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@KevinSimler I wanted to wear a mask but had a really hard time getting ahold of one for awhile! So I think part of… @magdalenakala Maybe middle school is a bit young but you get my point haha @magdalenakala Like, watch "When The Streetlights Go On" — I think it has a good chance of being a hit with middle… @magdalenakala My theory is they will have some hits with younger folks that will emerge over the summer and surprise us. @magdalenakala I think the Quibi aversion has to burn off for awhile for it to reach us. I wouldn't expect Quibi to… @magdalenakala That's literally the worst show. There are others that I think are way better once you get 2-3 in. A… @magdalenakala It's definitely not! But that's a cherry picked example. We're talking about "on average" here thou… @magdalenakala In that scenario, I totally agree! I just think most low-budget stuff you find on YouTube is nowhere… @magdalenakala Also — what have you watched so far? @magdalenakala Totally agree that "quality" is an ambiguous term. A video from my friend is "quality" in a totally… @MarksBrainwaves @magdalenakala I think that's because they had to launch the whole app before they can focus on ma… @magdalenakala I interpret this as a sign that maybe people generally prefer hollywood-style storytelling to UGC. (… @magdalenakala I don't think they need unprecedented creative success to compete successfully against YouTube / Tik… @magdalenakala I think it's reasonably high because $1.75b + Katzenberg, but of course a bet like this is always a… @magdalenakala For what it's worth, we're in complete agreement that Quibi's entire strategy hinges on their abilit… @magdalenakala Haha no worries!! And thanks so much for sharing! @AlexCartaz Thanks :) @bthdonohue @realGracePorter @rjs Very true! I think I had something more like “branding” in mind, but even there you’re right. The best visual… @garrytan @moseskagan If only there were such thing as “the move” 😅 @rjs Interesting how some of these seem much easier to outsource (research, styling) than others (shaping, front en… @BMBernstein @nntaleb @david_perell Also what does it mean to come within 10 ft of squid ink? @BMBernstein @nntaleb @david_perell What is an “IYI Fragilista”? @kevlozano @adam_keesling I think the more likely scenario if they want to get into this market in the next year or… @kevlozano @adam_keesling They totally might! In that case, Quibi would have a few things going for it: - reputati…
@TheEricAnderson @sarthakgh I agree with everything Sar said but think they’ll still succeed! Haha(To be clear they are not 😂)Also, this @SoniaBaschez I’m in @kaz Definitely not completely random or lucky! But nobody new then what we’d be facing this year.Iger's tenure at Disney has wild timing @themartincox @gilbert @rgmerk This + Iger departure timing are indeed insane @brandonlisy Agreed!! @coreyhainesco @adam_keesling (Also, thank you!!) @coreyhainesco @adam_keesling I think the YouTube crowd is going to be one of the harder initial target markets for… on me and @adam_keesling's Quibi take, in a nutshell 😅 think my favorite moment was when @danshipper asked me how it felt to use Quibi for the first time after… New Divinations podcast ~ I talked with @adam_keesling and @danshipper to discuss our Quibi essay. Listen here:… Superorganizers! We explore a tool for dealing with the loneliness, boredom, and sameness of quarantine by lo…
Retweeted by Nathan Baschez @BUSlNESSBARISTA Former debaters know... @khpatel @HipCityReg Also: I BelieveThis is cool... but did they *reticulate* their splines? @benrbn @brianmeek5 @slashtalk Cool! Filling out the typeform was a useful exercise in and of itself! @jamescabrera That is true! I always chuckle when I get my monthly invoice from AWS for, like, $2.74 @jamescabrera Gotcha — yeah it's a complicated mess @jamescabrera (Heroku makes it a lot easier) @jamescabrera What kind of app are you trying to deploy? @hamishmckenzie Oh right yes duh!
