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@librarishann This bottle is ESPECIALLY so fucking good Shannon they sell them in 1.5 and 3 Liter sizes lolfriends: how much more do you find yourself drinking since you've been quarantining us: yes Tuesday to everyone especially @jake_k
@emrosario Omg yes let's discuss @TayNixster I approve of the quantity of black pepper here!!!once again my mother shows me up on #quarantinecuisine with her at-home mango avocado salad @_ZAKRIZZO where are you getting that info?this was truly wonderful @cebsilver GET OUTtf u mean tomorrow is Tuesday"please stop your casual acts of arson" @Knibbs im here for you if you need any help dropping off food/supplies xo i have a car! @Knibbs oh no kate!! im sorry. @dcseifert is there a pre-shot shot? extra warning shot? know i shouldn't read the comments but i genuinely do not understand some people..... now Peloton has announced it will cancel live classes for the rest of the month. do i convince the boy to let me trim his hair it is getting rill moppyYOU CAN BUY A $2500 BIKE BUT YOU CANT DROP ANOTHER $20 FOR THE PEOPLE WHOSE JOBS ARE A DAILY LIFE RISKin case you missed it: the peloton members group has always been lit but post-pandemic it… @9JANG I get that the economy is severely impacted and people need to get creative but geez @ajchavar can't vote in nov if ur dedNo housekeeping or laundry service though it's pretty common in Thailand to handwash and hang dry (it's currently h… the video only shows you the breakfast which is your classic Thai porridge and egg. He's also provided with… this was a hot mess when it rolled out as some people landed and didn't realize they'd be asked to quara… has been putting nationals who return home from select countries into state-mandatory quarantine. Here's a…
I put on mascara and lipstick today and felt SO ALIVETook #quarantinecuisine outside today since we seem to be the only people left in our building after the restaurant… distant date night
@Abigail32469731 @onepeloton Where did you get that email from?"Skeleton crew" is, uh, ... CHOICE WORDING! 24: the news comes just one day after Peloton told its members how careful it was be… 3rd:
@knguyen @A_Webster getting a good angle was so hard!!!! @A_Webster what say u @knguyenMy boyfriend's birthday was last weekend. What would normally be the most reliable day to get our friends to hang t… have thousands of dollars in medical expenses of my own, but my cancer is going to kill me a lot slower than the… my own fundraising efforts, i have definitely found that the people with the least to give are often some of t… @dcseifert video or it didnt happen @mikedas89 thank you xo :)Last call! My bf and I will personally match 100% the total we get by the end of today to aid out of work employees… immigrants who called Elmhurst home since 1999, Queens has given us so much more than we could ever give back. W…
Retweeted by Natt การุณรังษีวงศ์*looks for the imaginary backyard I don't have l, cries, curses poorly targeted ad* my appa @kaitlin_hatton ahhhh that blows!! I'm so sorry!
The question on whether live classes are "essential" is certainly up for debate but I'm glad that they are keeping… still pushing on with live classes and are paying essential employees a full week's pay for 1-3 days of wor… all my nervous, chaotic energy into local relief efforts in Queens today. feels mildly selfish since i t… not add a bit of flair to your Zoom video calls with a custom background? Mosey on over to the #SquareEnix Blo…
Retweeted by Natt การุณรังษีวงศ์
@knguyen try twitch singsGOD FIDELITY NOT NOW
most used item in the house since quarantine: cooktop and dishwasher least used: bras @janklimo understand everyone is going through their own crises at this moment but now is truly the time people and busines… to take advantage of the free @siriusxm trial announced today, but - You do have to enter a credit card num…
Retweeted by Natt การุณรังษีวงศ์ @CHRSSCHLKX wow safe travels! 👜🛄🙏$10 off every orders of $30+.... aka about a 30% discount restaurants have to eat if the customer just meets the mi…
@CLCmusic @darth @mcuban they're exploring many options — lots of provisions based on revenue, size, how many ppl e… it.
Retweeted by Natt การุณรังษีวงศ์👀is there someone on Twitter who helped amplify this to Reddit!?!? Show yourself!! I WANT TO VIRTUAL HUG YOU @kylesethgray my bf won't let me cut his hair even though he keeps complaining about how shaggy and long it's getting!!!it's movember all over again according to all my male colleagues' quarantine facial hairs @orangenial @KaewGB I LOVE MOMS @KaewGB idk what her secrets are!! she doesn't even have recipes, just cooks, tastes as she goes, and knows when it's donewas gonna upload my #quarantinecuisine meal but then mom showed me her spicy boat noodles and im like damnit lady h… irl all the time now @jonrussell @EvasonHuaHin their breakfast buffet was SO GOOD @jonrussell @EvasonHuaHin ugh, went there in 2015 and had a wonderful time. hope they will be able to reopen.Oh btw if you missed in the original thread, here is the PayPal link and some delicious food fotoz:… know there are many ways to help and everyone has their own ways of contributing, so from my family to yours: we… Feed the hungry. Cooking is our way of showing love, and we will make home cooked Thai meals to feed those who… Medical supplies for Elmhurst Hospital and beyond. We've already begun ordering masks and gloves to aid the inc… Support those who've lose their jobs. A portion of the money will help support the restaurant's laid off staff… immigrants who called Elmhurst home since 1999, Queens has given us so much more than we could ever give back. W… the recent crap, I have felt a lot of love this weekend and at the end of the day, that's all that carries me to tomorrow
bf's take on #TheCircleNetflix 🤯
@Charlie_Sin add me!!! Nattgarun @Charlie_Sin Haha yesis that sweat or tears running down my face after cycling today oh hahhaha it's both @Elisa_Mala xo kop khun ka
clapped on my roof at 7pm but I feel like the UberEats folks downstairs picking up food have literally no idea wtf was happeningWe're all isolated in our homes now, free of Instagrammable backdrops, vacations, parties. Use this moment to be t… @JeffCerulli @Knibbs Yes!! Didn't realize that was your girlfriend. She is awesome and we loved having her there th… @mirandan247 @mcwm oh good, thanks for this! still, elmhurst/corona/jackson heights are really big, really dense areas. @LaurenGoode lauren, i am grateful we are friends and that you are always the more thoughtful person to always chec… @CaseyNewton we will feed you food piled up to the height of your hair @mcwm "west queens" is so unhelpful!! they literally lumped woodside, sunnyside, elmhurst (!!!), jackson heights, c… off the #quarantinecuisine wagon after some very emotional 48 hours. here's a belated shakshuka from earlie… @EricaTong Erica 😭😭😭😭😭 boy are we so lucky to call you a friend! Meals on us when we are able to open xo. I hope yo… @Adora GOOD bc i need u to keep us posted on 🔥 quarantine fits @Adora lisa!! sending my love and best wishes for a quick recovery. if you're one of those badass who have it and s… @LLL_EN_AAA this is so upsetting im so sorry. the masks should make customers feel safer!!!!already overwhelmed by the support and my mother's selflessness even when her livelihood is threatened. this is g… @LLL_EN_AAA :( :( :( nooo. i hope interactions are minimal and he's able to keep distance as best he can. @LLL_EN_AAA Thank you! I hope your parents are ok too!!I called my mom to inform her that we now have this fundraiser and she'd like to let you know that funds raised wil… @dcousineau We are so tearfully grateful and can't wait to start back up againFeeling absolutely gutted that my parents have decided to close due to the growing cases of COVID19 in Elmhurst whe…
@grahamrosby yeah its not that i am turning away from folks its the possibility that theres the virus sitting between all of em somewhere!!! @grahamrosby if i went outside for my 'mental health walk' and saw that many people out i'd rather turn the fuck around and go home