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In Europe, the countryside is dotted with hundreds of well-preserved castles that help form these enchanted landsca… photographer explores the hidden world of the hikikomori, and the human bonds that draw them out most popular park definitely will surprise you. man has spent over a decade working to master the Japanese art of bonsai—explore how intertwined the human exp…
These destinations are a book-lover's dream"The lake was perfectly still, creating an almost magical reflection of the Church on the island," writes Your Shot… has steadily become a foodie center in its own right, due in no small part to the influence of its Turkish i… the serenity of Norway to the rugged landscapes of Grand Teton, these photos will inspire you to pack your cam… scene is somehow more stunning than the one before turns an ordinary object into something extraordinary? Put it in a museum spots around the world set the standard for finding bliss. Where to next? (and listen) as a Swedish mathematician skates on thin ice, creating a beautiful acoustic experience…
From the verdant Nelson Falls of Australia to epic scenes of Yellowstone, see magical waterfalls the world over"It was yet comforting to know the bottom really did exist," writes Your Shot photographer Ian Bassingthwaighte of… moving photographs beautifully illustrate how the annual seasonal change is celebrated worldwide the sun goes down, these dazzling landscapes come to life in a whole new way., how's everyone feeling about the first day of fall?As cooler evenings sweep the northern hemisphere, that's the cue for leaves to begin changing colors inspired for your own trip to see the northern or southern lights just can't get over these bridges
Fortunately, for travelers not ready to take on El Capitan (and that includes most of us), Honnold says, “every hik… a taste for British Columbia’s best experiences by heading into the great outdoors #sponsored @ExploreCanada framing offers a new perspective on the famed Great Sphinx of Giza. See more stunning—and unexpected—image… you could travel to any place in the world you've never been before, where would you go?
Retweeted by Nat Geo TravelFrom magnificent cathedrals to arctic landscapes roamed by polar bears—this expansive country is home to gems both… of these great destinations on our Best Fall Trips list would you rather visit — The Okavango Delta, or the R… is a city of grace, mysteries, and many, many secrets the tulip gardens of Holland to the temples of India, these colorful places will light up your imagination on… the tulip gardens of Holland to the temples of India, these colorful places will light up your imagination on… exciting as big cities can be, there’s a different sort of thrill to be found in their more modest counterparts your Mediterranean fantasies are waiting to come true on a trip to Croatia.
While they can be found in many areas, this curious burrowing owl made its home in Cape Coral, Florida. Have you ev… everything you think you know about cruises, and check these out this country has its fair share of iconic sites, some of the hidden gems are just as impressive British Columbia's Emerald Lake to the greenery of Bangladesh—take a moment to get lost in scenes from afar @tenz_yang 💖 @opheliaslumbers That's an eclectic mix! love it! @edumama65 That's a perfect way to do it @michelle_timian Love it! Send us a link!What kind of music do you have on your go-to travel playlist?Take a journey through stunning Iceland and the quirky characters—from trolls to fairies—that color its landscape. spring, Mount Everest draws in people from around the world to conquer its peak—but of equal intrigue are the… the site of Heathrow's planned third runway, these protesters have built a sustainable, environmentally consciou…“It’s fresh and beautiful and repulsive at the same time." to local folklore, the deer of Nara Park are considered sacred—their presence adds to the serenity of the…
Have a walk through this magnificent palace originally constructed to house the popes—now a portal to breathtaking… iconic 60 million-year-old mountain, Everest, is already the highest in the world—and continues to grow a half… of these spots deserve a place on your next Central Asian itinerary their societal differences—elements of daily life for those living in North and South Korea sometimes look… one majestic national park, and add one winding, scenic train ride? Yes, please. the "food of the gods" in Guatemala, cacao still sweetens the air as ancient Maya tradition blends with…"In two short months, I experienced more than I ever imagined possible and often think back fondly to that time," w… the glowing lava flows of Hawaii to the pearly ice fields of Alaska, the United States’ natural and cultural h…
The high Arctic of Nunavut's Baffin Island offer spectacular views of jagged, frosted mountain ranges and glacier-c… cycling scientist took to the road to see climate change firsthand photos capture the pure artistry of these makeshift beach shelters, each framed by white sand and a turqu… wonders are incredible but impermanent things. Here are a few we've recently lost, and some you'll want to… this city's disorganization—or maybe because of it—it's one of the most strikingly unique cities in the wor… grandeur of Versailles lies in the subtle accents and little-known history scattered throughout the estate. with tourists swimming at the base of the 230-foot-tall falls, Your Shot photographer Victor Lima says "I rea…
From years of a constant flow, the surface of this waterfall in New Zealand has turned into a natural waterslide—pr… best books are the ones that send us out to write our own travel tale beyond our own planet to see what extraterrestrial storms look like your eyes to new corners of the globe. you're headed to Peru, consider staying a while in the Sacred Valley rather than just passing through ever there were a time to visit Nepal, it’s now yourself out there on your next travel adventure and invite a stranger for a meal, or let yourself get lost exp… if you were to make just one dress that you'd wear for the rest of your days—that's life for these women in…
Arnaud's French 75 Bar is almost one hundred years old—and it will take you back as many years travelers, you'll want to have these apps installed before your next trip"Walking off the beaten path, I looked up and saw this view, like an entrance to an enchanted forest." Your Shot ph… shores, classic coastal towns, and lobster rolls—this is Maine at its peak in late summer, but beautiful, home to the oldest civilizations on Earth, is also brimming with remarkable geologic formations and ancient f… a trip and perhaps you can discover their secrets puppetry is a typical form of Vietnamese art, which has existed for more than 1,000 years—and a quintessentia…
Travelers can savor quality modern cuisine and enjoy music for all tastes here in the friendliest capital in the wo… Instagram changing travel for better or worse? It may just depend how you use it. lonely balloon makes its way over the majestic temples of Bagan in the early morning in this beautiful photo by Y… of your fairy tale dreams are about to come true atop a ridge with incredible views of the Balkan Mountains rises this striking monument to Bulgaria’s fraught… agents confiscate thousands of prohibited items per day from airports across the country, ranging from the biza…'s a reason everyone's talking about this “big little city” — perhaps it's time to learn it the wetlands around Dordrecht, these 19 beautifully preserved windmills of Kinderdijk still stand—forming an ico…
It's one of our favorite ways to see this beautiful, vast planet the untamed landscapes of Peru, to the vast valleys of Portugal—lose yourself a bit on one of these wild escap… of these absurdly beautiful destinations should help you usher in the new season with an unforgettable experien… in the sunset of Puerto de las Palomas in Cadiz, Spain in this stunning photo by Your Shot photographer Luis F…"Why can't I travel? Why can't girls do whatever boys do?" In India, Harshita Tak is one woman challenging traditio… to plan an island getaway to one of these beautiful spots the alternatives can pose a risk—learn what to avoid, and what's safe to use adorably scrambling owls to penguin bullies and one very taken-aback fur seal
From magnificent rock formations to bubbling lava pools, Africa is full of fascinating natural wonders to explore.… a weekend enjoying the Windy City's architectural intrigue, cultural cacophony, vibrant parks, and world-clas… Havana boasts one of the most impressive ensembles of historic architecture in the Americas gorgeous landscapes set the bar high for all the parks to follow dynamic city merges sophistication with a bit of grunge, impeccable Art Nouveau with spectacular street art the best of this laid-back city with this go-to guide the mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic life that exists below the frozen surface