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Stefan Natter @natterstefan ➡️➡️➡️

I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, CSS, and Software Engineering | 📧 Weekly NL Series:

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@rrhoover Thanks for sharing, interesting. @dannysteenman @themarcba So you never sleep? 😳 @JerryKolber @catalinmpit You’re welcome, Jerry. I’m glad you took my recommendation seriously and invested in your… @Karemortiz1986 What’s troubling you in this example? I’m not sure if I can help, but maybe others can. @dannysteenman @rafrasenberg I have not visited Amsterdam for years. Great city. @jh3yy @NotionHQ I agree. Right now I use both (Notion and Foam). The idea behind Foam (and the others) with the co… @jh3yy @NotionHQ 😅 me too. Have you tried Obsidian, Foam, or Roam Research? @DivDev_ Good luck. May the empty inbox be with you. @Programazing @elyktrix Thanks, awesome! I gotta try that out. @chriskalmar @CodeNewbies I’ll send you one 😅😬 @DivDev_ How did you survive this? 😅 @Chanel_Codes Congratulations! 🎉 @jh3yy @NotionHQ Me too, there are endless possibilities to organize things in Notion. I also have like a front pag… @SaraHanks16 Thank you, Sara! I enjoy it a lot right now. @jh3yy @NotionHQ 😅 how do you organize your notes in Notion? I am always looking for inspiration. @themarcba @rafrasenberg Wow, crazy. @jh3yy @NotionHQ 👍 well, at least you do it. I am still collecting. 😅 @themarcba Early-bird, 5:30 a.m. @chriskalmar @CodeNewbies YOCO = you only code once. 😅😬 @rafrasenberg In my home town (Austria), 27 degrees. @SaraHanks16 More than a month to go, but yeah! I start getting nervous a little. 😅 @Programazing 😬 how did you create this tweet? @DarkMemeLordBot @jackdomleo7 @FrancescoCiull4 😅 that’s gonna be fun. @chrisdixon161 Thanks, Chris! We will.I’m gonna spend time with my best man today (sun, lake, and drinks). What about you? #enjoylife @sudo_overflow @chrisdixon161 We still have, don’t we? 😅 @webnoobcodes Sounds great. Which app(s) do you use? I am constantly looking and testing new apps.What do you do to stay healthy? I run 3 times a week for 10k, HIIT training at home, and swimming.Becoming fit equals to giving your <Body> Component the right props to render the desired result. 💪 #fitdevelopers @BryanGuillenS 👋👋 hello Bryan. @svpino Wow, this is ana amazing growth! You deserve it and do a pretty good job! @FrancescoCiull4 That is awesome! I like the music you’ve chosen for your video. @SimonHoiberg Thanks, Simon. You too! @sudo_overflow Amazing setup! It’s gonna be legend...... waiit for it.... dary! Legendary!! @themarcba Absolutely! Categorizing an activity as wasted time only happens in one’s head. Enjoy your Saturday. @callam_woolgar Welcome back, I knew I haven’t seen you in a while. How were you doing? How was the time offline? Did you enjoy it?
@catalinmpit @Lindsey_design I keep scrolling scrolling scrolling... 😅😅I just had an entertaining talk with @jherr. We never met in person and probably wouldn't know each other if we had… for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. -Norman Vincent Peale @Vanaf1979 I know that’s possible, but yeah I want to automate it. @PaulDevOps @ReviewsOnMySite Danke dir Paul, sieht vielversprechend aus. Hast du damit schon mal was gemacht? @ravavyr Thank you very much! Did you use one of them in the past already and can share some experiences with me?Dear WordPress-Pros and Devs. I need your help. I am looking for an extension (or other solution) to include Googl… @berndartmueller @PrasoonPratham Thanks for sharing. I did not know that, but makes sense to me.
