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@CulinaryBroDown @chelseamooncat @gaileyfrey I did tweets for Steak-umm
@Daebol It's literally one of my favorite words lol @Its_Katka I WANT EVERYONE TO SAY IT @loss_for_words honestly me neither some days @CrashingHBO @HBO YESSSS @chelbb_ we stan a frozen beef @MoltenSlowa I actually laughed out lout at this lolwork @avarominee @chelseamooncat @kaylamdimarco @WhoopiGoldburgrmy mom didnt let me play animal crossing for a while because when i got a note saying that my neighbor Hazel the sq…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @914neil it's about as all-encompassing as I could fit that's for sure @illadelph1812 lol I don't know if the ant king will make the final cut but we'll seeI just finished writing the most hellish section of this book yet: GamerGate
this new cottage industry of attacking and defending ocasio-cortez for everything she does seems like it will alway…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach"Weird flex but ok, this ain't it chief" he said as he aimlessly drifted through twitterno matter who you are or where you've been just know that you're worth it ... ok that'll be $10.46 at the first window @captainkalvis @FuckJerry UN. REAL. I'm writing a whole chapter in my book about content theft. I might shoot you a… still can't believe we let @fuckjerry launch a social media agency after years of unapologetically stealing conte…“the fat jewish” on instagram is quadrupole messaging me on instagram right now because i told him to take down one…
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachCreed performed at Cowboy Stadium in 2001, and to this day it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. You cannot me…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @AnthonyQuintano @Its_Katka "kill me now fam"Millennials are going to be the worst old peopleIn an effort to mock Donald Trump, "Saturday Night Live" made a confusing decision to present Jeff Bezos as the sua…
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neil degrasse tyson is like that dad at church who wears skinny jeans and says “shit” so everyone thinks he’s cool… @acire180 Erica you are sunnyd that is something amazing*first date* Guy: You’re so down to earth Neil deGrasse Tyson: *from behind the bushes* She doesn’t have a choice
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Look at this hipster trash
This dril tweet should be in the internet hall of fame all the phrases in the English language — of all the endless combinations of words in all of history — “debate m…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebachtbh it really is a shame that we can’t let artists know how often we enjoy their work. Like whether it’s music or c…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @EmDashPython @CreepInAFordVan @alicere @steak_umm I really think we're onto something hereSince you’re the famous Count Ravioli, we’ll permit a 1 minute, 15 second voicemail as opposed to a 1 minute one
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @chelseamooncat @MuggleCast tell em countThe amount of brands that have been green lighted to post about No Nut November is staggering
@jonjones Legend @vrunt @willmenaker my new favorite rebrandThis is the last single I'm releasing before the full album comes out so I'll stop littering your feeds for a bit.… @loss_for_words I KNOW I actually think I'm driving myself to the brink of insanity here lol @Skittleclutch Ahh you kill me, man! Thank you so much99 pages and 32,000 words into the first draft of my first book about internet culture @mattstaggs PSYCHIC VAMPIRESsassy corporate twitter account levels lvl 1: replies to stuff with gifs lvl 2: throws shade at it's competitors…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @mattstaggs @joerogan You’re a legend man🚨 NEW SONG ALERT 🚨 It's been a whole 24 hours since I released anything new so I just had to spill. This one's for… @LLW90210 @chelseamooncat you @bookbeaut every day becca every daydo you ever think about which of your tweets your haters are screenshotting and sending to each other in their group chats
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@feistyfrank @WhoopiGoldburgr @chelseamooncatwhen I don't snack after lunch so I have room for a big dinner🎵 Here's a clip from my new song "Tension"🎵 Listen or download the full track for free here:… @goodapplejokes @goodbeanalt @steak_umm OH NO @LauraLoomer @PineyMcknuckle *jesse lee peterson voice* amazinme: sometimes it's fun to just lay on the horn while driving horn: please get off me I can't breatheThank you all for listening to my new music and saying such kind stuff! I released another song today. It's about l… is a cool place to have friendly, open conversations with a small group of people in front of hundreds of o…
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@awsten THEY DONE GOOFED @_ericcurtin I read lettuce and was like bro no way bro it's all about combos then got to the next line like bro 😂 @Daebol Yes there are so many layers now! The irony is too deep for even online people to interpret anymore. Like t… @Sconnieseth hmmmm ;) @Doug_Muller OH MY GOD DOUG 😂 @brownteaming @ReadingEagle @steak_umm 5t3ak-UmMs BL3sS @mibi Oh wow, thank you so much "Steak-umm Jess" :)website: oh you want this??? signup for a free 30 day trial 😜 me: @TaylorLorenz NiceHow @Steak_umm, owned by #ReadingPA-based Quaker Maid Meats, has gone viral with its unusual marketing style on Twi…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @spies_please what is 2018
@Fubovan Ok now this is epic @MacMcCannTX Mac I love youlets get this thread @CaptPoopyshoes THANK YOU POOPYSHOES and I believe you my allergies have been bad too lol @goodapplejokes bless you GAJ @eboldy AHHHH @Libraryanneagin thank you anne <3 @eboldy that makes me feel so warm you don't even know @_eleanorina @TaylorLorenz Of course, but he's a popular figure among the tech community so I'd imagine his influence is worth noting @CamEdwards Thank you so much, Cam! I was rocking my Farmvegas shirt all weekend ;)Good stuff right here, especially for a chilly fall evening.
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @OzzyOPorosis this is it chiefhi this is the first song I've released in over 2 years pls like and listen and share so I feel good about myself… race is already getting hot!! #TeamSteakUmm vs. #TeamMoonPie for best twitter account. Personally @steak_umm an…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @Jtblaeser Thanks so much for including us, Jessie! There definitely are a ton of factors that go into all this— I… @SJSchauer you know what has to be done sarahThe first single off my new album is out now! It's called "Haunted." This is the first music I've released in over… @cowe56 Totinos and Hamburger Helper have both posted amazing content in the past, but in recent memory I can't think of much they've done @MacMcCannTX @tylerdw It honestly blows my mind how under the radar @Pluckers has been in the media spotlight. It r… @truemarmalade I mean no offense to the brands on the right side, I like some of their content and they've done som… @OldRowKoozie Idk man that was like the most viral campaign in social media history lolIs it just me or is every brand bracketed on the left side of this competition better than the ones bracketed on th… @PostCubicleKyle @BreStephenss OMG @TaylorLorenz Goddamn Jordan Peterson @Vueron Yeah that's super key. The biggest organizational issue I'm gonna have once all the information is on paper… @atlee_w @VonkLevi @kylecferrier LOL @Siren_Song03 That's exactly what I keep saying! @eboldy V TRU @beergnome1st Exactly. There's a constant expediting of information. What's most interesting to me is sorting throu…
the more I research online culture for this book the more I realize how little I've actually known about online cul…
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