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My friend thinks I should get a full-blown mullet. Apparently they’re ‘in’ right now What you reckon?? 🤔 @AstroidDubs I couldn’t not do it 😅 @Baitz__ @BeutNoiseMusic Some maaaad stuff on that EP yeah 😤🔥Drop your favourite Bass music from the last week! Singles, EPs, albums, comps, whatever GO! 😁💙 @AstroidDubs Rhetorical question 🤓This week’s Best of Bass will be out on Wednesday because holy shit so much music came out this week 😨 @Fluxpavilion I’m excited to hear it when it’s out in full! I know my channel is dark /Bass-centric but I love the… @ResearchBass I'm very glad that came across 🙏
👽 CLASSIC REVIEW TIME! 👽 Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites To celebrate Skrille… @PiIc299 I can't lie I'm not entirely what you're saying hahah @PiIc299 Far from it my guySKRILLEX. SCARY MONSTERS AND NICE SPRITES. CLASSIC REVIEW. ONE HOUR. 👽👽👽 @seedmusic_ Man this is so sick 😩😩😩This is my favourite review I’ve written yet 🤓 @oddprophet Or maybe WEL$H RVREBIT ? @oddprophet Can I suggest KRISTMVS @SoundwaveEdm Hahaha fair, but I mean yes when it’s out in full I will be reviewing it @SoundwaveEdm How could I not 😂
@adaneitorz @KarstenKohout Hmm, weird. Try this :) @killthenoise 😂😂😂 @seedmusic_ Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes @IAmAlkhemik 😂😂😂 not gonna deny that @adaneitorz @KarstenKohout Not for me 😕 @KarstenKohout And I had a lot of fun constructing the answers 😁Btw welcome new followers! Beyond the channel + what I'm doing there, if you wanna know more of what I'm about and… @iFate5 I mean yes but not reviewing this weekend no @Khaos_evrw_off I'd embrace it for that absolute shitshow hahahah @NickDeLong_ Ah! No it isn’t that, but what it is you’ll really enjoy, I know for a fact ... @LarsonEvans The genuine intention @Baitz__ 😂🙏 @iamowtlaw 🤓🤠😎 @NickDeLong_ What’s this?Remember this golden / god awful tweet @noyzfm An absolute breasts of a review hmmmmmmm what would that be @exoboltofficial @kavaltunes Too many musical things are happening this week 😩 @synthetikego @ItsOdalyzo That isn’t out yet? 🤔 @ItsOdalyzo Probably yeah. You’ll see ... @kavaltunes @cannamusiccPutting together an absolute beast of a review right now ... 😏 @TheM_Machine That’s fair :) @TheM_Machine Not even on the production front? Masterful stuff @imexdanny Hello! I have listened to it several times, unfortunately wasn’t quite for me however I like what both a… @OV3RDRIVE_R @SpookAndStep @exoboltofficial I put them in the same bracket myself, they’re both extensive projects @ipsiom Sending love and thoughts your way man. Have a similar situation right now, if you ever wanna chat never hesistate, DMs are open 💙
@gyrofield Oh god yes @BVSSICMVSIC Spat my tea out laughing👽 LIVE REVIEW TIME! 👽 Skrillex - 'Kliptown Empyrean' The legend is back with his first s… KLIPTOWN EMPYREAN. LIVE REVIEW. ONE HOUR. 👽👽👽 @OfficialAceAura Sure it’s not more internal? Could be a kidney thing @BVSSICMVSIC @BlackLabelNSD Nah this came out this year. Surely. Please.Without God: Season Eight Tracklist: Part 1 1. Zaphyre - Flesh Puppet 2. Automatik - Toothgrinder 3. Svndman - Bla…
Retweeted by NawtystepBig L for me, it’s actually an EP My tweet goes to shit HOWEVER a whole EP is very exciting of course :) @ContantSteph @BlackLabelNSD Is it actually? My tweet goes to shit but even better 😁Coming through with the regular Wednesday single releases I see you @BlackLabelNSD 😏😏 @VeepotOfficial Not even listening to it this week, waiting for the EP to be out in full as you sayBonus video out today because YOU KNOW WHO decided to randomly drop again What is he like?? 🤪 @OnDitLeBrostep Ooh Fourward is interesting, got it lined up to listen again at some point in next week or so. Don’… @NickDeLong_ @CodePandorum @MetrikMusic @enJOYRYDE @baauer Yes yes veeeerry solid 😁 @Marck_Mares Solid picks 😤What are your favourite Bass albums of the year? Dubstep, DnB, Bass House, Trap, whatever LPs not EPs 🙏💙 @donkongmusic @ESKEI83 Oooh interested to watch this! Btw just favourited the track on SC :) @robgassermusic EXCEPT PEOPLE WHO TALK ABOUT MUSIC of course I mean he just forgot to add itThere’s a point where hate just becomes straight up hilarious 😂😂 @darkhitofficial 😏 @MultiversalBoy If he releases music yes of course I am reviewing it @Skrillex Holy friggin moly let’s goooo 👽 @d3ds3cmusic Someone’s gotta do it 😂 tweet for Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites coz I couldn’t not @Skrillex this project inspired so much it…
@LenvalLaird 🥺🥺🥺 man you always get me going with your words ... thank you @saucymonkey_ The tingles at that exact moment soooo good @JayPSnipes Appreciate that! Hope you enjoy the videos 🙏 @LenvalLaird Yes I shan’t forget :)First full day without any Covid symptoms for over 2 weeks Think it’s left my body, feeling basically tip top again :)I have a genuinely unhealthy obsession with this song, listening to it every day without fail. Ultimate bop Droppi… @OniMegumi Also the editing loooool I just knew nothing 😂 @OniMegumi Omg 🥺 this is so mad to watch, mind’s blown. As you say, both moved forward so much since then. Big ups to us!🥳 LIVE REVIEW TIME! 🥳 JoeB - 'Rock A Party' In the latest live review on the channel, I… issues delaying this just little but won’t be too much longer 💙💙 @Modestep @TrolleySnatcha 😬😬😬 Appreciate all you’ve said though guys (not sure whether Josh or Pat so had to) 🙏 @oddprophet Goat goat goat 🐐🐐🐐JOEB. ROCK A PARTY. LIVE REVIEW. ONE HOUR. 🥳🥳🥳 @Modestep @TrolleySnatcha ‘Small youtuber’ I’ll take that @Danielocke @dietmountainlu @theneedledrop Umm hi I run a channel dedicated to reviewing Bass music, mostly Dubstep… @theneedledrop And you good sir, are the absolute goat @yakzdubs I appreciate you man 🙏💙 @Subtronics How did you guess 🥰Jeeeeez you lot are gonna love this one I’m telling you 👀👀👀 @FuntCaseUK Appreciate this and you man 🙏💙 @neddieofficial Are they? I haven’t seen those words at all really. Maybe I haven’t been on the timeline enough 😂 I… @Subtronics Oh absolutely, appreciate your words man! 💙 @iamowtlaw Love you my ggGgGGGg @electronicdude0 @strictbangers Just out of interest, do you think I shouldn’t say what I think? Don’t forget this… @itsjonnouk Lol couldn’t be me 🤪 @amplify_r Live reviews are for individual tracks, which works with compilations as well, just taking one at a time… @nappyisCRACKED Even so the Qoiet vocal was my favourite part of the whole project so ... 🤷🏻‍♂️ @lifelinedubstep You can see my tweets to KTN, not typing them out again but bottom line: calling me a bedroom snob… @TheDuckAboveAll @yonatankremerr You are right