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In case you missed it: San Diego Zoo Global researchers have confirmed the presence of rare black leopards living i… early visitor to Chile's Torres del Paine called it "one of the most ... spectacular sights that human imaginati… the island’s rainforest, explorers search for new discoveries deep within some of the Earth’s largest, long…
"The snow made an abrupt line on the mountains today, in the Oregon Coast Range," writes Your Shot photographer Joa… gems are lesser-known, but no less deserving of appreciation. Is your state's on the list? hygge, be happy's nothing quite like drifting off to sleep in the canopy of a forest a bird's eye view of our big, beautiful planet’s state parks may keep a lower profile than the renowned national parks, but that doesn’t mean they’re any… City by the Bay is California’s original bohemian gem
These creatures literally smother each other—for survival're guaranteed to fall in love here—if not with a person, then certainly with a place. Happy Valentine's Day!“Drifting down the river for a few days is like escaping into a different world." a book, book a trip lost in the mesmerizing karst formations of Vietnam's legendary Ha Long Bay. the awe-inspiring Dolomites  to the hilltop town of Ragusa risen from the ruins, discover Italy’s road less tr…“Drifting down the river for a few days is like escaping into a different world.” adventurers eager for a celestial experience, here are some terrestrial destinations with distinctively off-pla… humans will do almost anything for love—including moving across the world
What have you learned from journeys on your own? you're headed to Peru, consider staying a while in the Sacred Valley rather than just passing through perfect symmetry, a cave ceiling reflects on the water below in this captivating image by Your Shot photographer… the sun goes down, these skiers hit the slopes. the bold tulips of Holland to the sunsets of Santorini, the world comes alive with color in this stunning gall… the sun sinks below the horizon, not everyone turns in for the night. For certain adventurers, evening brings… travelers ready to explore around the Mediterranean coasts, we’ve spotlighted five lesser-known towns and citie… the light around the world through these photos of landscapes blanketed in golden hour hues. the high peaks of South Korea to an Irish landscape of heather and bogs, these hikes draw believers from aroun…
Impress your Valentine this year with a story about one of these legendary pairs—from Caesar and Cleopatra to Frida… strange thing about this particular quake is that it lasted for so long, and not a single soul felt it over cliffs, forging canyons, and sometimes creating their own clouds, waterfalls' relentless course resha… a literary adventure across the globe with these classics Zealand's South Island was made for road trips. Here are some of our favorite pit stops. the turquoise waters of Ibiza to the medieval architecture of Toledo, there is so much beauty to take in throu… and his human companion are on a mission to save New Zealand's endangered kea—but finding them amid the South… back millennia, the kukeri dancers' dramatic ritual is equal parts fascinating and terrifying miraculous sight over Saint Jacques tower shows the super moon at its absolute best over a clear night in Paris.…
Dive into this ultimate guide to exploring your sweet tooth—from the charming villages of Switzerland to the cacao… just outside of Tokyo opens up a different world—with rugged volcanic landscapes, tropical sandy beaches… most popular U.S. parks deserve all the love they get, but these ten lesser-known gems are well worth the trip. Badlands Wall may not conform to everyone's idea of beauty, but nobody can deny its theatricality as the "Queen of Mantas," Andrea Marshall has studied the graceful swimmers for more than a decade. Here's ho… not step outside of the ordinary the next time you book a hotel? the perfect night sky, experience a traditional camp, and trek along the red sand dunes of this famed desert torturous and always inspiring, Patagonia lives up to its reputation. Potola Palace to the fields of Provence, these stunning destinations belong on your bucket list
These are a few of your favorite things in the gorgeous views of this sacred site Tom Peschak was down to the last frames on his roll of film when he captured the photo he'd been waiti… in love with the winding alleyways, sunsets and Adriatic charm of this stunning locale our favorite photographs from this stunning and captivating country instant calm wash over you with these soothing photos of the world's watery wonders. may not be mermaids, but an encounter with these graceful animals is equally unforgettable.'s forest garden, which is abundant, diverse, edible—might just be one answer to the future of what we eat your feet wet with our picks for the world's greatest dive sites—from Ecuador to Australia and everywhere in be… a well-intentioned effort—success of the bans, so far, is mixed.
Go behind the fascinating world of India's Sassoon Docks“Nathan later told me he was glad that he came back with his ‘limbs intact,'" says photographer Fred Pompermayer wh…"Stay passionate, find balance and treat everything as a learning experience as you continue developing your passio… Whitney Plantation Museum is one of the only sites in the U.S. focused solely on educating about the slave expe… through these impressive architectural wonders"Waterfalls, the deep jungle, and a massive volcano! East Java literally has it all," writes Your Shot photographer… a glimpse of subterranean life in these stunning photos of some of the world's most spectacular caves. friendly locals, lively music, and a delicious foodie scene, you're going to love everything about Dublin.
Find secret speakeasies and cozy reading nooks throughout the East Village and other iconic neighborhoods. photos cast a new light on this spectacular land years of attempts and a partner’s heart attack, David Lama finally made it to the top of Nepal's tallest uncl… Morocco's port city as romantic as the film portrays? incredible icy experiences immerse us—comfortably—in the glory of winter. a look back at some stunning images unique lodges offer front-row seats to some of the world’s most remarkable places. your passion for travel is only matched by your love of wine, this is an experience you shouldn't miss—and it's… yourself in gorgeous landscapes, challenge your abilities, and see a new part of the world—all in just a da… outside your own life for a few days, and enjoy the ultimate extravagant adventure on one of these picturesque…
A freediver follows a spotted eagle ray over sand flats in the Bahamas in this inspiring scene captured by Your Sho… a growing legion of ice climbing enthusiasts, it's the perfect way to step outside the nine-to-five comfort zone… this city's disorganization—or maybe because of it—it's one of the most strikingly unique cities in the wor…“A rabbit enjoys an evening snack on Jericho beach in Vancouver,” writes photographer David Leeming. "I got lucky w… is packed with dramatic sights and beautiful scenery. considered to be Japan’s last frontier, the untouched wilderness of Hokkaido is chock-full of adventures for… you have the patience for the longest train ride in India? Mount Fuji is hardly a painful, solo, personal experience. For thousands of Japanese, the ascent is one of… ancient times, Fuji was considered home to divinities. Today, it endures as a national symbol.
Consider these scenarios before you hit 'share' on that next geotagged photo by towering oak trees and waist-high, yellow-tipped grass, these rescued foxes are getting a second chan… wildlife at the extreme edges of the natural world presents huge challenges, from poor roads to hypother… unreal destinations offer some of the world's most wild and precious natural landscapes the awe-inspiring ways that humans have copied nature to create these extraordinary structures historic ports in Norway to medieval towns by the sea in Estonia, these charming destinations are worth adding… not respecting our national parks, we risk losing them. Here's how you can keep parks wild for future generation…"This is a bittersweet image to me," writes Your Shot photographer Ryan Oswald. "I love seeing more people enjoying…'s what to do—and what not to do—when encountering one of these big cats on the trail. failing catamaran was carried to Budelli Island nearly three decades ago by chance. He never left.
From the spectacle of soy sauce making in Vietnam to sub-zero street vendors in Sweden, see some of the world's mos…“Things are acting very strangely at high latitude." Chinese New Year and #YearofthePig! the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train, travelers can now explore a completely new side of Japan… a glimpse into some amazing arboreal accommodations around the world cover more than a quarter of the land on Earth—that's a lot of room for exploration.