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Nathan Watkins @NathWatkins22 Wales, United Kingdom

I am part @CapSouthWales family with @JoshandKally favourite Radio X presenter @PollyJames. like watching @SkySportsNews. favourite comedian @MikeDoyleComedy.

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Let's have one last push to get @CymruLeagues included on @EASPORTSFIFA 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Whether you play the game or not g…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @PeteGravesTV @MissEmmaPaton Things can happen on tv @MissEmmaPaton lol yeah really @PeteGravesTV lol @PeteGravesTV things can happen on tvI knew that would have happened @tfwrailJust being careful with the handle of the mug @tfwrail it's about to brake @Celineball8 @Celineball8 you could have a photo with them just ask them is that right @JoshAndrews1 @kallyloren @CapSouthWales
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @kyliepentelow evening could I DM you please i need to ask you something please if it's okay with you thank you @MissBelaShah @Towno10 What's happened @MissBelaShah @Celineball8 @JoshAndrews1 @kallyloren @CapSouthWales Do it @JoshAndrews1 @Celineball8 @CapSouthWales They are simply the best @Celineball8 @N1CKW1NSTON It was fantastic @N1CKW1NSTON @Everton 1-1 @SouthamptonFC @Mikeyg2019 @Everton I don't know but every live streams games are few seconds behind @Mikeyg2019 @Everton Southampton 1-0 up @Mikeyg2019 @Everton Live stream are few seconds behind @tomwhitemedia hope your keeping safe mate @YClwbPelDroed FIFA 21 is now coming out in October not in September't wait for this @eddraper81 hope your keeping safe @Everton v @SouthamptonFC @mattteale I have emailed you @DESCOLEMAN afternoon Des could I DM you please if it's okay I need to ask you something @mattteale hi Matt could I DM you please if it's okay @GemmaEvans19 welcome back x @N1CKW1NSTON fantastic Fame The Musical in peace Nick Cordero @RhiannonSarahC should now @darciebazza @SusanAnneMccar1 musical is this part from the new metro @tfwrail @YClwbPelDroed @tnsfcWest Indies giving @englandcricket few problems great bowling @MichelleOwen7 I got a question when @SkySportsNews get back to normal will you be back in the studio it's not the same without you @TheDaveBrookes @swanseasound @Nigelrefowens Nooooooo it's a fantastic show on Friday night I can remember it from…📢 With the game no longer on Sky, fans are reminded that Sunday's fixture with Leeds is now available to buy on…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @CourtenaySUFC FIX @RJSweeneyITV MorningGood morning everyone look who was on my tv this morning @RJSweeneyITV
@krisoleary4 hi mate your doing a fantastic job on @SwansOfficial tv mate see you next season come on SwansHalf time at St Andrews @BCFC 1-2 @SwansOfficial @BCFC 1-2 @SwansOfficial @BCFC 1-2 @SwansOfficial @BristolCity 0-0 @Hull at the moment down @SionedDafydd @MillwallFC v @Boro @CityBluebirds_ 7 @JordanWebber96 @SwansOfficial vs @LUFC The fixture will now only be screened live by SwansTV, with kick-off rema… @SwansOfficial vs @LUFC The game will NOT be showing on @SkySports The fixture will now only be screened live by S… @andrewlufclad @dazzlerc @genesisTimM @BrynLaw @SwansOfficial @LUFC The fixture will now only be screened live by S… @andrewlufclad @dazzlerc @genesisTimM @BrynLaw @SwansOfficial @LUFC 📺 Sunday's game 🆚 @LUFC is now available to UK… @StormHuntley Amazing @StormHuntley @dazzlerc @andrewlufclad @genesisTimM @BrynLaw @SwansOfficial @LUFC Game will not be Shown on Sky Sports on Sunday @andrewlufclad @genesisTimM @BrynLaw @SwansOfficial @LUFC It's not on sky sports football on Sunday @genesisTimM @BrynLaw If they did show @SwansOfficial v @LUFC that would have been last game that sky would have shown @LUFC gameBad news for @SwansOfficial fans game against @LUFC will NOT be shown on @SkySports now they have changed the kick… @paulwalsh1984 @BrynLaw @TaylorPaul83 @jimbobdrew144 @BrynLaw @BramleyTony @BrynLaw @TheSquareBall @genesisTimM @BrynLaw @brianf456 @BrynLaw They can change the game few days before @BramleyTony @BrynLaw @TheSquareBall @BramleyTony if you look on your sky channels for Sunday they have now changed… @paulwalsh1984 @BrynLaw @TaylorPaul83 @paulwalsh1984 @SkySports will be changing it this morning it's been updated… @SwansOfficial good morning we just been informed that @SkySports will not be showing your game against @LUFC on Sunday @ChloeChantelle1 Let's hope 3 points @ChloeChantelle1. On Sunday @SkySports will NOT be showing @SwansOfficial v… of plan by Sky they will NOT be showing @SwansOfficial v @LUFC on Sunday. They have changed the game for @BCFC v @stokecity @piersmorgan finally it's back @englandcricket @windiescricket @TheAgeasBowl @SkyCricket @bbctms England win @englandcricket good morning guys welcome back I be watching the test series on @SkyCricket
Danny Graham have scored for @Rovers @deannalewisdee congratulations keep it up next season @emmabeynon1 My favourite @MissBelaShah Oops he scoredWe’re proud to partner with @LaLiga and the @premierleague to enhance the fan experience from home with Atmospheric…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @LivCookefs @LivCookefs chance to win fantastic prizes thanks to Principal Sponsor @IdealBoilers. This time there are three signe…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @MichelleOwen7 @PollyJames @MichelleOwen7 you are always cool @JamesGreenInUK @AVFCOfficial @BristolCity It would be fantastic#NewProfilePic @therealMickeyT Happy birthday @jamesleonard40 @SwansOfficial Morning @jamesleonard40 tomorrow game will NOT be shown on @SkySports tomorrow they be showing @WBA v @Derby @JamesGreenInUK good morning there is news coming out this morning that @AVFCOfficial assistant manager John Terry… do you think @BristolCity fans news coming out this morning that @AVFCOfficial assistant manager John Terry is…🚉 In order to operate in the safest way, regrettably our trains are unable to call at a small number of stations.…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @PollyJames @MichelleOwen7 I can't wait to hear you back on @RadioX xxx @EstherLaugharne @EstherLaugharne does that include meGood morning @S4C just a quick question what programme will be taking over @pobolycwm until they start filming as t… @swanspassion @swanspassion @BrynLaw sky is saying it's 1pm kick offHappy Anniversary @RJSweeneyITV you are the best morning who have missed me @MikeDoyleComedy @stephywebber @PloybCG @MarieDoyle1972
@SarahRowe big congratulations @Hussain32738093 @tfwrail It's not Swansea @Hussain32738093 @swanspassion Batterys does go down a quick if you are on internet @WelshGovernment can any friends can come over or no❗️❗️❗️ UPDATE ❗️❗️❗️ We are working hard to repair the bridge and make it available to run a normal service from M…
Retweeted by Nathan Watkins @owainwilliams2 Hopefully you both be back in the studio @owainwilliams2Good morning everyone