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@CEOofSUBARU out of everyone in the Re:Zero community I feel like that you are gonna be the last one to follow me eventually ngl @TBZOMBI3 ngl I can see a Wilhelm perma death sometime @CEOofSUBARU why was the reply so delayed when u liked it like 10 mins ago @back_to_death_ 私も最初は本物だと思っていました。 @Haachamin no @CEOofSUBARU hes my top 1 character 😪 so what ur saying is that I'd have to turn gay/bi to get the follow?
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡LETS GOOOOOOOOOO @echidnut GOAT @CEOofSUBARU actually surprised I got it before both you and Hollow @ReignSenpai @Jaereku Jaerek don't be a pussy @magicdharp1 took the W a few minutes later, thanks for reminding me to delete this tweetDiscord joining the Re:Zero clown movement let's goooooo life @DevilmanRen nahfelt #rezero #リゼロ
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @echidnut ah I left out the purple eye things, well rip my follow, we'll get em next time @CEOofSUBARU goatI'm starting to feel despair @goatman75086396 I hate this, I love Garfiel and Regulus but... I think I have to go with them @GEAR_Art_ the anxiety I have @JustHubbs thought u were talking about cgi anime vs regular anime at first, not hentai vs porna subnautica anime with more than a couple characters would be sick that somehow hasn't needs to follow @GEAR_Art_ @ger0gear @echidnut @EMT_EmiliaTan , idc if this is shameless I'm greedy @SeaTacticsYT @echidnut @HollowGraphicY1 I'm actually really surprised hes not already @echidnut @MizuSauce ratio that bozo @neidkatze fuck you're right on the replacements, I think Imma have to agree @neidkatze Im leaning towards pineapple tbh, it's not my favorite @ChainsawVespa I'm gonna gas it but I'm never gonna be caught with a CSM pfp when it gets as bad as the JJK fanbasebanana the only one I know is staying for sure, idk which one to get rid of tbh @ChainsawVespa you are, CSM fanbase gonna sadly join them most likely but I'm not gonna let it hinder my enjoyment @301adi_ L, MHA 7/10 Invincible 9/10 fr @SpicySimp lowkey flexing the follow @gahara_dot_txt 6/10 even tho I dont know u hmm
@HusbandZion @Haachamin @SpicySimp @LoremIpsumVerb hi @RoswaalIsBack I'm not the best person to explain it, since I only experienced part of their problems first hand bu… @kawibo black and white fit goes hard with red, looking good man
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @SpicySimp @Haachamin this ur one chance to touch a woman so do it @SpicySimp @Haachamin pussy @Crunchyroll I think it's either Tokyo Revengers or my 4th rewatch of Re:Zero lmfao can't remember @sage_aprendiz ah it's his alt @sage_aprendiz elitealice1?like and rt boys
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @CEOofEchidna @deadboyshit not quite @AnitwtLs Huge L @Jaereku NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Kingoftheabyss2 @tmpglis W @zeromonidi Imma wait til after school to listen to Jakez video summary @deadboyshit Omg I do remember that, I remember one of us calling that it was gonna be really fucking popular too @deadboyshit Its a 7.5/10 for me bc the writing isnt the absolute greatest but I enjoy it, however I do not enjoy t… @zeromonidi Cant wait to see the summary lmfao @nezumiironyanko crossdressing becomes a habit @IceCultist I genuinely hate thisRetweet if you think Re Zero has the best female anime cast!
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @nezumiironyanko ありがとう @Nxtsuki_Sxbaru Goat @LaciiEMT110 How @TBZOMBI3 I think you know my answer @SeaTacticsYT this doesnt need to exist @TBZOMBI3 if they actually made the authority of Return by Death actually properly work it would be amazing @TBZOMBI3 yeah I would agree for sure, like a Re:Zero game done properly would be amazing, and I have thought of th… @count_prankstar @YaLelouch @emiIiasupremacy idk lol @garfielgrice it's always the Higurashi fans... @MugiwaraNoCiven Askeladd easily @tmpglis @0Netrider LEO is a banger tho @tmpglis @0Netrider literally put an eve song as my recommendation @tmpglis @0Netrider Ill just stick with this @tmpglis @0Netrider this one is ok... at best @tmpglis @0Netrider this aint it Im sorry @0Netrider @CEOofSUBARU AEDF is a furry confirmedlike and rt boys @JustHubbs your parents need to learn how to parent better @JustHubbs shut up @JustHubbs stop @Jaereku damn when you take it off I think the clown era of the Re:Zero community will be over, was hoping itd be more than like 2 days @Echidnuh @Jaereku you got that TrashFK kid whoever he is @fxckilla I really didn't care tbh, Ive been using mute a lot recently but a while ago I just blocked every kpop st… of kpop stans, dream stans, and furries... @JEMJ0SH bro I quit playing Minecraft a while ago but how many years has it been? @NocturnesMind OHHH that makes a lot of sense now, yeah I agree, you can't decide that until you actually perceive… @NocturnesMind alright can you give me an example then @NocturnesMind this is vague because it can mean like a deaf person imagining english or it can mean someone who ha…
@NocturnesMind yeah @NocturnesMind wdym exactly
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @GKillianzoldyck homie fr said Naruto > AOT, if we talking abt a bad ending ruining a show he should just consider Boruto lmfaoNow its your turn @HollowGraphicY1 YOU KNOW THE DRILL BOYS LIKE AND RT LIKE AND RT #rezero #anime #リゼロ
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡Emilia: I mean, small animals are way more vicious. It’s because their anger has way less space to be bottled up in…
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @goatman75086396 Congrats you definitely deserve itRe:Zero Clown Tier List 🤡🤡 Credits to @EMT_EmiliaTan for the images #LeenAppreicationDay
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @EMT_EmiliaTan First inner circle in so long @MadChemist9 Im almost reaching Spicy level already @MadChemist9 | Clowning Everyone In The Sanctuary While I'm In My Coffin
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡Tappei:
Retweeted by 🤡Afk ✝️ エライジャ🤡 @JDectic WI honestly feel so FUCKING refreshed. I vented to someone about some of my problems for like the first time in over…