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Joined Twitter 12/29/19 @Jeyleeeee I’m going to send u picsit’s been like 8 weeks and ppl say they can see a difference and i literally cannot see one thing that has changedppl that lost a lot of weight what’s the longest time it took for u to finally see resultswho gon send me 10 dollars for coffee . @6foot9h WHAT @Jaydenm177 Yesi’m getting blood drawn out tm i’m scared:)))
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2021 @yRyoki sfjkfnoadhcosdjc @simpin_fr 😒 @Desoozah Muay thai @starlovesuu My body hurts i’m ngl @i10ky Watthis is all from muay thai LMFAOand here able to order food online is the worst thing that has ever been introduced in my lifeWhy is it raining so much @Jaydenm177 Ima have a FAT ASS 😩🧑🏼‍🎤 @Jaydenm177 I literally worked out this morning for two hours and then i have weight lifting at night i’m sure i ca… @yRyoki It’s going to be such a depressing burritoi’m eating chipotle today i do not care @SteadyCam_ Work out time 😒i need to do yogai’m tiredhe’s so hotI’m mad
Hello anyone want to play valorant @300eIi what if i said No @_thomaszx Shit up!!! @nasifool Bro i’m Fake ash i didn’t follow u or Nope on this acc @300eIi It’s skinny season Eli @ProbicsVal Good I am Nice person @eliyuhhhh How @nopeyx Why didn’t i already follow u LMDOAIf u want a follow back on this account Just ask 😒 @300eIi GREEN BEANS ELII feel like people are scared of meNow i shit😒😒😒Depressing @Boy1drr @ahad @DerekJoon MOAN!!! @DerekJoon @Boy1drr Thank god i didn’t waste my money @Boy1drr Who is that fr a weirdo @xKitzi Leave . @simpin_fr i literally just be laying here and my heart don’t stop racing for no reason like i want to sleep by i psych myself outdoes anyone else have a problem when they r abt to sleep their heart starts racing for no reason and then u can’t s… @_thomaszx I want a Boyfriend w Broad shoulders😒TrueBecause i Am a pussyWhyNoDo i just tell himHow do i Get someone to fall in love with me if they are 30 years old and hot and tall and Everything i would want in a man @QTFelts @xKitzi HELLO??? @QTFelts @xKitzi THE FUCK @xKitzi I am here goodnightI’m sorryRAAAAABite ur dickWhite men with broad shoulders make me want to Sceeamfood doesn’t taste good anymoreANY GOOD NETFLIX SHOWS @pradabeans @haIeybtw pass . @Saulsrevenge @nCaustic_ Respect me ? @JGVert1600 Get help .
@Boy1drr @nCaustic_ Leave me AloneBOOBS just want to be skinnydoes anyone want to box me 😒Vinnie hacker has to take an L in his life the man is a walking W it is not fair @clydeshw Why the fuck would my neighbors be in my fucking house @clydeshw yes i don’t want to moveok i’m ngl i heard footsteps and i’m home alone and i’m scaredcan’t sleepi want to be in love that is all i want love love love lovehe did not block any of them 😭😭😭 dude ate all those punchesRigged @JaydenMulcare I WANT PNE PERSON ACANCOANCIANXI😒😒😒😒Why doesn’t he Want me . I am funny. Beautiful, Sexy , Fun to be around , And funny .I’m angryi hate eating alone :(my cheat day and chick-fil-a is not open. sick of this .wait where can i see the fight i want to SEE
I drank a venti cold brew and i can no stop shaking and my stomach hurts so bad and i want to cry it feels so grossOk k dramas are so fucking good like the fucking plot EVERYTHIG. IS SO WELL PUT TOGETHER YALL DO NOT UDNERSTAND PLEASE WATCH ONEI Am so SexyI feel so pretty And happyNo way ppl still care abt what ppl in hs think of them it’s been 1 year bro no one caresWhy did god give me a wide ride cage like for WhatI’m going Crazy have never been this sexually frustrated in my life😒😒😒