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Most people can hold their breath underwater for a few seconds, some for a few minutes. But the Bajau take freedivi… into the sacred underground lairs that bring to life ancient traditions of these beautiful destinations may not be mermaids, but an encounter with these graceful animals is equally unforgettable. the stunning island nation that's inspired well-known writers to create epic tales
"Exploring unknown areas will often bring you great rewards!" writes Your Shot photographer Mikkel Beiter of the ex… yourself get lost exploring where the locals go and have an experience you'll never forget this whale trying to save a diver's life? put 40 camera bags to the test so you can pick the perfect one based on your own travel style through Europe used to be a rite of passage reserved only for elite aristocrats—now it's fortunately beco… degree C temperatures greeted Your Shot photographer Photograph Jose Marvin Evasco on the morning this photo wa… you cross Croatia off your list after you’ve seen Dubrovnik, you’re missing out on a lot. of the world, unite! crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea and towering stone stacks to navigate, Croatia is a paddler's playground. call it creepy, others consider it beautiful—step inside this Gothic church and relive its chilling history to… pristine alpine lakes to idyllic seaside coves, dive into these spectacular images of water around the globe.'t head to the airport without downloading these apps
Eating soba is said to be a lucky activity, because the slurping noises made while eating the noodles (“tsuru tsuru… a warm getaway? Here are a few ideas“When you're 15 feet off the ground over water at night, in a hammock, in Florida, you’re mostly thinking about not… Alaska’s emerald shores to Canada’s ivory snow, discover the Arctic from a bird’s-eye view rocky cliff vistas to enchanting castles overlooking verdant fields, there's no shortage of incredible scenery… pair of moose walk across the iconic reflection of the Grand Teton at Schwabacher Landing near Jackson, Wyoming i… can anyone rest while perched on a ledge or deep within a cave? See how these explorers and photographers find… is a whirlpool of civilizations—there's so much to see and do here back at some of this year's greatest stories, from an epic winter attempt to summit K2 to a harrowing escape f… it's the times when we least expect that something delightful appears inspiration in these breathtaking scenes of one of nature's most dramatic forces
You better watch out... @NatGeo has a new YouTube show called "Untamed." 2) This episode is called "Hummingbird Battleground." 3) It…
Retweeted by Nat Geo TravelFor a few days in July of 2012, it was so hot in the Arctic that nearly the entire surface of the Greenland ice she… up. It's our current Your Shot assignment (closing soon!) and really, it's the most important assignment we ta… vast expanses of the arctic tundra appear resplendent with bursts of surprising color in these dramatic aerial… lovers and mischief makers alike will delight in these gorgeous bridges visit to this fascinating city will be anything but ordinary earliest footage of any expedition to the Arctic, captured 115 years ago, shows roving dogs, balloon launches,… smoky underground taverns to centuries-old pubs, there's no shortage of good bars in this European city otherworldly lava fields to crescent-shaped beaches, see some of our favorite aerial shots shared with us by p… the sun goes down, these dazzling landscapes come to life are going to fall in love with these off-the-grid, under-the-radar hamlets
Turn your gaze and cross your fingers for this incredible dancing light show Shot photographer Navin Vasta waited, knee-deep in cold water, until two villagers passing in front of the Taj… the neon and bustle of any given night in Music City, a live performance is etched into the memory of its au… scenery is luminous in Yellowstone National Park, but under the surface lies an alternate reality.'ve got an entire travel bucket list based on delicious local dishes the wonder of these magical photos transport you to far-flung destinations across the world may have changed since these scenes were captured, but the awe-inspiring beauty of Yellowstone's roaring wate… the Taj Mahal is certainly a must-see, India has so many other cultural and natural wonders to explore yellow eyes draw your attention to this great grey owl—photographed on a snowy day in Quebec by Serge Chen… dogs just can't be bound by a backyard fence
