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Opinions are my own and not necessarily the views of my husband...but obviously if our views are different, mine is correct.

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@danielmkim @GenFlynn There really should be an LT before Gen... @MollyJongFast @johngansjr @nytimesbooks Alex and I couldn’t reflect on this time of thanks without noting the amazing people who… pray for the abundance of this world to be shared, for fear to become love, for the lonely to feel welcomed, and…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @TheRickWilson ME!!!!!!!!5/5. Michael Flynn likes to be called General Misha.
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanThe Lincoln Project Gives Thanks
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanImportant support for @micheleflournoy from @HASCDemocrats @JimLangevin and @RepSpeier
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanMind blowing how people like Flynn and so many others worked w Russian intelligence and Kremlin linked officials to…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @johngansjr @nytimesbooks I look forward to reading more reviews from you! @TScofi Something happens there. I don’t know what it is but logic says it must be a combination of money and power. forget Flynn is a traitor. Pardon won't change that.
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanCan we bring back “yo Semite?” Can we permanently revive it?
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @FPWellman @RexChapman She is so, so stupid. It’s breathtaking.It would’ve been easier if Trump would have just pardoned Flynn along with the turkey yesterday, for the complete fowl play.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @ConnieSchultz It does feel good to grow things! I’ve done something similar; I only had two before Covid and now we have eight.Michael Flynn was a paid foreign asset of the Turkish government after he was appointed National Security Advisor.…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman
Pardon phase = death throes of the presidency @ConnieSchultz Your houseplants ❤️❤️❤️ @meteor2024 @JeffreyGoldberg Today I’ve received numerous updates from my 9.5 year old about how she is cleaning he… @JeffreyGoldberg It’s strange how he cannot stop talking about it... @FPWellman @featherty Hahahahaha @featherty And she’s blonde! Looks like she’s making some changes... @benjaminwittes Yes! @FPWellman @USATODAY @begusa77 @TheRealJayEff @FPWellman 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @FPWellman Awful...I can’t find the words. @featherty @MollyJongFast Hahahaha! @bmoraleswrites Yes! @Stevens18Clint @NoahPreminger Done.This is why the Dems struggle. It’s been years since I’ve identified as a Republican. 70M+ voted for Trump; attitud… @NoahPreminger Is that what I said? No. I said I was *once* a Republican. It’s been years. Nevertheless, I cannot b… @scarytimes1 @JeremyACastle No, I had to fight autocorrect to type it!Excepted? Bless your heart... @dkuhl04 I’m not just now recognizing it, I figured it out years ago, but I think people who are “coming over” now… @silencedogrt No, I saw it years ago but I was once a Republican. @ltopping1 Critical thinking skills!This is what's at stake on January 5th... #Vote #Georgia
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @briansantamaria Nope, many years ago but I was once a Republican. Why do you want to twist people’s words? Many ha… @gkarwasright No, I haven’t been a Republican in a long time and I didn’t say I changed my mind when they came for… @ReneeLascala @marcorubio 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @TaraSetmayer @dodo ❤️ @WajahatAli I guess 32. @BetsIsArt @TaraSetmayer @dodo Boots! @TaraSetmayer @dodo Ace Vindman and his older sister who identifies as a German Shepherd and seeks out shepherds at… @MariaPerezNM I’ve evolved and changed but nothing has changed me like 2020. I have been convicted and really exami… @MariaPerezNM Several years ago. I’ve never voted straight party for anything, but I was a registered Republican. @UrielEpshtein Oh, they’re definitely going to steal a few things... @RadioFreeTom @CricketGirl @ossoff @ReverendWarnock Yes! We have to win the senate! @natsechobbyist We have to win the run off race in GA!!
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanThey actively hate the truth and truth tellers. It’s amazing, really.I can’t believe I was ever a Republican. @ReneeLascala That’s definitely the upside of being fired from the NSC! @Scaramucci It is what it is.I understand the point, but I’m finding all the comments about how boring the Biden team is...kind of boring. And I…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @FPWellman Delusional. @giffsu @marcorubio
@marcorubio You are, without a doubt, the most pathetic and miserable person on Twitter today. @cbctom
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanWhen my kids get off their laptops today and complain about virtual school I'm gonna tell them it's fine because the Dow hit 30,000.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @MaxBoot I was assured it would be the exact opposite. So disappointing.You eat sausages your whole life but you refuse vaccine because you don’t know what’s in it.
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanWait...was it all a lie?! @dirtyepic7 @saverio825 Great minds think alike! @saverio825 No Ricky Schroder?I'm writing a Cannon ball run type movie about a bunch of MAGA people racing to a Trump Rally in DC. My dream cast.…
Retweeted by Rachel VindmanJFK Jr would be 60 tomorrow if he were still alive? Shut up. (Yes, I said it, Q. Sorry, not sorry.)With you all the way Rachel! We will call them out for years to come and NEVER FORGET #TrumpMassMurder All his comp…
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @KatiePhang @RexChapman I was imagining individual pieces so this makes more sense.Yes, because he has a real sense of duty and took his oath to the Constitution seriously. Yesterday we learned 21 s… is the new cool.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @djrothkopf This is the best description I can imagine. Perhaps you should at least moonlight as a media critic. @gregpmiller @GSAEmily I don’t care, do you? @JAG1881 @BradMossEsq Trust the plan! @JohnLT12 @AVindman Soooooooo petty. @Prop215Cop @AVindman Nice touch 🤣 @dr_seminnis @AVindman No one should be threatened. It’s a tactic of the weak and inferior. It’s just absurd. That… least we were threatened because @AVindman did the right thing. Being threatened for being an awful person only… @lcsenecal Don’t worry, @EsperDoD, I won’t forget. Murphy does not deserve praise for finally doing her legally-required duty
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @dr_seminnis I had those a few years ago. So good. @johngansjr @djrothkopf @KoriSchake @brooks_rosa Hallelujah! @benjaminwittes👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 like they’re not trusting the plan
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @MollyJongFast HahahahahahahaToday was the day that Donald Trump did not become president.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @TaraSetmayer Girl, I’ve been thinking about this all day. I called all their offices (except Romney and McSally).…
@Timodc @streeterryan Fascinating and I’m completely unsurprised. @rumpfshaker I agree, Sarah. We need to talk more and yell less. Find common ground and start there. @LeighGiangreco @halbritz This is amazing. @halbritz Amateurs. @AudacityofGoats Indeed.You might think you're alone. You might think it's too dark. You might think it's time. Don't think you're alone. Don't.
Retweeted by Rachel Vindman @MollyJongFast I’m shocked because Jared has such a great track record of being right. @AudacityofGoats There is not enough recognition for the people who wrangle the animas and keep them quiet during podcasts and interviews. @rogers_bean Good idea! I will in a bit 😊