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The latest CatholicEdChat! #catholicedchat #csw20
@engelworks @AbGreer @SaintRays Proud aunt @BarbInNebraska @mmdetrick I think this a powerful way that Catholic schools teach Ss of all ages to be mindful of…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoToday was a day for delivering Wardrobes for Work giveaways!! Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to distri…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoGood morning. Ken from SF Bay Area. Love reading your responses. So many ways to develop empathy in our Catholic Sc…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @Lance_Rosen How interesting! As they reflect new career paths arise! #serviceprojects #CatholicEdChat @ncara A4: Student career path choices based on volunteer experiences #catholicedchat
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @EJSham I think that press releases are quite effective- also love the 'ometer option! #CatholicEdChat @EJSham @BarbInNebraska Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to you #CatholicEdChatThanks for joining today and sharing your school service project ideas! Please continue to share during the week to… @stonemamma I agree it is important to continually build and nurture these it seems #catholicedchat4: What outcomes have you seen through your school service projects?  How are these shared with the community?… does your school find partners for service projects? Share your favorite tips with other schools.… for Work delivers clothing and is working towards 25K distributed for the holidays!! @NeumannLeaders seeing the generosity here! This project I'm involved with @NeumannLeaders collects and distributes clothing t… At schools I have been at, we had peer mentors as part of the inclusion program. One example: Ss interested in…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @nceakpmears @BarbInNebraska Thanks - all the best to you.Q2: What opportunities exist for service at your school? Do you integrate with curriculum? If so, how?… @McTeach We get it! It is quite early for you #catholicedchatService projects can fill unmet, critical needs in the community. Service completed lovingly fills hearts as well. #catholicedchatA1 The goal is to help kids learn and appreciate the value of serving others. #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoQ1 What is the goal of service projects at your school? #catholicedchatChat friends - tell us where you are tweeting from today #catholicedchat⬇️ Saturday #EDUChatList #EdChatEU #SatChat #PD4uandme #CatholicEdChat #EduGladiators #NT2T #822chat #LeadUpChat
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoWelcome to chat. Looking forward to learning about service projects for schools! #catholicedchat latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @NCEATALK @PatrickTiernan #catholicedchat #catholictwitterToday's chat topic - Service Projects - Schools Helping Others Through Service 9 am ET #catholicedchat @engelworks @AbGreer @SaintRays What a wonderful story! Thanks so much, Doreen. I must hear you play sometime!How do you balance freedom & responsibility? Trust. Trusting your employees enough to tell them the whole story. Tr…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @engelworks @AbGreer @SaintRays That's awesome! What a wonderful talent to enjoy and share #catholicedchat
Ahead of this weekend's @ArmyNavyGame, immerse yourself in Philadelphia's #ArmyNavy heritage with stops at…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @cupcake_savant Such a nice thing to do! Thanks for sharingLove this! #edtechchat #catholicedchat a fun event to benefit @oakdiocese students! Thanks @KendraScott for your support of our students!…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @STJLoomis @stjamesregional @ArchPhilly @AOPS_Schools Awesome job!The Little Bulldogs @stjamesregional are helping out the Big Bulldogs Toy Drive at St. James Alumni Doghouse. The S…
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The latest CatholicEdChat! #peaceLove to see those working on #ISTECert sharing about their journey. #EduscapeISTE
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoTonight on The Busted Halo Show: An Irish school ditches homework this month and assigns acts of kindness to studen…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoSanta and your #Ringcam #CyberSecurity
The latest CatholicEdChat! the flexibility of blended learning stations! Each pair Ss are reviewing vocabulary in ways that they feel is…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoWhat's real and what's fake news: How kids can learn to spot the difference #edtech #fakenews
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21% of SAP employees #telecommute to work, mitigating congestion on the likes of West Chester Pike and the Blue Rou…
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The latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @Sacerdotus #catholic #trcot
The latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @magistrazee #catholicedchat
7th grade #stem elective @StMichael94550 School @oakdiocese learning to code with Cue @WonderWorkshop. Thanks to ou…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoGod bless your week! #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThanks to @BarbInNebraska for leading today's #CatholicEdChat -We have been meeting now on Twitter on Saturday morn… @magistrazee I follow them on twitter too! #catholicedchat Also, doing daily @nytimes crosswords to keep challenged w/vocabulary and usesAdvent Activities via @SadlierReligion for sharing your stategies/games/activities this morning! Now let's have some vocabulary geeky fun... #catholicedchat
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoA2 Good-morning, I have some experience with @PearDeck using Vocabulary Factory. Students do the building…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoPinterest Board #catholicedchat Why teach vocabulary? #catholicedchat
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico @jdferries This is good to know! #catholicedchatNEW!! Video launched in our Entrepreneurship Video Series via @MikeNeilon @BellevuePRPhl Listen as Mike Neilon shar…
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico⬇️ Saturday #EDUChatList #EdChatEU #SatChat #PD4uandme #CatholicEdChat #EduGladiators #NT2T #822chat #LeadUpChat
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoGood morning #CatholicEdChat friends! Please introduce yourself and give us a weather report.