@noelsequeira @danshipper @itunpredictable A magician never reveals his tricks ;) (I made it) @danshipper @itunpredictable @JasonHitchcock @jgulden "When The Streetlights Go On" is my favorite of the scripted series but definitely agree t… @JasonHitchcock @jgulden I Believe is so good @stratechery found a small typo in this CC quote (included the original here) @julianweisser @itunpredictable emergent structures are the most legit structures, though! @JayCoDon @kevinyien I've been making good use of the @bbqfranklin one :D @kevinyien @JayCoDon bringing the expert perspective: @SoniaBaschez Ahh maybe that's it! @hamishmckenzie Any chance multiple bylines is in the pipeline? Would be super helpful for Divinations and we've al… @lennysan Haha thanks!Lenny’s newsletter is indispensable. Congrats on going all-in, @lennysan! @freialobo maybe you know?I feel like a read some sort of sci-fi book that references this recently but I can’t remember which one it was? D… @kevinyien I think more are pulling back than ramping up but I don't have data so idk! haha @kevinyien Both of those sound right, but also: cheap CPMs @itunpredictable @sarthakgh (asking for a friend) @itunpredictable @sarthakgh is it ok to have a take? @nkgpta @adam_keesling Netflix is a natural acquirer for sure. It’s a big bet for them to make on a behavior that t…
@jmanooch @awilkinson @Quibi The selections you screenshotted are my attempt to steelman the bear case! If you read… @itunpredictable I just realized I should smoke pork belly! (@SoniaBaschez and I are down in LA with her parents a… @itunpredictable Still looks delicious @itunpredictable Seriously though I look forward to my daily drool viewing your food pics @itunpredictable Clearly someone is jealous of my successThis is very true[New post] @nbashaw and I discuss the 5 most common objections to Quibi and why we think it will overcome them to…
Retweeted by Nathan BaschezThese tweets, from New York's mayor and San Francisco's mayor, were posted on the same day.
Retweeted by Nathan Baschez @patel0phone @adam_keesling They have, in a small way! Loza Koshy was in an episode of Punk'd on Quibi. I bet it's… @packyM @adam_keesling Thank you!! It’s so fun writing with Adam - he is brilliant @awilkinson @Quibi That’s what I thought too! Then when I sat down to write an essay about it, I ended up changing… @hamishmckenzie Huge!! @derekbrown @adam_keesling For sure that’s basically what we were trying to say but it doesn’t fit in a headline 😂 @RichLightShed @ballmatthew curious to hear your take on this @Atif_Rz @adam_keesling Totally agree that’s the biggest hurdle. Curious how you think it will play out?With all due respect, I think @profgalloway is wrong about @Quibi. He says they’re under-funded to take on Netfli… @austin_rief Haha I totally get that *technically* it's already worth multiple billions, our argument is their reve… agree. All of the VCs dissing it (seconds into its debut) have obviously never observed a 10y-16yr old consuming…
Retweeted by Nathan BaschezOk, @adam_keesling and I have a prediction: @kartikhelps Wait till you get to the "rat infestation" one 🤣 @sippey @goldman Definitely agreed that it would have been better as a movie @sippey @goldman But the atmosphere is so delicious @trevoredenton @Quibi Congrats! Really well done! @bnj It’s funny, I watched in vertical half the time and felt like I was gaining more than losing because you can see faces so much betterThat being said, once you find something you like and get sucked in, it feels like the future. "Turnstyle" was moc… product first reaction: would be better with a more TikTok-y interface for browsing. Just show me fullscreen… energy? I wonder how fleets are going in Brazil. I have so many dumb tweets that I don't tweet but might fleet.… @BUSlNESSBARISTA @MorningBrew @BreakingBad @Succession_HBO @WestworldHBO @MacGyverCBS @TheAmericansFX @IMDb Have yo… @BUSlNESSBARISTA @MorningBrew @BreakingBad @Succession_HBO @WestworldHBO @MacGyverCBS @TheAmericansFX Devs 👌Temptation - Nathan Baschez, digital illustration, 2020
@rebajeanie ahh thank you!!