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This Bears defense is proving to be one of the NFL's best. @AdamHoge dives in with his #10BearsThings column
Retweeted by Bears Talk#Bears Week 6 grades: Straight A's for the defense, but the O-line...not so much. Carolina Panthers, who the Bears played on Sunday, reportedly have an "unconfirmed" positive COVID-19 test resu… Bears are 5-1, but The Tweets are undefeated. @KingsleyEllis sorts through all the overreactions after the Week… may be overreaction... but it’s at least positive overreaction for the Bears🚨New Under Center Pod🚨 @thekapman joins @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis after the win: -Kap and Cam yell at JJ f…👀👀👀
How concerned are you about the #Bears o-line? Place. 🐻⬇️
Retweeted by Bears TalkWhile finding a trade partner for an OLineman might be tough, there are other ways the Bears can help their guys up… #Bears are 5-1, but aren't fooling themselves: There's a lot to fix. Foles was AMPED after the Bears' win on Sunday afternoon. @KingsleyEllis explains why the Bears should be thri… is fired up, and that's got David Kaplan and Co. fired up! Bears secondary is taking "bend don't break" to a whole new level Bears found a way to win and Lance Briggs is happy. Stream Football Aftershow with Briggs, Alex Brown and Olin… 23, Panthers 16: 3 takeaways from @JJStankevitz Santos⬆️ Jaylon Johnson⬇️ Khalil Mack ⬆️ Here's where the arrows are pointing after another Bears win: just run the ball idkgritting teeth emojido you ever wonder what it's like to not be in one score games for perpetuityarob is good for one of those 15-20 yard crossing receptions every game and continues to be That Dudetraditionalists won't want to hear it but the analytics say that 12 man defenses are historically better pagano for trying the 12-man defense a bunch today but unfortunately it is actually not allowed :(you see: not scoring in the 3rd quarter, a sign of bad offense we see: not scoring in the 3rd quarter, daring to zig when the NFL zagsdo you think the bears' defensive meetings include vent sessionsneat!Football Aftershow crew share why they think the #Bears aren't running the ball, watch here on the 3rd Quarter Side… it again!!!!!! halftime watch the 3rd quarter with the Football Aftershow crew @LanceBriggs @alexbrown96 @olin_kreutz and… Discourse is comingsimply pretending that throw from foles does not existwhat is the point of the head-shoulders-knees-and-toes song if we're not actively using itnot breaking is a good goal but has anyone considered not bending eitherWe're at the point where I'm surprised if David Montgomery is actually tackled any time he's 1-on-1 with a defender.
Retweeted by Bears Talkpeople forget that jon gruden traded khalil mackthis would be a good quarter for a flea flicker. just saying💪💪💪 there a phrase to describe the way a defense gives up a lot of yards but doesn't allow touchdowns? thx!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!! cole !!! !!!WHAT is going onthat was good imolet's tweet about the bearsGet read for the #BearsvPanthers game now on the #Warmup 🐻⬇️
Retweeted by Bears Talk#Bears-Panthers kicks off in about 20 minutes. Updated betting lines + @JJStankevitz's three keys and prediction: minute sit/start fantasy advice to help you set your lineup before kickoff: career day from David Montgomery?! The start of a kicker controversy? @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis have the… out @JJStankevitz's three keys and prediction for today's #Bears-Panthers game right here: the #Bears go 5-1 for the first time since 2012? 😱 Tune in or stream the Football Aftershow after the… up ☀️ Warm Up 🐻⬇️ watch at 11:45 before the #BearsvsPanthers game with @thekapman @LanceBriggs @alexbrown96 see…
Like if you love Sundays 🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ and don't miss the Football Aftershow on @nbcschicago tomorrow after the… vs Panthers: Betting lines, @JJStankevitz's 3 keys + prediction David Montgomery should be locked in your lineup for Week 6, and other Start, Sit advice for your fantasy team
The #Bears match up well against the Panthers. They *should* win Sunday. But they'll have to overcome an ominous… the Bears prove Madden wrong again?🚨 New Under Center Podcast 🚨 @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis are joined by @JacCollinsworth to help break down th…
Coachspeak to your friends how the #Bears beat #TomBrady and the #Bucs with the @CoachWannstedt Show on the… Bears are underdogs against the Panthers and @AdamHoge doesn't think they should be:'t miss our hype men on the Football Aftershow Sunday after the #BearsvsPanthers game! @olin_kreutz @LanceBriggs knew the QB could sing too? Bears are still expecting Eddy Piñeiro to return at some point this season: Mike Davis revenge game might actually be a thing this weekend when the #Bears play the Panthers: say Le'Veon Bell could sign as early as today you're telling me there's a chance
Bears OL coach Juan Castillo to quarantine through at least Sunday, will miss Panthers game: Bears win wasn't enough for Nick Foles to move up our NFL QB power rankings🚨New Under Center🚨 @olin_kreutz joins @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis for a deep dive into the Bears' O-line issu… Bears shouldn't have traded for Le'Veon Bell. But things have changed now that he's a free agent, and…'s the deal with Cole Kmet? @JJStankevitz looks at why the #Bears highest 2020 draft pick isn't making an impac… on allowing Bears fans in Soldier Field have been ongoing for months the #Bears fairly ranked at No.10? #NFLPowerRankings content you've been waiting for:
Should the #Bears trade for Le'Veon Bell? @JJStankevitz answers that question here: 6 NFL Powers Rankings: Where should the #Bears rank? it or not, a Bears player is one of the players you should consider claiming off waivers for Week 6 away, Bears fans:
Nick Foles, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are now all starting for their respective teams. Let the second-guessing fre…'s where things stand at Halas Hall as the Bears try and deal with their first positive COVID-19 test:🚨New Under Center🚨 It's Mailbag Wednesday, but on a Monday. @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis answer questions on:… like last year, the Bears are searching for their running game and will have a new offensive guard enter the p… "over react much?" power rankings: Jackson and Zach LaVine voice their support for Dak Prescott
Hard to top a care package filled with beef and cake any questions about the 4-1 Bears? Or the NFL in general? Or literally anything else? Anything at all? Tweet…
A member of the Bears practice squad player has tested positive for COVID-19, per multiple reports. #Bears are 4-1 and in a great position to compete for a playoff spot. But who will they be competing against? N…
#Bears grades: Was that just an average game for Nick Foles? Daniels' season is reportedly over: Nagy explained that animated conversation with Nick Foles on the sideline. And @AdamHoge explains why they wer… Nagy did NOT hold back on Friday morning: finally, @AdamHoge looks at Khalil Mack's monster game:, @KingsleyEllis: - Looks at whose arrows are pointing up, and down: - Thinks the Be… any of last night's game? We've got you covered. First, @JJStankevitz: - Has 3 takeaways from the 20-19 wi…🚨Victory ... Friday?🚨 On a new Under Center podcast, @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis recap the Bears' huge 20-19… to the Nick Foles Experience, #Bears fans. It's gonna be weird. It might also be fun, too, writes…'s not just what you do, it's how you do it. Mack was banged up the last time he faced Tom Brady. Safe to say he looked a little different Thursday nigh… @KingsleyEllis: Thursday night's win didn't say it all, but it said enough. The Bears are for real: