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Opinions are my own and not necessarily the views of my husband...but obviously if our views are different, mine is correct.

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@bradmeltzer She was my dad’s best friend, staunchest supporter, and biggest fan. And she loved my brothers and me in the same ways.Happy Mother's Day to the marvelous hosts of The Suburban Women Problem: @JasmineForHD108, @natsechobbyist, &…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @biannagolodryga I miss seeing the men in Russia and Ukraine proudly wearing their medals this time of year. The wo… @BCDreyer @NancyDreyer @GabeDreyer I’m so sorry. May her memory be a blessing.
@BradMossEsq Nothing lasts forever...We’re fighting back @LindseyGrahamSC. @lovespuppies55 @MilesTaylorUSA That’s definitely what he’s saying and I agree!The Fascists Across America Tour (FAAT) is going to be lit.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @iamSaraAnn @Rschooley Yes, I can also confirm this. @AdamSchiff @LincolnsBible This made my morning 😂❤️Good Morning Friends At market last night, I asked my cashier "How are you?" He froze, said "No-one has asked me…
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanThis sums up where we are at in America right now. Period.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @Sparky54 @MilesTaylorUSA Yes, it is. I’m supporting him 😊 @MarionBurr5 Yay! @bradmeltzer is a great follow and an even better person and friend.This is a really important thread. Please read! @MilesTaylorUSA I know people disagree on policy but there will be time for that later. First we have to save our c… is enough. We’re going to announce a “resistance of the rationals” against the radicals in the GOP. Next…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @Susan_Hennessey @benjaminwittes ❤️ @benjaminwittes is a mensch! And good luck in your next adventures! @KayeSteinsapir Oh, Kaye, that takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing that with me. @EDoggTheRed Everyone has an Achilles heel! @EDoggTheRed I would hold out for fancy cupcakes though. @RexChapman 💯...Maybe you and me were never meant to be, just maybe think of me once in awhile...They’re the RC Cola version of Donald and Melania.
@KayeSteinsapir I’m so sorry, Kaye. Sending so much love 💕 @RadioFreeTom Yes. @SFCDad12B Is that Indy or Baghdad? @FletcherChristy What a flex. @halbritz The first time I heard a safety brief I thought it was a joke then my husband became a company commander… @MG_SmithT ❤️❤️❤️ Military spouses get the job done! @SarahLongwell25 At least we know who to blame. @FletcherChristy I look at them and realize I don’t shop at places fancy enough to have shopping bags to display in my closet. @BradMossEsq Oh, we all know this mom, “I mean I’m fine with xyz but, you know, I hear others aren’t and we probabl… @featherty How did it go?! @dr_seminnis @MollyJongFast I have some ideas 🤪 @MollyJongFast @BillKristol I think this is true regardless...She’s still available @JohnKerry. DMs are open. @kkdumez Yay! I’ll stand in the stores and say, “Have you read this? You must!” because I’ve already told everyone… Carlson Doubles Down on Batsh** Vaccine Fearmongering, Blames Biden For His Inability to Understand Facts (o…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @patriottakes @Twitter 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @BradMossEsq No. Just no. @ScozaMichelle @TheSWPpod @HC_Richardson @AVindman @ConnieSchultz @ratemyskyperoom @SenSherrodBrown ❤️❤️❤️ @rorycooper So much power! @GhostOdins @BradMossEsq Try it. Let me know. @akim_eckert @BradMossEsq CALL CHARLIE IMMEDIATELY! @AmyCeregatti @BradMossEsq I was considering that also. @pattystewartcan @BradMossEsq How? Why? It doesn’t even make sense. @kethier @BradMossEsq Yay!!! @robogeographer @BradMossEsq It’s tricky, but apparently so. @Lisabeachie @MaggieShipstead This sounds like so much fun! Maybe in the fall? @natsechobbyist @MaggieShipstead That was one of the best books I have read this year. Outstanding!!!
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @itseviekay @SenGillibrand ❤️
@BradMossEsq I do also. Cue existential crises. @Acyn 1. Nope. 2. Nothing says thoughtful professional like sunglasses on top of your head @EllaSlammin @MaggieShipstead Mine met Tuesday for the first time. I cried on the way home. It was simply amazing. @dr_seminnis @MaggieShipstead It’s my jam!Who’s ready to start their summer reading list now? You won’t regret choosing this book by @MaggieShipstead! It’s a… @HC_Richardson ❤️❤️❤️One of the best things about this crazy time is how many wonderful people are out there, doing amazing things. I th…
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanGuys, he was legit jealous that I got to meet and interview @HC_Richardson and I COMPLETELY understand why! @WalshFreedom @EliseStefanik I think you’re being too kind to Rep Stafanik. @juliaioffe We need to return to the happy medium trend. Some of the high waisted jeans are so high they squeeze my rib cage. @itseviekay @SenGillibrand You were brave and you did the right thing. I’m sorry this happened but you should hold your head high.My battalion commander already had a narrative in his mind when I came to him; my commander was a “top performer” a…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @Rschooley Are we being punked? @StateDept #ReestablishDeterrenceCrimea is Ukraine. The United States calls on Russia to return full control of the peninsula to Ukraine.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @MuellerSheWrote Why isn’t this obvious?! @DoreyScheimer @OnPointRadio @RTDNA Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it! @DemFromCT Yes. I hope you start a trend 🙃If attempts to hack all my social media is a sign of admiration, I am very flattered today. Seems like someone (mor… @thechoopdog @AVindman @pfizer @moderna_tx @JanssenUS @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson That is exactly what he’s saying. Eve…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @thechoopdog @AVindman @pfizer @moderna_tx @JanssenUS @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson That is exactly what he’s saying. Eve… back I encouraged victims of disinformation to litigate. @pfizer @moderna_tx @JanssenUS this is the perfect o…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @MikeSington Oh, come on. We're not all stupid. Many are, apparently, but not all of us. @SarahLongwell25 Thousands. This is a dangerous lie. How can he say these things? @FreshFaceKelly Thank you, Kelly❤️😘 I’m so proud to call you my friend! @FPWellman This really tears at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? I’m just spitballing here but what if—and I’m defini… @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA @matticusfinchnv @MagnifiKat_ST @RedwineBlue @JasmineForHD108 @ProfWeinstein @MG_SmithT @AA_ATW Congratulations on an extremely successful career! @bradmeltzer @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thank you, Brad 😊 @ConnieSchultz @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thank you, Connie! @ericgarland @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thanks, Eric!!! @kristaellenray @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Just like at our wedding, right? We haven’t aged? @JoJoFromJerz Today I was chatting with @JasmineForHD108 for @TheSWPpod and she reminded me of a huge truth: facts… @katiebparis Sparkling wine gifted by @FPWellman ❤️ @dtcollier54 @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thank you 😊❤️ that means everything to me! @dr_seminnis @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thanks, Sarah! @Women4Biden @TheSWPpod @RedWineBlueUSA Thank you!A toast to the new @TheSWPpod by @RedWineBlueUSA! Subscribe and get ready for the first episode on 5/12!…
@AudacityofGoats @OceanSprayInc So much sugar. @BradMossEsq bUt TrUmP cOuLdN’t GeT aNyThInG dOnE bEcAuSe ThEy HaTeD hIm... @atrupar @Women4Biden Omg. O. M. G. @jaketapper In short: Trump is still awful and hasn’t learned how the US government works. @NataliaAntonova Sending you so much love! @laurabethdav @DavidPriess Fair enough. @cmsdual90 @tedcruz Tacos! Cinco de Mayo! @tedcruz To be clear, I really don’t care. Do, you?
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @tedcruz To be clear, I really don’t care. Do, you?