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThe latest CatholicEdChat! Week in the Life of Popular YouTube Channels | Pew Research Center #socialmedia
The latest CatholicEdChat! is deep down in my DNA. No matter who I meet I have this rock solid belief that every life can get better. No…
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Live Nativity at Neumann University on December 8 @NeumannUniv
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoCheck out our new signage in the main hallway tonight that invites our CCD students to take advantage of the $1,500…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoAccording to Facebook’s website, users can change or delete targeted advertising preferences on their ad preference…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoAttention @mercycte Parents & Guardians: During Parent/Teacher conferences on 12/10, please join us for a presenta…
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@AbGreer @Philly_Marathon Congratulations!!! Next year we should meet up too😊Half of U.S. adults who use YouTube say the site is very important when it comes to figuring out how to do things t…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThe latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @godfactauthor @NCEATALK #catholicbooks #catholicismMy #Jesuit brother and friend Robert Ballecer, SJ @padresj has created a Minecraft server for the Vatican.
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoQ1A3. #FunFact: Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and 134 million daily active users. #MillennialTalk
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The latest CatholicEdChat! an eye out for the #delcobear or multiple 🐻s in our area! #Philly #delco’t forget - you still have until midnight to get $25 off #EduCon tickets! Register today!
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Check out these #socialmedia tips for small businesses - this can help your school or organization too!… are looking forward to our ALL-ALUM Occupations Day this Friday. THANK YOU for helping make this event a succes…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThe latest CatholicEdChat!
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoSneak Peek 1 of 3... 👀 Check out all the ways to vote. The reveal will be at Mass 12/12. Follow us on FB for anothe…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThis iPhone app will make you nostalgic for the iPod click wheel - The Verge #edtech #appleThe latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @godfactauthor #catholicbooks #catholicism
The latest CatholicEdChat!
The latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @sfxprincipal #catholicedchatRemember to #shoplocal @visitmediapa @localhomegifts @DelcoChamber, Disney+, and HBO? #Cord-cutters are willing to pay much more for the right streaming services
90% of Americans say volunteering to help others is important to what it means to be a good citizen, including 52%…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoEvery expression of gratitude informs others how you value people, behaviors, or results. #leadership #LFreakquote #thanksgiving
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoThe latest CatholicEdChat! Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁 #Thanksgiving #catholicedchat of social media users who say they see content on social media that makes them feel… 😁Amused 88% 😠Angry 71% 🤝Con…
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SHARE THIS for #GIVINGTUESDAY with a friend or organization in need. Help the Center for Leadership to meet the goa…
Retweeted by Nancy CaramanicoNominate an #EDTECH champion! Awards & Recognition | CoSN @CoSN @s_beardenThe latest CatholicEdChat! Thanks to @godfactauthor #catholicbooks #catholicism#catholicedchat Loved my visit today to @OurLadyofGrace6 in Bucks County! Follow them on Facebook too!…
The latest CatholicEdChat! you, Kathy #catholicedchat @engelworks Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍁 @engelworks How wonderful, Doreen. My mother too went into remission from lymphoma. What a blessing to have this ex…