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this looks like a group of magi binding an evil djinn to a pentacle
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Come on man, I appreciate you reaching out but you’re gonna have to do better than that
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @lyds69 love this lesbian couple and their three kids 😊He was 36. This government's failure has a human cost.
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Retweeted by Naomi ✨blessed to see 21 😌✨💓
Retweeted by Naomi ✨Big. Dr. Fauci: "We know now for sure that the mitigation that we have been doing is having a positive effect but…
Retweeted by Naomi ✨haha damn maybe they should call Sallie Mae and ask for a loan huh
November lookin like*te people y’all can feel free to keep this distancing thing going after the rona clears up. Y’all love to stand…
Retweeted by Naomi ✨I care about getting Trump out of the White House. But ignoring these allegations against Biden is disgusting, insu… a grim time for the country.I don’t see how anyone can make it through this interview and not believe her. Trigger warning @Sam_Levine I don’t want a trump presidency, I just wish democrats felt the same :/Imagine having four fucking years to find, prime, or grow in a fucking laboratory a candidate that can actually bea…’s about a month away from not knowing where he is when he walks into a room. All the rapists in the world and… @emma_ayars That’s exactly the vibe I’m going for, ideally in a large picturesque old haunted estate with a rose hedge labyrinth @Kendra_Little Thank you for supporting my Icarus-like ways of consuming carbohydrates @corporal_angua Honestly friend marriage should be a thing. Bring back covenants @AFeralDavid There’s a saying about not having a potDo not, do NOT come here and tell me how to measure an appropriate amount of pasta by doing the 👌🏼 thing. I do not… day I eat a family of fours allotment of pasta because I have never ever figured out how to cook an appropria… @CloverToon You can have a ceremony without having a legal wedding and you can have a legal wedding without having… @CloverToon usually somewhat?? Like it started as uh a way to pass down property, women were also considered proper… @CloverToon I always used to say I want a pagan wedding in the woods and now I’m like.. yo I really do want a pagan wedding in the woods @AFeralDavid Pretty sure raccoons can type on computers if they want to @rampaigehalsey Ok we’re making this happen when quarantine is over, that pun is bulletproof @AFeralDavid Yes but I may hire craigslist randos to also do this, so there’s a chorus of In Your Eyes but with weird delays @AFeralDavid If they can do it in 6 inch platforms they can do it in any shoe imaginableeveryone complained about how there was no baby yoda merchandise last year but what I wanna know is when I can go t… person broth?crocs, the shoes that come with free trypophobiaI don’t want a “wedding” I want a nice dress and a lot of flowers and for someone to say I OBJECT! giving me 5000%… cursed concept, except for in Megaminddisappointed by yet another strip club with no clog dancers @AFeralDavid How fortunate you are to have a beautiful full moon on your birthday!! @AFeralDavid HAPPY DAVID DAY!!!!!!! I hope you have a most wonderful birthdayvid :-) 🎉🎉🎉🎉omg go off
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @mbrleigh basically it’ll be a lot watch out for fights & tension, dont rush forward into things, I think aries is… @mbrleigh so when I mentioned how september/November would be uhh a lot it’s bc mars is in its domicile in aries, t… @mbrleigh Very bold of u to call an Aries wise!! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) but bc mars goes retrograde this year it means it stay… but also cries @RachelB_Art Sugarpill is so gooooood, you didn’t stress buy you stress INVESTEDhonestly McMansions would be tame the bitter truth is they rlly be investing in fucked up psychometrics and new age… it’s not real money it’s just moving some stocks around? in a time when the stock market is not the bag to hold?… is NEVER ok, except when you do it to billionaires so they’ll give a small sliver of their nazi money to s… @ItsJaneMahoney my dream is just @BobbieCRIES my lil spaghetti sons 🤧god I love garter snakes imagine just having 50 snakes.. the dreamlook at these weird mushrooms
Bruce Springsteen: everything dies baby, that’s a fact Me: well this fucking sucks, what the fuck Bruce Springstee…
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @Hbomberguy pls consider doing a series? That information is so critical right nowA little Guy Fieri for your feed
Retweeted by Naomi ✨Yes, that's the perennial question: "are they dying faster than we can replace them?"
