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Sarah Todd @NBASarah Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Jazz @DeseretNews, former 76ers beat at Philadelphia Inquirer, former GSW beat @SFbay. 530. Paradise, CA. Here to change the perception of Slytherins.

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subjective. Single. Year. I know that it isn't going to take me long and that it's not that hard and that I just need to… that I'm back I want to leave. I think I'm going to pretend that this Twitter lockout is in place til… wonder what percentage of NBA twitter was silenced.... It was probably good that it happened since I waited til t… @BensHoops I love the songs lolOh man. I wanted to tweet about my anxiety and then Twitter told me I was suspicious and wouldn't let me talk that… @BensHoops Mickey Rooney has always been insane.Suspicious tweet test
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Retweeted by Sarah Todd‘A big opportunity’: Tony Bradley shows aggressive side during Utah Jazz’s bubble practices @ChrisKingsFan I took her to my mom’s house in CA because I’m headed to Orlando soon. @k8tmac This is a cold cut combo or my name isn’t Sarah Todd.I officially hate my apartment when it doesn’t have a dog in it.Rudy Gobert with high praise for Tony Bradley. Gobert said Tony has been aggressive in practice, has blocked some o…
2020 Conley to wear ‘I Am A Man’ on back of Utah Jazz jersey in NBA’s restart
@BensHoops 😂Rockets guard Russell Westbrook says he has tested positive for coronavirus and is in quarantine.
Retweeted by Sarah Todd @Ben_Dowsett I’m well aware it’s a thing. I heard that for years in Philly and watched practice threes all the time… Bradley in the background getting up threes tho guard Rajon Rondo has suffered a fractured right thumb, will undergo surgery and is expected to miss 6-to-8 weeks.
Retweeted by Sarah ToddJordan Clarkson feeling more bonded with Utah Jazz as NBA season restart nears
@MoDakhil_NBA Good news is nature is cool. Bad news is you have to burn the car now.Jordan Clarkson says he'll wear "Peace" on the back of his jersey
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Utah Jazz practice in Orlando becomes more structured as players acclimate to bubble is usual for a lot of hotel windows, Joe Ingles said his window doesn’t open so he is anticipating his hotel roo… Ingles notes how much fun it’s been to play basketball the last two days and just be on the court with each other and “talk some s***”
S/O @davidlee, who #OTD 7/9/2010 was acquired from the Knicks (which btw sent @kelenna7 to NY). Thanks for being so…
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How does the Utah Jazz front office evaluate the unique and challenging 2019-20 NBA season?
Justin Zanik, who is in Orlando with the Jazz, explained that they will be getting a second COVID-19 test tonight a… Lindsey said that Mike Conley reports he feels the best he has in years.Dennis Lindsey notes that he and the rest of the front office and Utah Jazz org. fully support the players and Quin… Utah Jazz arrived in Orlando last night a little after 7pm. Disney buses were waiting for them, had a police es… Dennis Lindsey, the Utah Jazz have not had any positive COVID-19 tests since mandatory testing started in late JuneWhat awaits the Utah Jazz when they resume their season in Orlando? Analyzing their 8 seeding games…
I guess that's a take. @hansenjames 😂Magic had the shortest trip to make, went on a bus. It has begun. says he doesn't want to get overly confident but he's "slightly more confident" in the restart plan after spe…
Retweeted by Sarah Todd @hansenjames Roadtrip to Orlando: It's a short flight *movie trailer voice* Hijinks and hilarity on the Utah Jazz'… @hansenjames It's a short flight.The Utah Jazz are en route to Orlando. @CrossingViolet I want one @CrossingViolet Wait is that real? @ericbshaw @babydave13 the moon aslways moved that fast? @DJJazzyJody @danclayt0n That place has two refrigerators!! Lucky. @ballermichele Registered today when I got my Utah license @chaserbaker Ugh...breathe in the fog for me😭😭❤️❤️Jazz mailbag: Mike Conley’s absence, positive test theory and who’ll fill in for Bojan Bogdanovic?… @ashergrey @GarnaMejiaKSL Oh... I just realized that I'm talking about myself and the question wasn't for me. Welp. Classic Sarah 😂 @ashergrey @GarnaMejiaKSL Crosstrek. The light blue, which Subaru calls "cool khaki" @garyuscg14DFS But that's not the media....that's just a guy trying to have a conversation about racism with people… @garyuscg14DFS You don't even want to be a part of a conversation about racism?Here's how one Jazz fan is stepping up to have some hard conversations and try to make a difference. Subscribing to… Scott on changing the name of his favorite football team (Washington): "I'm all for it, change the name. Change the owner too."
Retweeted by Sarah Todd @babydave13 I’ve had my eye on the crosstrek since before I got to Utah.Utah Jazz center and Florida native Tony Bradley returns home for the NBA season restart @tjgphoto I thing a lot of thinks
@Mattalytics7 @AlexVReporting It's literally 10 seconds of being uncomfortable, it's fine. @jandmplus6 Chris Bosh, Roy Hibbert, and Detlef Schrempf were all in Parks and Rec. @HunterUtes don't want one @tjgphoto mmmmmkon an Instagram live Donovan Mitchell said that he's a huge fan of The Office and knows whole episodes by heartWE DONT CARE ABOUT RATINGS WE WANT JUSTICE AND EQUALITY!
Retweeted by Sarah Todd @SteveHartmann2 That’s not a cuss word @SteveHartmann2 I know what those words mean @aquimiranomas @UteChap @_MAC_III_ Always do @UteChap @aquimiranomas I would never be driving in the woods like that... @aquimiranomas @UteChap This isn’t my styleCaricatures and slurs are not strength symbols! Good grief. This isn’t hard to understand. He also manages to backh… I into the DMV line today it was huge and went around the corner of the building. When I was leaving, at 1:30,… @AlexVReporting I agree @AlexVReporting Goes to the throat. It’s not that bad @TiffaneeGurney @JasonForTheLove Somebody was giving me directions and told me to drive toward the mountains and th…'t forget we still need to get justice for #BreonnaTalyor, #VanessaGuillen, #ElijahMclain and so many more.
Retweeted by Sarah Todd @HerbScribner When I buy my Subaru you’re gonna eat that “sure” @TiffaneeGurney @JasonForTheLove Fry sauce with every crown burger order obvs. But the grid is only helpful once I… @HerbScribner Oh imma do emI am super officially a Utah resident. Like...legally. I still can’t go anywhere without GPS and I haven’t bought a… @JessTClark Whaaaaaaaaaa. Tell. Me. Everything. @KyleNeubeck It’s Jordan Clarkson time @Ambishop19 No. Crackle, YouTube, etc @ElementsDeStyle Did not. Jule Caylor @StanSLC Unsolved MysteriesMe: I should be sleeping Me: googles “does my dog know I love her?” @pgsportsgeek 😂😂😂 @KyleNeubeck 🤣Confidence I ready for bed tonight, just laughed out loud thinking about the saying, “who pissed in your Cheerios?” Anyone… @RobertRomitti Just as infuriating and worth it as the original. Highly recommend @damrias_jariac Original @carnose45 Yeah @RobertRomitti Original @AlexVReporting I’m watching the original series the old one 😂 I need to be asleep @damrias_jariac Naw. Season 1 episode 1. The original. He makes seriously suspect comments in the original intervie… husband at the end of UM episode 1 moved to Utah TWO WEEKS after his wife went missing and later ran for seat i… @Golfing_tyler He was