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Marriage is all about sharing memes and laughing as much as possible new @noahgundersen song is straight gas
@NintendoAmerica So braveIt's funny how so many people from school who ignored or bullied me for years think enough time has passed to add m…
this troll is playing 4D chess @RBlaineKaufman ALWAYS the followupClear blue skies and calm waters, perfect conditions to perform the first installation of System 001 at the test si…
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girl, getting bit: idk what it is bugs just love me @PandaPartyP4nts @chelseamooncat I KNOW I CANT PANDA @kmaclr @chelseamooncat This is so sweet and perfect @kenbyler @chelseamooncat Thank you Ken! @Arbys do you do beards? #MakeMySandwich
@_ericcurtin Omg I hope they make it
@arb @Postmates @TomSteyer @Need2Impeach Congrats sis we stan a queenIf anyone wants to see the full wedding video, I uploaded it here! video from @chelseamooncat and I's wedding! Shot by @MashAllPotatoes oh my god I need a coke zeroThis is my favorite @Glen_Hansard song it makes me sad with every listen @awsten DO YOU KNOW WHERE IDIOT COLLEGE INTERN STEVE IS @kmaclr @alexandraknew I'm allergic to clothing ok @kmaclr I can explainI found this old pic of my friend Erik falling through the ice, my friend Scotty frozen in shock, and me slipping t… @thatcutiecarly It’s lit @NintendoAmerica Tom Nook wants his money @satherax @swagwaldman @Blake_Wh0 @Dictionarycom Dictionary you are like a twitter god and it scares me
sadist: here's a computer you can tweet from funny twitter person: wow thank you! sadist: without a colon keyI coach a lot of people. Much of my counsel could be summed up in these 3 points: - Identify & be very clear about…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @ItsAbouTimeJoey @chelseamooncat"Did you guys hear about the Apple Event? No no, the very *first* one Let's just say it got a few people kicked…
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @pwells @KylePlantEmoji Forever in our hearts
Almost got a new job today
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @0xKruzr Damn boi you lookin fresh @missyprint more like 69 @BuntyBrown nope eleventyseven @KylePlantEmoji nice try, it's Steve Harrington on methhow old is drake bell @MikeIsaac iCUWith Henry Cavill out, there's only one person who can save the DCEU and it's Nicolas Cage as Superman, finally
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @veryhamsome THANK YOU POKEY!!! @johncolucci this... is absolutely insane @mo_el_le this is so wild wowMooncat
@MrsKravitzwins @JimmysSeafood @jon_bois I can believe susan did that wowso apparently we *still* haven’t learned our lesson? social media managers: never do this. just don’t.
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @AllaireMatt this is absolute geniusInnovating content 👍 Stealing content 👎 @jasonnellis this is one of the most insane things I've ever seen... wow @rav_e_oli @Stickman_Tweets rav e oli of course e oli! @fractions No one believes this is real when I send it to them lol @johncolucci I tend to agree @WarrenShaver totally agree warren @courtdionne YUP @JTrain_TootToot depends on the vegetable I'd think a mushroom would be like gandalf @AngryAvatar it's burned into my mind @loss_for_words "salad is cool son but don't go to it for life advice, go to frozen meat" @alexandraknew HOLY HAIR ALEXlife is a multiplayer game and helping out your #squad gives enough XP to make it worth the grind
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachNever forget the worst corporate 9/11 posts @GenePark thank you for the #retweets and #engagement recently king
@PopulismUpdates It’s incredible to consider how much of the current twitter humor we see originated from dril @Mike_Haracz The clearest sign someone on twitter is a charlatan: FOLLOWING: 256,853 FOLLOWERS: 376,07690+% of self-proclaimed “social media influencers” are peddling snake oil in the form of useless ebooks, paid follo… is the type of #engagement I like to see great #content from all of the #brands call me special agent steak-umm 😎 @Stickman_Tweets stickman I love you lets rule this flat earth togetherSorry everyone, @nathanallebach is taken.
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@OldRowKoozie @TheAtlantic @steak_umm Omg setting the record for “likes” in a clip 😂 @theidiotintern @nathanallebach @TheAtlantic @steak_umm He didn’t mean it intern Steve
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachLast night I wore makeup and watched UFC I’m complicated bruh @arielhelwani Why? Because he beat some young, green fighter whose best wins are over a lightweight and counter puncher with octagon PTSD?Me and my makeup master @chelseamooncat and after with @lastfullmeasure @SarcasmStardust Thank you! @Boomboxxxxxxxx Yaasss queeeen @loss_for_words The chief did work! @coreykindberg Corey your approval is everything @woofpickle L I K E C O M M E N T S U B S C R I B EListen my dudes if you’re not secure enough in your identity to slap some makeup on and get fabulous for a night th… part 3 part 2 @kateburning @chelseamooncat she’s says she’s trying!Makeup part 1 wife is putting makeup on me this is hell I’m in hell @KaeLaniSays @vedgerestaurant @chelseamooncat we’re going @Predator THE GAME HAS EVOLVED YEA @MacMcCannTX That’s the hardest space to be in, I’m with you man. Nothing fills the hole of suffering quite like ce…
@henski626 Steakumm is my best friend too henskibrands on twitter: HEY LOOK HOW COOL AND FUNNY WE ARE normal people: ew weirdos: omg I love you brand friendBut wait since when does dril have a book lol @PineyMcknuckle The Leftovers ruled and so did The Sinner @jonnysun @WhoopiGoldburgr @chelseamooncatusing mindfulness. to waste my enemies
Retweeted by Nathan AllebachShe's actin like she's the queen and we're the sorry people!!!
Retweeted by Nathan Allebach @DansMonkeyShack @casselthunder @ALT_uscis @PineyMcknuckle it was the sulfur mask
@trevtrevotrevor TREVOR WHAT HAPPENED @bobbystockings you gotta SQUAT to WIPE @BeerBrewerDan Thank you Dan! @loss_for_words omg no but I spin him around like that 😂