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @mbrleigh Bail me out of jail when mine goes awry bc I don’t understand physics and I end up clunking the delivery… @mbrleigh God ur mindgot a notification that I’ll have to sign for a fedex thing and I.. how @amudork :’(didn’t get a screenshot but it was on Instagram so I’ll see it at least 20 more timesgot an ad for a face mask that has a ballgag print and I ... people are dying @ArtOfSSandoval Can’t remember if it was episode one that Doc Antle has a liger featured and offhandedly mentions t… @ArtOfSSandoval Yeah, it doesn’t get better from there :( hopefully the spotlight does bring about real advocacy fo… @sofiaealexander Once I asked my friends if they wanted anything from Starbucks and they said no and then I showed… of a thread @warmgrape telling my therapist I wanna set aside our work treating my ptsd to focus on real issues, like harvest m… @Shadpaintings I’ve done the same before and it’s bizarre?? we live in a society anyway here’s a bonus shark lady: @NoraReed how is is scientifically possible to have opinions this bad. couldn’t even find the transphobic tweet but… @warmgrape like it’s fine for anyone to nitpick anything and be like aw man I don’t like x thing for y reasons but… @warmgrape I keep thinking about that one post and I just.. don’t know how people can live in such a gruesome world… off the rest of our year supply of fireworks tonight because fuck it all it is not looking good folks
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ Apply Apply! Even in these trying times, the mouse house is looking! If you've already applied, follow up! :D
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @Shadpaintings If you have another video of eel friendship pls link, i love them @Shadpaintings Omggg was it this video bc this is one of my favorite things
I don't want to be told I'm a "hero" for being a cashier. That's kind of ridiculous. I just want $20 hour. Please s…
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @hackedmotionart godddd yeah there’s definitely reptile world versions of all the tiger king folks minus maybe Caro… @johnny_octopus @mbrleigh Mars is my dominant so I had already planned to just chill for fall turns out the whole y… @mbrleigh Get ready for my breakout role in Alligator King @mbrleigh @johnny_octopus He’ll fuck up all on his own, uhhhh I hear mars retrograde around November is gonna be ??? A lot?? @callielawsonart Yesss I love this illustration @johnny_octopus After going crazy first 😬 but yes it is the signifier of kings! And karmically very protective but… is it that domesticating horses is “ok” but I can’t saddle up an alligator and go about my errands @johnny_octopus trump has this wild Regulus shit in his natal chart, I see him going full King Lear by the end of his lifeFeels like we are all in prison but the prison in Goodfellas where you can still make pasta
Retweeted by Naomi ✨ @AndrewYang Congratulations on disproving meritocracy @SamMaggs I remember learning from my photographer friend the way clothing shoots will use these heavy duty clothes… @AFeralDavid Frightening but festiveI read something from 2014 and feel like it was 100 years ago, is 2007 even a real year anymoreFucking wild that tweets exist, cached away in this hell site, from the Bush era @LeftAtLondon Oh my god I haven’t thought about shower oranges in yearssssss @mbrleigh @ArtOfSSandoval The creme is just liquid fondant and food coloring!! Caramel is supreme 👑say what you will but coronavirus can not stop easter!! it is baby Yoda’s day and we must honor itWHERE can I find 11,000 Cadbury eggs give or take @CIA Oh we KNOW real crimes are happening whenever y’all start talking openly about aliens for a distractionThe goalposts are moving so fast
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@cat_harman92 Yeah I’m first and foremost insanely thankful to have a job still & to be healthy, I worry about the… I know this isn’t most people’s experience — I feel for people who relied on routine/not being alone ind… know this isn’t most people’s experience, but since it’s been mine, it feels like a relief to see it explained @katlyyons I like ur style 😎 @demonslayyer I love themmmmm I saw them once in concert and they put on a wonderful show, would absolutely see them again @demonslayyer I am unironically a fan of both so this comment rlly makes me feel caught in the crossfire