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@AncestressEra @BarbsMac2144 OmfgThis is just ridiculous and not at all how gender works
Too deadly @MerikiKO Ummmm @Brocklesnitch Coke it is then @angelgabe6 Very happy for him tho! @Roj_Ame I’m sorry for asking if you were in hospital
@YvesRees How exciting!Gomeroi, Gamilaraay, Gamileroi, Kamilaroi mob have got to be some of the staunchest in this country. Santos should be scared.New from me: story on @SeedMob as they launch Australia's first Indigenous-led environment organisation. 'Fire in…
Retweeted by blak milf writerThis is so good @SSmallacombe That’s amazing!Three women have been killed in Australia in the last three days. This is the country we live in. And it’ll stay…
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@laurajeanmckay Hell yeah! @drcbond I wrote this 😊 @maevemarsden Yayyyyy @MerikiKO @3CR This is such a good photo of you two @haveachattabs @amymcquire has done a lot of work with @CurtainPodcastConversely not all colonisers are whiteIt is not synonymous with simply hating white people (also remembering globally there are people like the Sami who… everything and anything can or should be decolonised eg why tf would we want decolonise police or mining?Some of you mob throw around decolonisation too much
Hey friends, my working memory is absolutely broken. Do you have any tips have helped you?A golf club collected my forehead in year one. decision. 👏 Marketing masquerading as #financialliteracy has no place in the schooling system.
Retweeted by blak milf writer @BundjalungBud @ScottTrindall Fuck yaCongratulations to @LarissaBehrendt for winning the @AACTA ‘Award for Best Direction in Nonfiction Television’ - Ma…
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So many queers I know are trying to get pregnant next year, I’m so excited. Being a queer black parent is just the best thing in the world.I am in an Uber and my driver is telling me that he has to clean/sanitise his car after every ride and Uber doesn’t…
Retweeted by blak milf writer @notviv_hc That was the first bookstore I went to this year post covid isolation and I literally cried because I’d missed bookstores so much @TheLemonKurd HeheWhat’s your favourite local bookstore? @TheLemonKurd Too close to callKon is the Twiggy Forrest of the asylum seeker/refugee industrial complex @MerikiKO @drcbond @Baqir_Kh OmfgI love our people
This title is terrible but these people are amazing! @PeterPolites @SydWritersFest Haha fuck @Jubes11 ObviouslyWe are beyond thrilled to announce: WE DO THIS ’TIL WE FREE US: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice b…
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damn that’s crazy. btw what was he doing in somalia
Retweeted by blak milf writer @james_eoghan Hate thatSometimes the settlers go alright @perkinsmiki Ok I’m talking specifically at my dirty kitchen @perkinsmiki It’s like looking at a messy kitchen and wondering where the fuck to begin isnt it?There are just so many bad takes, bad policy and people taking the piss.Does anyone else just get completely overwhelmed by the world?Huge deal! @SSmallacombe Omg! @TheLemonKurd Oh I didn’t realise they’d got it! @BundjalungBud Just got a message! No need @TheLemonKurd I love TameHave not heard as much from IBA the whole time I’ve been on their wait list until the last few weeks asking for my “valuable feedback” lol @DrMLongbottom @drcbond @wildblackwomen @AngelinaRHurley Some really genius comedy! Love to see people punching down! @DrMLongbottom @drcbond @wildblackwomen @AngelinaRHurley @drcbond @wildblackwomen @AngelinaRHurley Why is it always the ones whose crusty stained sheets that haven’t been w… @ScottTrindall :(
This is so exciting!! @dmejiacanales How excitingAt the heart of this is that political commentary and journalism, and satire require “objectivity” and black and br… @TheLemonKurd How dull @oz_f Stings the retinas“An unkind summary, then .... Venture capitalists have subsidized the creation of platforms for low-paying work tha… @PeterPolites @NRL The failure of multiculturalism!!!!*Sharing with respect* In these #16daysofactivism2020 let’s not forget there are still #MMIW in Australia. Justice…
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New article on the violence of carceral churn in the bail and remand court, with @CarltonBree @DrDanielleTyson
Retweeted by blak milf writerWild Black Women is an absolute gift 🖤 lots of ads from BHP saying they need 4 tonnes of copper for wind turbines. What they don't say is that It's…
Retweeted by blak milf writer @lucaspreston191 @maevemarsden Agree to disagree bruz. There is a debt owed to my people. @lucaspreston191 @maevemarsden Um, Palawa Kani is a thing?This is a good example of what I imagine a lot of white people think about treatises. People like the idea of one u… @lucaspreston191 Why should anyone do treaty with you? You’re not even prepared to budge on some basic shit lol @lucaspreston191 And in my treaty we don’t pay tax @DrMLongbottom Agreed!All of this is to say, I have just done my taxes for the last five years as a writerI genuinely love tax, I love what it can pay for in this country but it’s bizarre to me that I have to pay more tax… shouldn’t have to pay taxAnyone else feel naked without their mask on lol?
@ScottTrindall HahahaI don’t know enough about superannuation but I’m prepared to bet my non-existent house that this would fuck over ou… @MerikiKO @drcbond I’ll get wani on to her @MerikiKO @drcbond Yeah 🙄🙄🧡This time last year I was laying in a hospital bed reading The Yield by Tara June Winch and asking if my excruciati… @drcbond Just running me down 🙄If you're tired of the Murdoch machine and the lack of media diversity, consider subscribing to independent communi…
Retweeted by blak milf writer @Josieamycashman You right aunty?Truly, no one else wants her. Trying to make a name for herself as an extremist commentator and maybe she’d do well… Josephine Cashman is so doopy. Run straight fuck yaFIFTEEN Now: Djab Wurrung injunction hearing no password needed.
Retweeted by blak milf writerSupport mob to protect county #GamilMeansNO
Retweeted by blak milf writerThe forced sexual assaults by the State is exactly what happens to criminalised & imprisoned women every day…
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Hell yeah!!!!“i can’t go home for the holidays” y’all LOVE appropriating queer culture
Retweeted by blak milf writer @ScottTrindall Sister Outsider is really worth a read! That essay is in it.
@OZopa @beneltham Im not really interested in comparing which crimes are “”worse””” @DorothyERoberts Omg thank you! This book and your work is incredible. @RonnieGorrie lol mumHahahaha****