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iOS at @McKesson. Teaching at @KBIA and @MUJSchool. Also: @NighthawkApp, watching bad TV. /maker queer. My cat is named after Bernadette Peters.

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@shawnblanc That’s brilliant on so many levels. For one thing, you get to walk away from that situation knowing tha… devastating. with this is maybe the most universal experience I’ve seen in years. Getting irked by video conferenc… question: Who at Cisco or Zoom attended a meeting where someone entered just as it began and thought to the… @NathanBLawrence @kylesethgray @TylerHunnefeld @dyountmusic @NathanBLawrence The real team building activity pt. 2…
Retweeted by Nathan Lawrence 🌈 @kylesethgray In true web conference spirit, have you been maintaining 3-5 separate threads of WebEx memes?You’re damn right I want to be picky about who gets to be within a meter of me @dyountmusic @kylesethgray Joke’s on you, the adaptive bit rate kicked in and now my latency is gone @dyountmusic @kylesethgray Nono you go ahead Noyou Nonogoahead @dyountmusic *clears throat* @kylesethgray Any further things we can address? * uncomfortable, entirely silent pause lasting in excess of 90 minutes * @kylesethgray I think you’re still on mute, Tammysorry, who just joined
Retweeted by Nathan Lawrence 🌈 @dyountmusic I am most frustrated by the inability to choose a layout to which it will stay loyal. I have a way I l… just wait until this is over and come to Missouri, where every single house still looks like this @samhenrigold Oh no it’s getting bad isn’t it @kylesethgray @elvin_not_11 @CaseyNewton I’m instantly very suspicious of a .pkg, because their number one feature… @elvin_not_11 @kylesethgray @CaseyNewton Here's what it runs out of the box: That said, IT… @elvin_not_11 @kylesethgray @CaseyNewton It uses a shell script to install everything, but they do not use the same… @_inside @_julianschiavo @stroughtonsmith ! @stroughtonsmith @_julianschiavo @_inside Well this seems like a very bad system @RyanMRuark @CaseyNewton The username/password system prompts more closely align with UAC in Windows Vista+ or sudo… @RyanMRuark @CaseyNewton Those are these, which you can only override by going into the security section of System… @CaseyNewton There are legitimate UX reasons why these things may be valuable, but are they big enough to potential… @CaseyNewton We (well...I) complain a lot about all the prompts Apple sends out in Catalina now, and how many we're… @CaseyNewton Dropbox is a great analogue here in many ways, because they have for years relied on very intrusive te… @CaseyNewton You have much better memory than I do! I seem to recall early Dropbox not even having an installer, so… @CaseyNewton But yeah — the only reason I thought I'd say something is that the way people are writing about this s… @CaseyNewton Kinda shady here is that they check if just using the user's existing permissions to shift around file… @CaseyNewton And if the user can't perform an action they need, it pulls up a deprecated, clunky permissions API, w… @CaseyNewton Felix's original tweet sort of alludes to this, but it relies on privileges the user already has. So h… @CaseyNewton One important note here that I see a lot of people getting wrong: Not needing root is different from n…
I have watched this three times now and I laugh at something different each time.“Jack’s last idea to solve his problem was using GCD, and, an hour later, he had two problems.” @_chuckyc @jonjon1251 It’s gotta make you feel at least a little like a big deal to be mixed up like this though 🥰 @avogaydro 🌺 @kylesethgray @dyountmusic There has been definitive evidence of no less than 3 (three) felines so far.I feel lucky that there is at least one thing I absolutely love about every single one of my new coworkers. @mlanger @BoldInterrobang @Twitter @NighthawkApp That said, it's not for everyone, and most of our biggest users st… @mlanger @BoldInterrobang @Twitter @NighthawkApp That's exactly why we set things up the way we did. They're design… @itstreverr @NighthawkApp Evergreen Trever to Sam statement. @_chuckyc I can’t believe I liked a funI was bitter for being fooled at first, but even (especially?) as someone who waxes nostalgic for Objective-C somet… @kylesethgray I just realized my retirement account site is named after a pun...I have never felt so beaten down by sarcasm from a financial institution in my lifeA fringe benefit to