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@CasandChary the success of Quest they realized how much more copies they would be able to sell if it was natively running… that this game was one of the flagship titles for Oculus Rift S.I wouldn't be surprised that the reason we still haven't heard a date for Lone Echo 2 is because they are porting it to the Oculus Quest 2. @CasandChary Congrats! Its insane what new hardware can do to your channelI think one of the upcoming Quest games I am most excited for this year is Project 4 by Stress Level Zero. It got a…
I wonder how big The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners will be on Oculus Quest. The demo I played was almost 4 gigs already. @HacheyMurray Honestly I have no idea. I think its unlikely though as the Quest 2 is rated 13+ @TJStudioYT VRChat still has issues sadly.Plus don't forget I am even recording here!It's impressive how powerful the Oculus Quest 2 is. I was hanging out with a bunch of my subscribers around the cam… @Tyrielwood well deserved!old but gold @MaximeMXM 😍Next year the Oculus Quest platform is getting unlisted apps as an alternative to the curated store. SideQuest pla… @vr_oasis @oculus @OculusGaming @Naysy @vr_oasis @oculus @OculusGaming Definitely! If they had reached to creators on YouTube and Twitch they would have g… @vr_oasis @oculus @OculusGaming Shocked! As a first step I would invite them to go onto YouTube and look at what VR… video from @oculus @OculusGaming titled 'enabling influencers and sharing' really highlights they literally ha…
Retweeted by Nathie @hyclipse ✌🏻 @CasandChary @bmfshow I think you at that age could have designed this box art lol @bmfshow this person might have used paint @bmfshow It reminds me of my first photoshop lesson @Naysy!
@bolayer 😂My dirty hands are trending on Reddit up the Oculus Quest 2 with your phone is the easiest thing ever. Within less than 10 minutes you are ready… @jfleezysouth Thanks dude!Here are my first impressions of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners on the Oculus Quest 2. @OQPlay I think I saw @CasandChary play this way. Haven't tried myself yet though!Common Logitech you can do better! A clip that can be attached to the elite strap would be a great addition and mak…’s like they didn’t even try @benz145 @ID_AA_Carmack ✌🏻
@Tyrielwood Looks great! did you see the headphone news? 👀 @HugoSwart_QCOM @oculus the new chip is a beast! @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack Awesome! @runevision It is not @Chen You should definitely give the new one a try. It is really nice! @Tyrielwood why can I hear you say this in my headMay I introduce you to the guardian system of the Oculus Quest 2. With this you can create a playspace wherever you… you planning to buy the Oculus Quest 2? @vr_oasis Awesome dude! This is huge exposure for the entire VR market. 🤯I think MrBeast will love the Oculus Quest 2 @THEBOSTONVERSE Good one! Any news on this? @WalkingDeadVRFor more gameplay check out my channel is what The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners looks and plays like on the Oculus Quest 2. Everything from the phy… Quest 2 isn't the only upgraded standalone VR headset coming to market in the coming weeks.
Retweeted by Nathie @vr_oasis showing new hardware to friends and family is the best ♥️ @OpalStar3 lots of snow!Remembering the good ol' days when the @Oculus Rift DK1 was the same price as the Oculus Quest 2. Only took a measl…
Retweeted by Nathie @MKBHD Have fun!Source: r/oculus'Comfortable'
@purplemikey 2 with games and 3 hours with movies! @ChickTech thank you! @dvorakmichaela @UnusualVideos 🤣 agree @PalmerLuckey My heart criesRift is dead. Long live the Rift.
Retweeted by Nathie @BeatSaber Can't wait to jump in! Great work @JaroslavBeck, @Split82 and team. @oculus @ILMxLAB is the freedom of Oculus Quest 2! are my first impressions of the Oculus Quest 2! @pereirarb1 ♥️Enjoy the livestream everyone! @TheeBeardedBard I thought if you worked for Facebook everything is freeImagine Sony announcing a PSVR portable straight after Facebook Connect joining the realm of standalone VR headsets. One can only dream. @benmorris will be a historical day for the VR industry @CMDannCA surprise!
@VoltZVR Not yet!Join us on Discord for a couple of awesome surprises! @Split82 @BecksterCorgiMT sure you are subscribed to my channel tomorrow. ✌🏻😱 a beauty @ShawnRecRoom 🔥🔥🔥I'm ready!
@benz145 @VRGameRankings or to get ahead of Sony @cinedatabase @Tyrielwood haha @spatialxr @SadlyItsBradley What a surprise @SkarredGhost Which video shows this? @Tyrielwood @bmfshow @Rowdy_Guy Luckily we still have @VRDesktop to save the day! @itsKimberlyWTF its RTX @MrPotam I am not trying to. Valve makes amazing hardware for the PC enthusiast. This just shows we need more competition in the market2019: GTX 2080 Ti + Index kit = $2500 2020: GTX 3070 + Quest 2 = $800 @virtual_wizards remember we are living in a VR bubble @massimo_menato we got you covered I were smart I would sell the Quest right now before its price drops. @MaskedAnimation @TristanOfield I think that's highly unlikely. It is too early for that. @TristanOfield try to sell it asapThe Oculus Quest 2 is looking good! a standalone/pc VR headset with an XR2 inside, 6GB of memory and if true 299 in…👀
Hey! We now have our own VR Discord Join us, shall you? @parolegames who needs 7 if you can have 8