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Joined Twitter 7/7/10 from distant universe: A Chinese university's gift for freshmen via @YouTubeLybian MiG-25 FOXBAT's. At first photo - Muammar Gaddafi with Asser Arafat and FOXBAT.
Retweeted by nawaponrathHong Kong exports to U.S. to be labeled 'Made in China' via @YouTubeBaghdad summons Turkish ambassador after cross-border strike on Kurdish rebels kills 2 Iraqi commanders
Retweeted by nawaponrathUkraine plans to replace Soviet Su-27s with Brazilian Super Tucano fighters to be equipped with hypersonic anti-ship missiles will develop Next Generation #Jammer system for #Australian #EA18G #Growler electronic warfare #aircraft
Retweeted by nawaponrathThe PLA new 122mm truck-mounted SPH debuted on public report.
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"U.S. Stimulus Impasse Could Last to September, Escalating Risks""Brazil central bank grasps new tool in crisis fight: forward guidance""Tesla sets 5-1 stock split and its high-flying stock soar again""UK job losses hit decade-high, worse seen ahead""Small Firms Die Quietly, Leaving Thousands of Failures Uncounted""Boeing's 2020 MAX cancellations near 400 in July" #Navy HMA #NUSHIP #Supply Class Auxiliary #Oiler #Replenishment #ship completes sea trials
Retweeted by nawaponrathเบื้องหลัง "#เป๊ก & #เฌอปราง" นิตยสารแพรว สิงหาคม 2563 via @YouTube of the Su-57 will protect the pilot from the light of a nuclear explosion's second F-35i squadron becomes operational“แม่ทัพภาค3”.ออกโรง! เตือน นิสิตนักศึกษา สำนึกพระมหากรุณาธิคุณ”ราชวงศ์จักรี’สำนึกบุญคุณบรรพบุรุษ รักษาผืนแผ่นดิน สะ…
Retweeted by nawaponrathSince 1815, the Gurkhas have been some of the finest troops Britain could call upon.
Retweeted by nawaponrathเจน มิวสิค อร แก้ว ฟ้อนด์ และเนย #BNK48 กับ #HeavyRotationTH เวอร์ชั่นเด็ดที่ทำเอาพวกเธอถึงกับไปไม่เป็น แต่รับรองน่…
Retweeted by nawaponrath#South #Korea plans to deploy enhanced #submarines in the next five years
Retweeted by nawaponrath Story : "#BNK 48" เผยคอนเซปต์ชุด "Heavy Rotation" via @YouTubeChinese jets briefly cross mid-line of Taiwan Strait Awarded $144M to Help Sustain USAF Avionics, Electronic Systems soar on stimulus hopes Read early day Asia markets report by @Umesh_Desai
Retweeted by nawaponrathNavy Plans Triton UAS Test Support Order for Northrop"Chinese firms that fail U.S. accounting standards to be delisted as of 2022 - Mnuchin""Special Report: Lebanon’s power struggle – why a failing state can’t get the lights on""Japan's current account surplus shrinks to five-year low as exports plunge""Australian employment steady in July, Victoria suffers setback""Singapore warns of slow recovery as virus slams Asia's exporters""BoE to step up quantitative easing if economy slows again, deputy governor says - The Times" SHOW on #AIS PLAY via @YouTubeม็อบ เสื้อน้ำเงิน “ชีวิตนี้ ยอมพลี” . ศอปส.:กลุ่มศูนย์กลางประสานงานนักศึกษา อาชีวะ ประชาชน ปกป้องสถาบัน นำโดย นายว…
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Montreal port strike enters its third week - Splash 247 continues to dominate maritime arbitration market - Splash 247 brace for $3bn Beirut blast bill - Splash 247 Trump was abruptly escorted from the White House briefing room shortly after a shooting outside the fence…
Retweeted by nawaponrathBAE Unit to Modernize Two Navy Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyers Under Potential $212M Contract – GovCon Wire Halfway Done With SLS Green Tests – Executive Gov is tinkering with a uniquely British JLTV Russian Navy to focus on precision weapons - take 5 - #Russia #Armament #Future #Investment
Retweeted by nawaponrath#UPDATE: Trump says a suspect was shot by the Secret Service outside #WhiteHouse MORE:
Retweeted by nawaponrathA Shadow R1 (an intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance aircraft) is now operating over t…
Retweeted by nawaponrathTake A Look At These Incredible (external and internal) Shots Of The Russia's Sole Completed Gigantic Lun-Class Ekr…
Retweeted by nawaponrath Space Force Sponsors an Indy 500 Race Car This Year【Dance Practice】Heavy Rotation / BNK48 พร้อมให้รับชมใน BNK48 Official Youtube Channel Link >…
Retweeted by nawaponrathChinese Navy to conduct live-fire exercises in waters near Zhoushan Islands - #China #Naval #Drills #Weapons
Retweeted by nawaponrathUS-China row deepens as Beijing slaps sanctions on 11 American lawmakers