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I’m the @Steak_umm guy, host of the What’s Really Good podcast, some sad songwriter, and blah blah blah

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No new podcasts this week, I'm taking some time off to spend with my wife and children that I don't have yetSources close to the president have confirmed reports that the frogs are definitely gay
@FortuneMagazine Mood @PineyMcknuckle Oh my godMy latest podcast is up featuring Alexandra March! We got into songwriting, trying new things, how to have conversa…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @KevinZCox @captainkalvis Yessss kal is a legend. @captainkalvis loved your episode on “What’s Really Good” with @nathanallebach !
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @chris_pa28181 no fuether comment @mattstaggs Yes except minus 8 ft @notreallyjcm Jenn have you tried one?!I live for Facebook yard sale group drama it’s ok I’ll go away soon heartburn: this’ll only last a few hours anxiety: I’m here for life betch @notjustinkaiser see the coward caller above @Boomboxxxxxxxx I ask myself this every day boombox @thatcutiecarly it's a little bit of both @pwells with the enemy shopping with the chief like @veryhamsome @dustbiddy Omgggg
@goodbeanjokes this u? @0xKruzr well I am a coward SO @MoustacheClubUS this is the route 4 times a dayRT if you toilet tweet every time @GOG_Global Hire me famI just played this guy’s retirement party for 3 hours and now want to eat my weight in egg rollsClosed my eyes and swung some razors pretty cool Friday night @_ericcurtin @chelseamooncat
@chris_pa28181 @arb chris you are definitely 14/10 a good dogyo wtf how can u be addicted to freakin' linkedin? 😂 2,345,345 RT 3434,234234 FAV 234,434,344 TIMES MY STEPDAD WHO…
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachHave a beautiful evening everybody you all make this twitter life worth tweetinguhhh hey guys i was on a podcast & a couple of people said some nice things about it so i'm reposting it in case u…
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachMy latest podcast is up featuring Alexandra March! We got into songwriting, trying new things, how to have conversa…🎵 @goodbeanjokes came into twitter like a wrecking ball 🎵 @RBlaineKaufman @steak_umm forgot to tag @semilyhubbard and @swagwaldman tooSomeone made this video of a commercial our agency shot for a local Mennonite supermarket like 10 years ago and I'v… @MichaelaOkla it's cool tho god gave us essential oils and juice cleanses to heal everything then lmaoOk whether you believe in god or not I think it’s hilarious to picture him giving certain people allergies hahahaha…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @steak_umm Aaron/Nick Carter edition
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @steak_umm Aaron/Nick Carter edition's hard to imagine sometimes but people you disagree with can actually change their minds through conversation an… @SHIRIMOTO MY EYES @pullovergirl omg @BeerBrewerDan this is seriously one of the greatest contemporary piano tagsTGIF! Our soup du jour is Crab Bisque.
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @failnaut Omg mooncat’s sibling @chelseamooncat @knitpurl @Forbes This is amazing! @arb did somebody say bean @goodbeanjokes @eboldy Wow that's crazy... I've been to way too many @casselthunder No way!! I need to know who wrote it @notjustinkaiser @arb ahhh thanks so much for checking it out, Justin! I'm really glad you enjoyed it
This was on the back of the program at the last funeral I went to and it gave me a few of the feels @KateMNewman @arb it’s the Wild West! @eboldy @kmaclr This is my mood 25/8When @arb tells @nathanallebach on his podcast that she "checked her email on a moving bus in the middle East" she…
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachI rail on this hellsite all the time but man when it’s gone one day I’m gonna miss it @timkmak meme citycan all the Gurus please stop writing bs articles about how to do things on social media. they become outdated as s…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @RegalCourtier7 Where you at @goodbeanjokes5 years from now Dave Rubin will be a born again Christian. Mark my tweet @ericwilkens @arb Thanks for checking it out and sharing, Eric! Amy rulezIf you work in social media, listen to @arb's interview on @nathanallebach's podcast. Insightful, funny, and highly…
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachHow had Jordan Peterson never heard this extremely basic counter argument to his position before
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachThis song never gets old thought on a day when hours earlier the country learned that an armed government force was warehousing stolen…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach
@caekislove So true! You get it @eboldy ily2 ali 🤙 @stanstan89 @arb YAASS ❤️🤙Just listened to @nathanallebach’s podcast with @arb and it’s 🔥. Amy, I’ll be your friend IRL. No job recommendation necessary.
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @chris_pa28181 @captainkalvis @FuckJerry Thanks a lot KAL @jennfaynberg @OPLShow @EWDocJensen @DarrenFranich @SYSKPodcast JENN 😭 you kill me. I actually can’t get on Spotify… @MrNewSincerity @pizzasbatepapo God is far from this pizza place @henski626 @MoistCr1TiKaL Brazil is a wild placePSA: Detoxing isn’t real and hippies are scamming you with juices and essential oils @yeetztweetz @WORLDSTAR pay up worldstarWhen I visited Brazil many years ago my friends took me to @pizzasbatepapo and told the staff it was my birthday (i… @jbyas Well why don't YOU quit having a problem with me judging people who only address their problems rather than…'m all about "cleaning my own house" AKA critiquing and addressing the problems within my tribal affiliations, but…
@arb I hope it doesn’t get a concussion from all the patsI've been smelling pee all morning and thought I was going crazy until my fiance just texted me that our cat pissed…