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Curator of Digital Design at @V_and_A / Half of @hauntedmachines. Advisory Board @computersandlaw. 🦩🥄.

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Love to come across my 2005 Terragen experiments on deviantart and wonder why I didn’t continue doing cool stuff wi… @savasavasava more like dad astra amirite (I’ll close the door on my way out...)
@andevers I remember my mum having a Teasmade in my youth, I think she got it as a wedding present, and it made suc…’m deeply grateful for every single response to this and it makes me very glad I’m not responsible for anything li… @HorsfallTurner If you’re also getting a puppy you know it’s the same rules about bringing your baby in to meet your colleagues right?
@danhett Goddamit this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was looking for. Also, this is ridiculous, and I love it.Hello, I will be giving the talk "Wearing it out: Pride t-shirts in the V&A collection" next Saturday 29th Feb. Com…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @evanpro @blaine @psd @timbray Oh my... @RussellProf @Naomi_Turner @STS_News EXACTLY. I was just asked to write something funny or acerbic about internet p… @npseaver WELL. @debcha Lol, I was going to reference this actually!It's very hard to find any humorous stories about standards, isn't it. @Danielle_J_Thom The All Bisto Gravy stereotype is very sadly confirmed and noted in the Kane family. @ItsAlicePower @Danielle_J_Thom Aahhhhhhh!!!!After being interviewed about inaccessible transport, I tried to get a train home and this is what I encounter:…
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The fact that the Embassy requested Eyal *confirm* these supposed threat connections is the most worrying, and tell… @OneLonelyAuthor Same! @katecrawford What’s more worrying is the confirmation they asked him to provide, of who exactly could be seen as a…“When Weizman went to apply for another visa, an interviewer at the Embassy told him that an “algorithm” had identi…
✨Data Genesis Update✨ @AINowInstitute is now hiring a Critical Designer! If you like using media and design to inve…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @shannonmattern @gsvoss @NSSRNews 👋🏻 @dinosaurrparty Your dog....???LAST CALL: Science Gallery London is now inviting expressions of interest for projects to become part of the AI, ET…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane"In its efforts to find the cruise ship the Irish Coast Guard combined AIS tracking with radar allowing it to “see”… @MateoOxley Nice work, finishing is always such a mixture of relief and bubbling nervousness. Look forward to seein…
@marginalgloss I’m trying not to imagine the Will Ferrel remake after seeing what they did to Force Majeure. @tigershungry I go between Cubitts and Ace and Tate!Callum's models are ridiculously satisfying to look at. See also his 1/12th model of a Chinese takeaway 'Happiness'. Trump admin is trying to change the car-pollution rules, one of the most effective climate protections in US hi…
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Rather than phone unlocking, as this won’t work for everything, this reminds me much more of the ‘faces on Ebola su… @TomNullpointer I’m not sure how much this would work on iPhones that use 3D scanning, but it actually has a much w…
@catvincent @undividual Creeping on this thread and hoping they deliver to where I’m moving very shortly because this looks AMAZING. @anne_goldgar @CAPittard (Or at least at LCC where I teach) @anne_goldgar @CAPittard Design schools do it that way?I made an ultrasonic microphone jammer in 2014 while at @eyebeamnyc. My issue was that it was big and bulky but I g…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @andevers I call that a Tuesday in my house.
@piercegleeson I think maybe it is. Initially I thought it might be Thinking Persons Star Trek because it was all d…, its got to the point in Star Trek Picard where one character will turn to another and seriously say “Ther…“That we will lose, throughout our lives, is inevitable. So I am trying to think more about the losses I am able to… @gsvoss Is it legal to post it it to you and if so, ON IT
Well. @GiantRatSumatra I am too much of a blatherer and embarrassing sock puppet of a woman to come and say hello in pers… @piercegleeson And how is do you think your progress is so far (I have not seen it yet but I am pursued by the takes on the haunted faces). @piercegleeson I feel like you need to be in some kind of The Irishman CGI recovery group Pierce.It’s massively pleasing to hear someone talk about something they are really into and knows loads about (in… to @GiantRatSumatra I now know about mountweazels, fictitious dictionary entries inserted to catch copyright… @thewhitepube Also (I love Joan Didion to death but also this) @thewhitepube “recently I’ve been made aware of Susan Sontag, a camera surrounded by scarve…
@CAPittard I’m guessing they are completely disregarding design as a communication methodology right? Because it do… was really fun. Videos, documentation and more details on @tobias_revell and I’s @hauntedmachines Reciprocal S… @geoffmanaugh @benjaminras @aaronrutkoff Weirdly reminds me of hearing about the diggers and drill heads that are b…
So, THOSE EXIT POLLS HUH. @Leesider90 WHAT IS GOING ON @eliseybell Okay good I don’t regret buying it on a hunch now @DanNouveau @NaomiPaxton @MissDumezweni @V_and_A And @BernardineEvari! In my gaff, what a nice surprise. @eliseybell I have a vague recollection of you reading The Topeka School on the social media, I have some time for… @thisisapollo Soz they are just wrong and maybe just trying to be contrarian for the sake of it, because we all kno…
Join us @V_and_A on 28 Feb for a symposium on the past, present and future of computer vision, machine learning and…
Retweeted by Natalie D KaneMy time here at Condé Nast is coming to end and I'm looking for a new role. I am a Senior Full Stack JavaScripter…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @SophieHaigney Glad to know I’m not the only one who leaves themselves little ‘love notes’ when writing.
