouldnt have figured out this is sarcasm 😭AOC moment #37
Retweeted by Kosher Malone
'boohoo japanese game stories are so bad' shut the fuck up bitch I don't understand a single fucking thing that's g… google thought this dude was a great person to lead Stadia is besides me lmaoooo source just in case you don'… fact: this dumb fuck also said theres "subtle racism" in games journalism bc Japanese games are usually reviewe… @goodlordyjordy slats slats slats still slaps so fucking hard @thegreatBarryW @JPubinFlogger @JoeBiden were talking about trumps kids correct considering they have directly prof… @SlanderOfficial @HeavenSentRecs @FairlaneMusic @JonMendelsohn EMOTIONAL MUSIC AND MECHA VISUALS SIGN ME THE FUCK UPWe are proud to present our brand new label @HeavenSentRecs! ⛅️ Emotional music sent from above. Our first relea…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @hunter_hhhh glorious model d/o for shooters, razer naga for MOBAs/MMOs @BangBangClick SORRY SIR THIS TWEET IS CONSIDERED SELF PROMOTION, YOU MUST NOW PAY FALL GUYS AN EXTRA FEE TO PLAY THIS GAME. - DMCA @JERICHO nothing but absolutely moronic takes coming from the creative director of google stadia, fucking shocker that their platform sucksMy dad always gave me physical & emotional affection. He still can’t say he’s proud of me without tearing up. I ha…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @Hey_Smize the sachlers deserve to be fucking executed for what they did, hopefully the DOJ charges those fuckers as hard as possible
Retweeted by Kosher Malone
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneAOC 1v4 inferno clutch
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@elizabethrubioo @elijahdaniel @stuckwitavery i mean this sincerely: when you get older you'll realize how fucking…
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneAOC already at double the peak viewership of Overwatch League
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneHere we goooo
Retweeted by Kosher Malone
@JayKode hybrid theory, toxicity, and enema of the state was the ultimate rotation 😤Biden running an ad acknowledging how thoroughly fucked the music industry is legitimately means a lot to me.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneUnder capitalism, a tree holds no value until it is cut down.
Retweeted by Kosher Malone10.22.20
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneIf prison is meant to “rehabilitate” the inmates, and he’s been incarcerated for 5 years, doesn’t that mean the PRI…
Retweeted by Kosher Malonethe virgin amazon vs the chad costco
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He just confessed to a crime. On tv.
Retweeted by Kosher Malone...yes
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneWeird that Dr. Fauci has worked under 6 presidents and has never needed a security detail before
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homies on film pt.3 (medusa edition) #35mm
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneRT if we should upload our Virtual Vibes set! Song: SLANDER & @FairlaneMusic Hurts Sometimes ft. @JonMendelsohn
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneANOTHER 66 LMAOFUCKING @CashApp gifting 200 subs during @kraysh_ dropping That Smile vs Plain Jane was actual god tierTrump's last 3 campaign managers have all been arrested.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneThis SLANDER setup is wild 🐍 (via @SlanderOfficial)
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneWE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneWE ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
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put some respect on their names
Retweeted by Kosher Malone"I may not be able to change my father's mind, but together, we can vote this toxic administration out of office."…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @katlia124 @JamesPMorrison @yung_breadd @58bugeye i keep seeing this stated but literally no sources or info to bac… a satirical website can dupe the president, imagine what foreign intelligence agencies do to him.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneWe are appealing this.
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneShout out to all the folks who said we were being hysterical in 2017 when we said the government would send death s…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @wisenaive @WordsbyTamara @latimes if he cared he wouldnt be putting people's lives at risk during a fucking pandemic but okone of my absolute favorite genres is "family members begging you not to vote their monster relatives into office"
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @bellausa17 @SarrowThe @blossomingabyss @JoeBiden 1. source ur bs 2. hes not running for fucking president????No regrets from Trump for retweeting conspiracy theory that Biden wanted to kill Seal Team 6 to cover up the fake d…
Retweeted by Kosher Maloneim fucking crying💀💀
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Yes there’s a lot going on, but here’s the president saying he successfully ordered a murder executed by US Marshal…
Retweeted by Kosher Malone @EvanAKilgore @JoeBiden how do you manage to sound like such a fucking moron every tweet? does it get tiringHey! California! Vote no on Prop 22!
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneI’ve been crying at this for 15 minutes straight LMFAOOOOOO
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneNow THIS is a real trolley problem
Retweeted by Kosher MaloneThis is on the citizenship test, just fyi. Not knowing this can hinder an immigrant's ability to become a citizen.
Retweeted by Kosher Malone