@NehemiahKiv I’m not offended, I am still skeptical sometimes. Can you explain what you don’t like about it? Or why you not use it?This ⬇️⬇️ must happen, please🎉 @tonycassara2 We discussed creating a checklist (kind of LODs - Level of Dones) to validate designs against today.… @tonycassara2 Exactly, that's the problem. When not taking the time upfront during grooming a lot of QA cycles happ… @brunoraljic 😅 I gotta change that too. @elyktrix Sounds like a good provider :)I'm naming my TV remote Waldo for obvious reasons. 😅🤔 @_WaylonWalker @AnnaJMcDougall When I clap, you can see flames. 👏🏻🔥 @AnnaJMcDougall 😂 haha yeah, the other way round would've been better. @PrasoonPratham Congrats, well deserved. Enjoy the rest of your day. @dasjo Providing some useful and more realistic test data to the designers could be helpful, that is right. Yes, I… @themarcba @rafrasenberg 😬 better start preparing before the stream. 😅 @dasjo Hi Josef, that’s the thing. From what I’ve seen so far it happens rather unstructured & from experience than… Developers, How do you validate* designs before you implement them? Do you use a checklist to check if design… @dan_spratling I agree with you. The beauty of software engineering is the diversity it offers. As you said, there… @catalinmpit Okay, I gotta check it again. @dan_spratling You defined that very well. I think some junior developers are put off by that. That's one of the re… @catalinmpit Thanks, so Grammarly Pro is worth the price? @ThePracticalDev Finally, I found `"editor.renameOnType": true"`, what a great setting. Thanks, Rob. @catalinmpit Are you using this one Catalin? @FrancescoCiull4 I agree with you. They guide but do not provide a solution for all problems. Tutorials are great t… @AnnaJMcDougall 🔥👏🏻 Anna. @themarcba haha, typos in tweets are popular, right? ^^ @NehemiahKiv @BryanGuillenS Why? I had my issues in the beginning too, but love it now. @themarcba Exactly, I wonder what's the my of "time in vscode" vs "time googling". @marciof Hi Marcio, sounds like a great plan. What are you planning to learn about JavaScript today? Have a great day too. @SimonHoiberg Thanks for sharing, Simon. This can indeed be very helpful for other developers. @trbnhck That sounds amazing. I'd love to go to the beach too. But no beach for me today :) @lauracharvey We've sprint review and retro today. Gonna be an interesting day for both of us :) Have a great day too Laura. @madza911 Thank you :) @brunoraljic Sure. I'll also mention it in my NL. You not gonna miss it :) @brunoraljic Sounds like a good morning routine. Cool! @webnoobcodes Yeah, that should work too. ^^ @TheRealDevTalk @BryanGuillenS Then all I can say is: Good night Khalil. :) @dmokafa Good Morning Deni! Wow, sounds like a brilliant plan for today. I wish you all the best. It will work out… @webnoobcodes :D Sounds like an amusing day. And remember, never walk or stand with the wind. That bug can smell you a mile off. @BryanGuillenS 😬 How's the past? Shall I tell you the lottery numbers? 😅 I will work work work today too. Gonna be a good day.Good morning everybody, what are you up to for today? I wish you all a successful day. @brunoraljic :D Yeah, the week was intense. Yes, I do. I am thinking about writing a blog post about it and sharing… @brunoraljic Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out and test it. Cool! @dannysteenman @brunoraljic Thank you! I gotta read that asap :) very interesting. @dannysteenman Thank you, I did the same for your newsletter just now :) @GyenAbubakar I have an idea, but not working on it right now.
@dannysteenman Are you going to write a "How to" for this? :) @dannysteenman that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it!113 Downloads in the first week? Now I really have to think about a use-case. 😅 @mainedprn @binary_tw You are never code alone :) @jithendrabsy Yes, works sometimes. That is correct.Sign up now for my weekly newsletter. I look forward to it. my weekly "Week in Review" series I share what I discovered, learned, and tested with you. The series includes t… @Sarve___tanvesh @sizzyapp Thanks for the feedback, Tanvesh. Yeah, Sizzy is very cool. I’m glad you liked it: @brunoraljic Looks like a bannerbear banner :) cool! @Vanaf1979 How's wp-cli? I've never used it, but read interesting things about it. @brunoraljic ☺️ Thank you for the honest feedback, Bruno. YES, I had to put your tweet to the list. I like what you are building there. @Vanaf1979 Hi Stephan. Thank you and you're welcome. asdf is cool. Especially because you can remove all the other… @brunoraljic Thank you very much, Bruno. I appreciate that. Are there any CLI tools you can recommend too? I am alw…