Just finished watching the first episode of #SecretsOfTheMuseum, about that place I work at, and it’s bloody lovely… @npseaver See this is why I’m glad I occasionally still check this website. @brianna_ashby It’s probably the brand to be honest, I’ve definitely had that revolting experience before! There’s… @brianna_ashby Oatly! The Barista edition doesn’t separate, oat milk is way more sustainable than any other milk and I find the creamiest. @sharnajackson @Waterstones @_KnightsOf @redbreastedbird @JanklowUK @site_gallery @WebbYates @lynsey_s @KatBoo
Unique opportunity to join the #BlastTheory team in a leading role. Read more about the Business Director position…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @piercegleeson Someone has pointed this out, but I feel the money would have just been better spent commissioning n… @tamars I do feel like an editor should have said “Mary Lennox, you know she was a giant racist brat right?”I should add, how dangerous is it. If you didn’t already have enough startlingly obvious examples already.This thread is a KEY example of how dumb AI is: in this example a book designer used text analysis to try and ‘dive… @MattAndersonNYT *most curatorial jobs. I have no idea where that average figure comes from because that certainly…
Solo show at @BlueprojectF, Barcelona - Unfixed Infrastructures and Rabbit Holes - About speculative networks and t…
Retweeted by Natalie D KaneOne of those very rare occasions when we're hiring, for what could possibly become a longer term role. Come join us…
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@juliaxgulia I go through extremely sporadic twitter use age these days where I won’t tweet for days because of thi… @norette @_johnoshea No, of course, as I was saying to John and Justin, I’m mostly just imagining the chaos that co… @jcalpickard Right, so IMAGINE the coalition negotiations. @_johnoshea Well Mary Lou’s been invited onto the leaders debate tomorrow so I guess we’ll be finding a stream. @_johnoshea Can you imagine, John.That Irish Times poll, well.Very excited to be working with @SciGalleryLon and @KingsCollegeLon researchers on an upcoming season exploring the…
Retweeted by Natalie D Kane @piercegleeson I still don’t even know, honestly. @super__someone It’s one named for Peggy Guggenheim (defo not naming it in case they come for me...). @crystalyze_x No, it’s one with an altogether less witchy vibe, I don’t know that one! I’m talking about one named… @timmaughan HI HELLO HI PLEASE DONT LET IT BE WHEN I MIGHT BE IN THE USDesigning an ecological Alexa exploring this tension and changing the language we use with…
Retweeted by Natalie D KaneThis is your reminder instead that THE THING is free and cool and run by nice people and you could join that instea… time I was reminded because of the sheer disappointment that a writer I quite like has become associated with… when I forget about that "women in the arts" networking pyramid scheme with a £100 joining fee, someone remind…
@therourke The end of episode 2 was so absurdly abrupt.99 smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps. Through this activity,…
Retweeted by Natalie D KaneThe Lighthouse (2019) (dir. Robert Eggers)
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If you’re in Barcelona, please go and check out @m_msanta’s wonderful Unfixed Infrastructures and Rabbit Holes at… @debcha ✨❤️friend, right back at you.
@osubiros @mslima @mozilla @curiousoctopus @manovich @infobeautyaward @Wikimedia @OKFN @ODIHQ @katycns Just quickly…
@therourke @nathan_lica It almost definitely has something to do with the fact that when you rent a flat in Berlin…
@CAPittard I’m actually amazed it still exists, who on earth buys anything from it.
@bethanyrutter 💫 @bethanyrutter (also this means I get to see you!) @bethanyrutter I believe this means you are.I really loved Attrib A LOT, so I'm delighted to learn Eley Williams has a new novel coming out AND she'll be readi…