shifting jobs is getting to experience glitches in HR and benefits software like this: @elvin_not_11 "The destination locale is full" 😂 @eleven_elvin @carlos_paelinck Visual Format Language — basically, set up your iOS autolayout constraints in code t… @carlos_paelinck @eleven_elvin This has become a very familiar pattern in my code. (Ignore the non-dynamic text box… @carlos_paelinck @eleven_elvin VFL was a dark moment for us as a community @carlos_paelinck @eleven_elvin 😭 @NateThompson @MarioGuzman ....................huh. @eleven_elvin 😎 @kylesethgray Missed a chance to do iWork Pro XMe, trying to engage in anything on the internet earnestly today 😔 @donewman @DavidSRudin What were they THINKING @donewman @DavidSRudin 👀 @shipatadistance 🤮 @Maul_Madness Only if you got the GT, apparently 😛 @NateThompson I love how much I dislike this car.It is small, it is ugly, it is supposed to be bad to drive, and it gets...20 miles to the gallon? So very 2000s.I kinda wanna try one?What even was the PT Cruiser??? @eleven_elvin That “:)” is doing a lot of heavy liftingNow that I’ve had some distance from Facebook, I feel like I can safely say it is a very confusing product. @ImAndruu He had the razor. Did he forget which half of the face he bought it for?“That’s why they pay me the big bucks” - boring - usually either inaccurate or rude “Thus from whence I derive rec… @mdlcsquared You’d be surprised how many group texts I have received to that effect on this day. I am left with many questions. @JaneLytv Romanticize that all you want!Pete, hun what….what happened
And while we're at it, now that we actually talk about crunch, let's stop romanticizing working through the night t… @JordanMorgan10 Force touch cursor movement on the keyboard. This is why I will be stuck with an iPhone X until like iOS 16.Remember that the big thing that was supposedly a breaking point for Tim Cook was a refusal to apologize for how Ma… Forstall is a complex person, I’m sure, but his legacy is not skeuomorphic iOS design — it’s the workplace cu… really think Scott Forstall was a visual designer, not an executive, huh?Do not allow adequacy to win. The ideal Apple product is something daring, even if it turns it it dared to be bad. @tobiasdm @twostraws I....have an idea 🤔 Will follow up soon. @Darchmare I would be OK with the Cube winning. I’ll put it that way.Not to be dramatic, but this really is a potential worst case scenario. knew @BrianMueller333 would be on this one quickly 😅
Retweeted by Nathan Lawrence 🌈“Omni deserves your love. I was just there, and I was just laid off — which is a hard thing — but I’m telling you i… @aj_mars The damage we do — which is continual, historic and of a great magnitude — is done under very different au… @aj_mars There’s a distinction between anti democratic dictum and a consent “earned” through cataloging a limited s… cat's morning WFH routine: 1. Wake me up. 2. Watch me work out. 3. Watch me shower. 4. Watch me dress. 5. Coax… @Peroxaan @SunApps_ As a vintage Mac hobbyist and collector, this leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. It just… @ReallyCuteBoi @Peroxaan @ItsJackDunn @SunApps_ @Peroxaan @SunApps_ I wonder how Ian, who has been working on this app for more than 20 years as a hobby and favor… wish Zoom were the only app doing this. Those preinstall scripts are the actual payload like 20% of the time thes… @aj_mars Godwin’s Law is useful for arguments about operating systems, but when you talk about the last 100 years o… @aj_mars 1930s Germany is an important and useful area of comparison for these conversations not just because of it… @aj_mars I think it’s pretty cynical to see a level-headed discussion of historical context as a rhetorical decision. @avogaydro 😭❤️ @RyanMRuark As opposed to the very serious policy discussions everyone is ready to have about Star Wars. 😛Do I think this writer falls into that category? Perhaps not. But I think he thinks his audience does.I’ve noticed most Americans don’t know a lot about what happened before the United States entered WWII. Which is co… we talk about how surreal it is that US policy is so distant from history that grown adult experts in the subje… @TyleKurner This is a very correct list. @seldo This is a line we've really just been counting days until we crossed. I'm afraid we may cross it again several times over.Writing firewall rules for my elliptical trainer is very 2020 energy
Retweeted by Nathan Lawrence 🌈 @webster MANY questions.