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Heyyyyy heyyyyy heyyy heyyyy i am liveeeee haha @NICKMERCS Fr @hoodienergy Ok but the dude that sang the toxicity lowkey hit that shit @shortBlasian WHAT DOES HE MEAN HE DOESNT KNOW WHAT THAY MEANT HUH @TitaniumAwakens Meow @kelsuy meow @nglnicole meow @ha1eymarie meowi just want a gamer bfthis dude is disgusting! @kuyurs Meow @uhlaly Sighs @Froste Its ok @TrickVAL @PlayVALORANT LOL
@TristanGHill Would u hit me lol @albert127946 @hellograndpa Fr @mzxqt @kuyurs I will block u @kuyurs Why the fuck did u spell my@name like thatany gold/plats wanna pway comp wif me and Natawie? :3
Retweeted by natalie @albert127946 i say 1 @albert127946 8/10 @maverikztv I want burrito @yNope_ Ya @kuyurs join my discord @Schovee Give me ur brainif i dont have ur snapchat dm me NOWhello i have gone live hello @Schovee Same lol @albert127946 Fuck u @albert127946 Yes im a lady @albert127946 U gotta pay for everything @xberrt U paying for everything thoWho want to run away with me @50cent LOL @Layymuun @PlayVALORANT Whyhi lol
@oFabz where is the link @chaselyons why @Reasonemm @OnTheFlyTwitch @may_wedda @Javan_Murphy Can i liveWE NEED TO NORMALIZE MEOWING!HEYYYYYYYYYYYY I AM LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY @zainabhijazi97 What the addicted to gta rp
@Sauxy Are u out the garage @UghEsther @VfxSpartan @TVPieces Ily @sabrinabarnola1 wow very funny and relatablehello i am LIVE come and support or else @sabrinabarnola1 Shut up
@liImorg @MrFuryRevenge my queen @oFabz FR @MrFuryRevenge HELLO?HELLO I AM LIVE CLICK THE LINK NOW @FleaYT Can i have one monitor @sapharic Hellocrying
Retweeted by natalie @nglnicole @instinctxo_ Can u leave me alone @instinctxo_ This feels so peaceful to watch @may_wedda Fr @king_8276 Mf idk
@may_wedda Let me join ur team NOW @albert127946 Why dont u love me @albert127946 That was 2 seconds @nglnicole I dont want u either BITCH @Lil1Mayo ??? @xKitzi I dont want u @MiitchMatch Ur my twin @mzxqt Ur underage @TitaniumAwakens Hican i be someones girlfriend for national girlfriend day @TitaniumAwakens LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO @nCaustic_ okay but..
Retweeted by nataliehello i am live hello i am live hello i am live @SwiffyyG 100 @ForceFreddy Yes @7bels Its so fucking annoying bc they u use the money for something u were looking foward to and now ur streased @SwiffyyG WHO THE FUCK DONATES AND THEN REFUNDS IF U OBVIOUSLY CANT SPEND MONEY LIKE THAT THEN DONTif u obviously cant fucking donate money to a stream dont spend it and then refund shits annoying as hell @cleggonator @Desiigner71 @cleggonator @yoxicsu ever just feel like ur getting no where in life @100TJackiee Mf u weird @xcawnur 400 pplPain @THump W @Paliza What @xKitzi U SUCKPINEAPPLE PIZZA IS SO GOOD
@Paliza $nataliecam1 can i have 200 dollars @Paliza Give me 20 gifted subs rn u wont @Froste ? @THump NOT EVEN LIVE @THump @StableRonaldo mfs rlly said come on bruh @ha1eymarie Can i live @Sauxy garage @Javan_Murphy dying @albert127946 Albert? @yNope_ WHta is that @albert127946 Its my forehead @yNope_ what