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nathan jay @nathanjay England, United Kingdom

Remixer/musician/producer. Creator: Lady Gaga's Glamour Zombie, Michael Jackson's Take Me Away, unofficial remixes of every1. Annoying vegan. Spurs. It/It/Its

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How does the "no surrender to the IRA song" end? If it follows the structure of "Sing Hosanna to the King of Kings… @BBCSport @BBCTwo Imagine how fast he'd be without the animal products (source: The Gamechangers Movie)Slavery fans in Bristol should put up a statue of Bernard Matthews, as animal enslavement is still totally acceptab… @Herring1967 I refuse to pay more than a pound a month, for which I get no rewards. So does that make me a bigger f… @Femi_Sorry Maaaaate. People can't erect statues of themselves when and where they feel like it. You're right on…
If #BlackLivesMatter had been called #BlackLivesMatterToo then WLM would have to be #WhiteLivesMatterTooToo or… rotate.. one space to the right, drop @elonmusk Just sent you the amount of hair that naturally grows on my head please double it thanks @saunders_media @strizzystrauss Full of germs?Who shouts "Away!" at corners? I always thought it was just the Spurs keeper but I just heard someone shout it whe…'s "Incredible Burger" is literally that. So much taste! So much texture! So much juicy fake blood plasma le… @NetflixUK Why are you doing this when Santa Clarita Diet remains unfinished?Happy #NonBinaryDay to all my hexadecimal followers x @elonmusk I'm only here for the Deep HouseThis applies to all animals mental health issues related to lockdown and the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression. The w…
Retweeted by nathan jay @ThatLoopyJayne The new sign is pronounced "Oh Fiuck Us"
@TherealNihal Chilling on the cowch remember some holiday company advert that went "Holimarine, do as you please, Richard Keyes" @PinkNews I'm male, should I book a smear test?It has been proven that fishes feel pain just like every other animal, so why treat them differently?🐟💔 Treat all…
Retweeted by nathan jay @GOVUK I've missed getting off me tits at raves. Thanks for the permission slip!
6am the day before 24th of July and shoppers are queuing up for their last chance to shop with their face out. @sindhuvfunny @KaeKurd If you use four herbal tea-bags per cup and add some sugar then it tastes like hot weak squa… take it all back entrenched ideals of individual freedom, the lack of cohesive messaging and leadership on mask wearing, and…
Retweeted by nathan jayIt's only the ugly people who refuse to wear masks in shops. You'd think they'd be grateful for the opportunity to hide their stupid faces. @Tesco Say no to unnecessary animal death @polyp2000 @llamasoft_ox It runs on DirectX which means it should work with TriDef and run in 3D on my TV, it'll be my next game purchase :)Breathe? (See previous RT) specifics for clubland - especially for black or lower income communities - in this interview with epidemi…
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Hey @F365 Can I go 50-50? #DeepHouse remix of the new #JarvIs Cocker tune, #HouseMusicAllNightLong Full version on YouTube…
Retweeted by nathan jayGreat performance by Spurs, "they" say the form book goes out of the window for local derbies so that's back to dul… Arse defender sarcastically applauding his colleague after Son scored was the best bit #TOTARSWhen your pleasure depends on the suffering of others... "OH IT'S FINE IT'S ONLY A FISH" @junxs Dirt 3.0 was the solution for PC but while that downloaded we ended up plugging in the PS2.Real Audio of the Democratic Socialist Convention + South Park =Best Video You'll See Today
Retweeted by nathan jayThe opposite of screaming mask-refusers ranting in Costco and yet somehow even more embarrassing. you think "from behind the sofa" is an original reply but then see just about everyone else had the same idea.… @SpursOfficial Behind the sofa @LGBTpoliceuk @DCCJulieCooke @LGBTIpoliceScot @lgbtpolicewales @PoliceServiceNI How about you stand by the trolleys… @Herring1967 Your wee looks just as healthy as the wee of a person half your age. Have a great day (cake, heart and wine emojis)
@polyp2000 Hahaha the mystical/mythical banned 80s arcade machine? Or has someone actually made a new game with the… @dunknotdunk I should've specified PC only :) @polyp2000 Thanks for the links, looking for games that will work with Tridef (PC) so I'll see what stands out from that vid, cheers!I don't get why games developers don't have split-screen 2 player options, especially for driving games. I don't wa…
@AmazonHelp Thanks! You're the best!