Love penguins? You could join Bertie Gregory on a National Geographic Expedition to South Georgia Island and get a… purple tea, however, is only one of the many wonders this unusual island group has to offer among meadows, marshy banks, and lapping waters, the fantastic structures that make up Kizhi Pogost create a fa… capture these shots and others, National Geographic photographers climbed high and dove deep this year—and the r…“Lake Irwin has got to be one of the prettiest campgrounds I’ve ever stayed at,” writes Your Shot photographer Ben… into these picture-perfect journeys its small size, Switzerland boasts more than its fair share of dramatic scenery with national parks and loaded with pristine landscapes, it's not hard to see why Alaska is one of the world… not step outside of the ordinary the next time you book a hotel? some festive fanatics, a good light display is worth the travel week on Instagram, we asked you to vote for your favorite National Geographic photo of the year. More than a m… do you think was harder here: getting in or getting out? (Either way, thanks Your Shot photographer Jasper Iva…
In many cities, biking is really the best way of getting around—and a perfect way to sightsee, too new places are you most excited to see in 2019? quest to uncover the storied queen weaves through spiritual and natural wonders of Ethiopia's highlands the beauty of Nova Scotia’s natural landscapes along this epic coastal drive #sponsored @ExploreCanadaLive like a queen or a king amid the stunning landscape of this emerald country your imagination to distant lands with this reading list skyscraping peaks will inspire your next great adventure. legal protections for sea lions, fishermen resort to lethal force to keep them from stealing their catch off those binoculars, sky-watchers! December is set to deliver a spectacular set of celestial presents to pati… the December holiday season begins, sky-watchers around the world will receive some early celestial gifts, inclu…“I was completely freaking out with the landscape. The idea of being with my three friends surfing in the Arctic Ci…“I was completely freaking out with the landscape. The idea of being with my three friends surfing in the Arctic Ci…
Hula is a sacred dance, where "movements need to be as precise as a bolt of Hawaiian sunlight but as soft as a trop… the solitude, slow pace, and pristine wilderness of a less-traveled coastal route #sponsored @ExploreCanada us caption this image by #YourShot photographer Agnish Dey:
Retweeted by Nat Geo TravelThese spectacular stretches of sand are not to be missed. to the land of dazzling rainbows, majestic waterfalls and sandy shorelines beautiful trees are dying en masse along parts of the coast as the planet warms, or “ghosts of the Andes,” are one of the most elegant animals photographer Ingo Arndt has ever seen—and the… spires of rock erupt from a blanket of snow in this dramatic scene capture in the Dolomites by Your Shot pho… your horizons with these gorgeous spots that veer off the traditional tourist track
If the Sentinelese are "pacified" in the wake of the death of an American missionary, they may suffer the same fate… Cabárceno Natural Park in Northern Spain, photographer Xavier Ortega captured this moment of a mother bear prote…’s a journey that starts two billion years ago, when the basement rocks that make up North America were forming—a… the world through these unbelievable images would you feel about standing ten feet away from an intercontinental ballistic missile? paintings are similar to what you might see from the window of a plane, and yet better than any possible real-w… Cod knew it could happen any day, but reality has set in does it take to be an adventure photographer? These talented women are showing how it’s done. the first and only women to work as official porters on the Inca Trail, these trailblazing Peruvians have conque…, it’s not hard to find a hot, fresh tortilla in Mexico City
Tightrope walking, says local lore, originated not as entertainment but as a practical way to get across the gorges… secret of Machu Picchu: much of the impressive stuff is totally invisible. reveal life inside this flamboyant city-state with its skyscrapers and man-made islands, where over 90 perce… the green sands of Kourou, French Guiana, to party-party Ipanema, every beach in South America offers lessons… they can be fierce and destructive, summer storms can be pretty beautiful, too. the ice sheets of Greenland to the deserts of Arizona, many of the world’s landscapes have been dramatically t… in the luminous pleasures and wild wonders of these stone-rimmed jungle pools.