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a very good aborigine / screenwriter and essayist / contact

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@atongatem Omg Atong @datuizm Octavia has been knowing!! @tarneen It’s so hot @AJ_Whittaker Oooh about to start After Story, I’m excited. @Anthonywodillon We’re making fun of you. As a mate said, an absurd response to an absurd claim and analogy. When you sending that PDF unc? @andrewfx_51 I love Vonnegut 🧡 @trevrich67 I really loved Heavy 💚UR SO CUNT LIKE YASS
Retweeted by nayukaHope you tune in at noon today 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Livestream: Debbie Kilroy (Sisters Inside), Keenan Mundine (Deadly Connecti…
Retweeted by nayukaOur 74th ep of @CurtainPodcast is up now — in this episode @MartinGHodgson outlines the defence case in Rodney Reed…
Retweeted by nayukaI’m half way through Leave the Word Behind and I’m stressed are we reading?Hey landlords 💖 forget all the times I was cross, my dear mates @NayukaGorrie @WittGorrie urgently seeking a 4 bedr…
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@maevemarsden @WittGorrie jesus christ thats beautiful @TheLemonKurd there's literally no point ayeI still remember the fight I had with an editor at TC over this article who insisted I include a line that said ‘so…
Retweeted by nayuka @maevemarsden @WittGorrie hahahaha @elena_lowana It was clearly making fun of Dillon not mob with diabetes? @elena_lowana You talking about me? Tag me onetimeI'm not proud of not having diabetes, I don't think there's any moral virtue either having it or not. I am making fun of a dickhead.Also - this was satire. He used a shitty analogy about high rates of diabetes and our willingness to talk about tha… @Anthonywodillon @marion_mazdog can you please send me the pdf @endlessyarning Ohhhhh! Gotcha @endlessyarning Is this in relation to the Dillon thing? @Anthonywodillon @garakenthusiast Send me the PDF Unc @IndigenousX I love that turtle neck!More myth busting. I'm Bundjalung/Noongar/Badimia - I don't have diabetes.✌🏾(haven't read the article, not do I wi…
Retweeted by nayuka @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries I am once again asking you to send a PDF of it. @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries Can you send me a PDF of it uncle? I don’t want to give the Australian clicks @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries You got me unc! I’m completely overwhelmed by your intellectual power. @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries Bless I’m not upset. I think you’re funny and that it’s sad this is the best you can do. @amymcquire @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries Bless @Anthonywodillon @TravisHDeVries lol I don’t think you know what that word means uncleFantastic to see my colleagues discussing this important issue. Universal access To self collection is game changer…
Retweeted by nayuka @SaywhatNathan Yeah he’s just doopy @Anthonywodillon Sure Jan! @TravisHDeVries #DiabetesFreeAndValidWE EXIST @Anthonywodillon Uncle if you put even just the slightest more effort into your academic career you might get past… reference: @Anthonywodillon You wanna work on them typos in the article unc. They don’t have an editor there or wha?Hey uncle @anthonywodillon I’m Aboriginal and don’t have diabetes’ve honestly had head lice with more original thought. @Anthonywodillon Lol you loserHappy National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. This is the shit the Australian decide to publ…
You simply can’t tell them otherwise @SamLeightonDore Little baby lesbianThe black aunties and gays are CONVINCED that Bachelor is in fact a Blachelor @ihatekilimi @triplejhiphop AyyyyyyydThis day was literally harder and more emotionally taxing than the day one of my kids had heart surgery. I
@ihatekilimi yeah boo @ihatekilimi yoga tomorrw?
@datuizm Positive feedback loop @MelindaMann01 She’s deadly aye @ihatekilimi Both are important IMOYes I have been embroiled in a conspiracy theory before. When I was 7 I believed Bundaberg was being deliberately misplaced on the map. @Roj_Ame oh noI think I’m finally brokenTwins with gastroI’m so fucking ready
@webbysweird Nah it’s not for meHow do the “pick me” broads who always telling us we need to cook and clean and generally slave for the love of men…
Retweeted by nayuka @ulknehs We gay @ulknehs Omg so did @risslessI have so much respect for functional stoners aye[Post your two favourite albums from the year you turned 13.] @Briggs Ousssss @aleeb88 @drcwatego Awwww bless 💙This is the context 4 that trauma thread - it came from a place. The Qld gov Women’s Safety & Justice taskforce lis…
Retweeted by nayuka @leaantigny That first negroni hit different @rissless @JennaGuillaume @rissless @JennaGuillaume Sis @TheLemonKurd I didn’t even get a nipple at Le fagPretty sure this made me gay milf is taking longer than expected @brodielancaster It’s elitist wank. @keeks_1996 @MelindaMann01 Defecate every thirteen stairs
@BlackwellJ_ @drcwatego Instead of talking about the state violence we talk about the survivor. Who does this benefit? @BlackwellJ_ @drcwatego If you zoom out a little can you see how solely placing the onus on blackfullas to heal is… @BlackwellJ_ @drcwatego I think you need to zoom out brah. @female_wizard I’m a mediocre fuck upAlso, have some fucken respect. She was just made Professor, has been working in this field since you were a kid. I… good example of this was the last NAIDOC theme. Heal country - yeah sure by all means but how is healing meant to… inability to engage with what she is saying is your limitation not hers.Obviously yes individual healing is important duh! But if the rhetoric is all healing no attribution of responsibil… out.Brother, if you’re going to tweet about @drcwatego just engage with her one time. Her analysis is pretty bang on -… of death-in-custody victim Tanya Day honoured for law reform activism
Retweeted by nayuka @zaxm3d Can you send me some lmao @JM_Field5 It’s like whites can’t care about something unless they can fuck it @JM_Field5 See also eco-sexualities.I see older people who don’t ever grow that muscle and they end up just pushing everyone away. They end up real lon… a kid/teenager/young adult it was something I was really shit at but have really tried in the last couple of yea… to take accountability is aside to being in good relation, is a gift to oneself.sis no @TheLemonKurd 😎 @albericie Sis, still noI’ve never taken myself 2 seriously & it’s important that we all find joy & have a laugh during these times, so I t…
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