Remember when #raoulmoat refused to die and stalked the village as a zombie? fairly horrendous 1956 advert for Clover Irish sausages. Father pig telling the crying mother pig not to mourn fo…
Retweeted by nathan jay @hazel_chifamba @HeadieOne made the mistake of clicking on the Richard Herring/ James Acaster RHLSTPodcast as I was preparing for bed last n… @thelittleidiot We have Post-Its now.'ve never seen anyone pass out after any lines of coke, unfortunately. I just have to stand there waiting for them… THAT ARE RACIST (part 6) • Soap • Toothpaste • White people speaking • White people not speaking
Retweeted by nathan jay @CompClone12 They gave you a favourite colour?
@robagwruhme Hello. Your remix of Stewart Walker - Fernbank '91 is my absolute favourite track of the 2010s. It's… @PewEurope How about leaving fish alone?Kanye West's Forbes interview is a great advert for atheism.
@GaryLineker The defenders were keeping 2m awayMy #DeepHouse remix of the new #JarvIs Cocker tune, #HouseMusicAllNightLong Full version on YouTube… don't think I've theen any of Thandie Newton'th filmth but people say Wethtworld ith exthellent.This guy Pranked his whole family😂😂😂
Retweeted by nathan jayThree days ago I read that Jarvis Cocker had made a song called House Music All Night Long that has no decent House… @New_GirlTV So the UK remake is happening? @GaryDelaney Have you done a joke with the punchline "Not on MY watch" yet? If not, can you? Thank you please.
In the 80s I met someone who supported Everton. Not happened since. #COYS @OMGitsLexi The perfect music to go with those is Paul McCartney's weird electro ambient album Rushes by "The Firem…"Your hair was long, but now it's short, you said 'I got it cut' but I don't see no hair upon the floor", sang Alex… @polyp2000 Hahaha why didn't I think of that?I have an eye test in a few hours, then back home to watch Spurs v Everton. There's probably a joke in there somewhere.
Not sure about the UK remake of #NewGirl tonight's entertainment is a comedian and singer from Wolverhampton, please give a big hand for Keith Grimlife!… @BoyGeorge I know some cows. They would never do this.
@gazev Not THAT kind of carry-bean-Cruise.I haven't heard any sirens yetI just listened to a bit of Radio 1 AND a bit of 5Live and heard neither Elis James OR Chris Stark. I hope they're… @MrKilliecrankie Pub? It looks like a day centre.Happy #SpreadItSaturday everyone! #SuperSaturdayImagine supporting something that the British Medical Association (@TheBMA 160,000 doctors) say will make us more v…
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Unsolved Mysteries: "13 Minutes" If it's like the previous episodes, that's 13 minutes of documentary & interviews… @GenesisElijah I think he's trying to become the British Trent Terhune. Even films it in his car. @JonathanPieNews Why can't we have a massive public health issue that's caused by vegans for a change?Well at least the vegans can't blame meat-eaters for thi- OH. @JohnCleese Imagine being a dog lover but everyone posted dogmeat photos, talked about their love of dog meat, best…
@thismorning We have enough Christmas songs @WishShopping Dudes! What the hell? what a shite logo. Let the MC play. shared this on Facebook and it goes against everything I know so wtf am I supposed to think now?! Origina… @chakabars Chapter 48: "If it ain't raining I ain't stayin' in"
One day I'll sit down with a cup of coco and go through all the clips in this thread @CuriousUkTelly Speed Buggy. Although I think I saw him make a cameo appearance in a recent Rick & Morty @caseykfrey ...about snacking @kokoinkorea Capitalism isn't responsible for the morality of a company that couldn't exist without the mass incarc…
My new remix of Ian Brown's Stellify. Check it aaaaaht! #vegan #leathersofa @TherealNihal R.I.P Gareth Thomas wants to see/hear my new remix of Ian Brown's Stellify? I started it in 2009 but didn't have the tech to use hi… @YouTube Your new algorithms are misidentifying copyrighted content with no way to dispute this within your limited process. @9bills imagine dancing without your phone