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Nathan @Nathankazuki Vancouver, British Columbia

WashedUp Inc. | Eat like a King | Full-time simp

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@_Miruux Happy birthday king
@viavmber Pick me pick me!!! @DekyFPS See you there @WedidOfficial My goodness I just came from that movement @angelclue Love you!!!!celebrating my birthday and national girlfriends day today ♡ 24
Retweeted by Nathan @joytuai You’re always appreciated too queenHappy national gf day to my 32 gfs @SkuLLyJai WWWWWWWW @quitoxo Yea today was rough cause I had to wish all 32 girlfriends @sukiinguyen Don’t worry you won’t see the bottle next time cause it’ll already be mixed in the drink @joytuai HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOYYYYYY @quitoxo dude same @nancmnguyen Vouch
@rzn_mike Happy for you but unfollowed @bliuish It be like that sometimesI’m just gonna keep my expectations low for people so they don’t disappoint me anymore @SammayTV why you gotta attack me like that man... @rainbowmochiii W @Reohna which hotel was thisjust in case nobody told you this today <3
Retweeted by Nathan
@dwirsl HAVE FUN @andyluong206 Bet @osnapitskat Starting the day db @osnapitskat Dam I wanna be inside LA rn @osnapitskat Didn’t know you represented all the people in LAThis me rn @osnapitskat @kiraachu_ @xAreossx Dam I tried @osnapitskat @kiraachu_ I nominate @xAreossx @emilyhoang Me too @SkuLLyJai I’m omw daddyMan I wish I was in LA with everyone right now... @sukiinguyen You’re not important enough to be subtweetedSTOP ASKING ME TO DO STUFF IF YOU'RE JUST NOT GONNA REPSONDback to playing tft??? the weekend but all my plans got cancelled. Super Sadge💠 50 DAYS 💠
Retweeted by Nathan @SmexyRosies Look at you counting the days. Learning from me I see
@RiisaPoo wow you get to live in paradise and I'm jealous @quitoxo I’ll eat it out of your ass @kevoutkevin Nav would do itI'm gonna be attempting a 10 hour hike and I'm kinda excited @sukiinguyen susWorking out makes me feel so good 😊 @SmexyRosies I sent you ice cubes but I think it evaporated on the way there @dwirsl Wish I went 😢
@Reohna Who is he Riona @Reohna @xAreossx @osnapitskat I'm the king of making db comments @Reohna @xAreossx @osnapitskat is it not clever anymore cause it came from me??? @Reohna @xAreossx @osnapitskat Cause he yoinked it from me @osnapitskat He trynna pierce you with his other sword 🤺Started playing PokeMMO and it’s actually so fun LOL
@SmexyRosies Are you used to the heat yet @tritonval Only taking Ws from now on @RiisaPoo You know you’re getting old when it’s all dad jokesmy friend ordered someone on epal wearing pants that I couldn't fit in 2 months ago and now I can fit in them comfortably!! LETS GOOOOOO @angelclue where is my vip treatment @sukiinguyen GrandpaSleepy every day this week 😴
@issfanfan Go hiking @kevoutkevin How many friends you loseI bought more clothes to update my wardrobe
Retweeted by Nathan @andyluong206 I gotchu @andyluong206 I’m actually down to build one for you. Just pick out everything and ship it to me LOL @andyluong206 Building is ezpz
Retweeted by Nathan @aikocares Both cause I’m omw @BenWhyBen When’s our next one @ohcelina WatGirlfriend buff isn’t real
Retweeted by Nathan @WedidOfficial You got them foam knives @DekyFPS No way you too?Seeing myself lose weight is so lit @joytuai LETS GOOO JOY I APPRECIATE YOU
@RiisaPoo It's the lotion @sukiinguyen @askterix_ I said 6 hours @elystrial It’s a pretty good anime @andyluong206 fit check @elystrial Have you seen 86? @xAreossx Didn’t do enough weight lifting to carry 4 peopleJust believe they said... @rzn_mike HAHA get fucked @mimigobye I think I need to go buy more bananasI need a massage after today’s hike @_Miruux 🍌 👄 @mimigobye Guess I’ll have to do it again when you’re watching @cinderkinderr Felt that
@nastytrashx Wei?I deepthroated a banana on stream last night.drunk games with friendos @kevoutkevin ? swear i'm not a haikyuu stan but this is so cool
Retweeted by Nathan @RiisaPoo Wow how did you teleport to 8 different places in one cut 🤯When the homies are a bad influence…'re not a real friend if you don't call them out on their bullshit @DekyFPS gm king. See you in Vegas
@faiwywink Then you can finish grinding on him @kevoutkevin My god I creamed my pants