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social media for @steak_umm and podcast host of @whatsrlygoodpod that’s it I’m nothing more

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MOONCAT another normal day on Twitter
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @cottoncandaddy I’m ready to launch it when u are @SaveTheMayotee NO Uthe internet was terrible back when you'd click on an article and just read the text. it is much better now that it…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @SaveTheMayotee get your anecdotal evidence out of here this is a FACT zone for FACTS @TravisShreffler facts don't care about your sleeping travisextroverts sleep with their mouths open introverts sleep with their mouths shut can't argue with the facts @WizzKhaleesi @chelseamooncat @taylrn I just published a 6,000 word article on linkedin about criticizing brands being human on social media that… has been incredibly confusing and difficult to navigate @ughHugs Are you here for a couple days or just today? I'm away with some friends until tomorrow :/ @ughHugs come see meif you ever tell someone living in poverty to "just try meditation" to fix their problems you should immediately be… @Shen_the_Bird Do you think we can restore this tweet to its former glory @cottoncandaddy damnit I should’ve checked the comments @cottoncandaddy what about mulk @Mammothfoot @HKesvani @Hbomberguy @steak_umm Yeah I mean it’d be cooler to say I’m good at engineering or open hea… interviewed one of the guys who runs a angsty and sad brand account, about why he does it and what he thinks of…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @mibi It's a longgggg ass rant so I apologize in advance @trevtrevotrevor If enough people dig this one I'm writing about Internet culture I'd love to write one on the topi… to personal reasons i will be selling skin care products to people from high school on facebook
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @ch000ch are the skin care products a safe alternative to vaccinations because if so I'll take 7body: ok time to sleep brain: how about we aimlessly philosophize over the ethical implications of brands acting h… @mibi consider yourself LINKED @tryjen @KylePlantEmoji @loss_for_words Ahh some beeflings are rebels. They'll grow to appreciate it one day @solomoneg @Bpaint @steak_umm Ahh thank you so much for reading this endless ramble! It was a lot to write and coul… going to share this on LinkedIn, where I found it, but sharing it here just feels right. What a well-written, a…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @yogaDGAF @_willthompson Yoga stop it I'm blushing @HelenAngel I like to think I'm very similar online as irl too but soooo many people, including the most "authentic… @WestworldErnie @jarvis If conspiracy videos weren't demonetized I'd be all over this @mibi I just wrote an exhaustive article on the topic if you're interested dude!Twitter: Where brands go to be human and people go to be mad. Well said, @nathanallebach
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @olivia_mutant Oh my god so true
Why the hell have we not all petitioned for 30 hour work weeks yet what is wrong with us @cottoncandaddy also part 2 of the conspiracy podcast soon come !! @cottoncandaddy Gracie I was gonna have your podcast out today but I spent like 7 hours making this meme so I'm glad you like it"Now people and advertising are fully integrated and everyone is miserable and everything is hell." Great piece by…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach@ the conspiracy theorists on here who think any account with more followers than them is only successful from chea… I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THERE ARE TWITTER CONSPIRACY THEORISTS MADE UP OF LIKE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HAVE FOLLOWERS…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @MichaelaOkla Ah yes this is some R A T I O N A L D I S C O U R S E
One of the worst parts about social media is that you can’t 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 get to know people. Like someone might make fun… @katienotopoulos reminds me of this"Blippi" is a YouTube star for toddlers who gets ~400Mviews/month, toddlers are OBSESSED with him. But in 2013, h…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebachit's good to remember that there are real humans behind brands who often value their work and the relationships the… @TheGingerarchy @Ubisoft @UbisoftMTL @FarCrygame THIEVES COWARDS CHARLATANSHey @Ubisoft @UbisoftMTL @FarCrygame can I have a word with you?
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @mintytweeted greasepiracy
@AustinOnSocial Soooooo organic @Niehlis Put orange juice in his diffuser @deletescape Never forget @nlewi285 This should’ve been the tweet damnmashable trying to infiltrate reddit with this very organic content marketing oils can't melt steel beams @sapochat didn't Starbucks already announce? ;)This tweet from last September marked when the corporate twitter account launched their new "strategy" to be more i… @MacMcCannTX @themaxburns @Pluckers @steak_umm you are both enemies of the steak now @TwoToTheFifth no but the fact that it sounds like it could be true says it allhoward schultz: hi everyone I'm here to fix the country literally everyone: no please stop howard schultz: I'll be… @Zach_Messages @ashleyfeinberg @nelsonfloyd @chelseamooncat @chris_pa28181 @rags_zombie @TonyKeyUbisoft @Niehlis @TheGingerarchy @captainkalvis @NOTVIKING wow is this freal? @bobbystockings we're all cowards on the inside @Funoovan MIH KEYyou: brands can’t possibly push the envelope on social media any further brands:“you won’t wanna miss this” said the email just moments before being deleted on sightit's a fortunate stroke of luck that all my most deeply held and thoroughly researched political positions happen t…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @PostCubicleKyle @pwells brands definitely have a few more years of growing pains until they integrate better with streaming platforms
@juliareinstein WHAT YEAR IS THISthe finsta story broke in like 2015 where have they been @jasonnellis If only I drank coffee my dude I miss its kick @PostCubicleKyle that kid is nothing but a stupid sack of cells they got no chance @deletescape yes i am WOKE w - wanting o - old k - kingsized e - eggskid: why do stars twinkle daddy dad: because as the earth's atmosphere churns, their light refracts which causes t… @pwells @PostCubicleKyle Yeah girl spill @pwells once I read an article about palestine and now I am a foreign policy expertThe best part about online articles is how smart you become after reading one
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @PineyMcknuckle @chelseamooncat @PineyMcknuckle paging alex jonesdiversify your ponzi portfolio cheryl @isabelIefacts @misscbeverley @WhoopiGoldburgr @Ruleyork Listen Ja I’m starting to think you don’t rule at all @EwdatsGROSS DRAG HER @pattymo @chelseamooncat RIP shane
in @timbahontoast's new video, he shows how Dave Rubin doesn't challenge guests on topics like climate change being… @timbahontoast Fantastic video man thank youThere are conspiracy theorists on here who can't grapple with the fact that some people actually build massive foll… @megh_wright Honestly there should be some network developed after this where comedians, writers, etc. can come tog… @deletescape the rest of twitter watching him dig a deeper hole like @swagwaldman how dare u make me relive my painguys I found it. the worst tweet @cottoncandaddy Meghan Trainor and the spy kids dude is definitely dystopian couple nightmares @mattstaggs dude how did I miss you getting verified?! CONGRATS YOU DID ITI’ll never get over how you can listen to a song and immediately be swept into memories and nostalgia and heartache… @Chris_Kardas @AustinOnSocial brand synchronicity @GenePark Citations Needed for fantastic leftist based media/pop culture/political critiques The Wright Show for… *sips chamomile tea* the brands have been nice and quiet this evening
How you choose to spend your time is an indicator of your social and political views and prioritiesme: alexa play all the hot singles from the early 2000’s alexa: sorry they’re all in relationships now @GoodKetchupJoke COWARDS @CultofNewMedia If you saw some of the bizarre ass stuff I was writing as a kid the stupid steakumm stuff would make way more sense