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Neal. he/him NSFW. not okay. COMMS CLOSED minors dni. Vent: @ndavents | |

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@anthony_7string @JairDeLaRosaNa1 @Nexyyy7 @scottderrickson Lol, MS never dictated what was and wasn't art though. @Das_Kludi I was tagged by @MaleVolentNSFW I am PaddleTone, pin-up and animating hobbyist! Please enjoy some of my…
Retweeted by nda🔞Update, I have an idea. That is all., I think James is a cool guy, but he gets really lame when he’s in corporate-mode. @MrMarkSinclair Half of Marty’s favorite films are genre works, there’s just a homogeneous quality about superhero… one in the hood G. @Sin_Salt On it @Saibashinreiart I think you’re misrepresenting what Scorsese has said though. I think his statements ultimately re… @nick__dauphin Blessing up next to butt cracks at a MTG tournamentShit take James. Very shit take. need more fun Aubrey ideas 🤨 All these great artists out here makin me jealous @scott_malin Goddamn these fits 👀An amazing commission from @ndasfw of Abby and Liz, getting a bit cheeky with a glass door
Retweeted by nda🔞 @matthwatson If you step on one, it sounds like popping a chip bag. @AaronicDraws @_KillerKing__ I could foresee tekken characters showing up, but that’d be really lazy I think. I wan… @AaronicDraws @_KillerKing__ Unless the game itself is a crossover, the last character I’d want to see in a Street… @_KillerKing__ If they do guest crossovers, that’d be so damn lame. It’s only cool for games like smash. @HiroAnn Understandable lol @HiroAnn @akinorus We’re not referring to Oro, we’re referring to this new blonde dude. @_KillerKing__ Oro has been a long time coming and his return is really cool. @Alaska_Gr Juri is the only post SF3 design that competes with their SF3 designs imo.Seriously, what happened with Capcom’s design team? @DoubleMX2 No, someone named Luke I guess?There’s one last new SFV character, and their design looks boring af.Still in the process of writing my graphic novel, but I felt like designing another teaser for it.
Finally, an Elden Ring composition I'm happy with of Helena for the great @IgnitionCrisis! arts! Thanks for the tag @DEADMANNART (go check em out!) Saddam Hussein meme was easily the best meme to drop this year @jlaguff @CZQ74015046 @shaneglines Masterful use of negative space @SheepEva11 These poses and expressions are priceless, wonderful work as always! @WKoikatsu1 Love this! She looks comfy ❤️ @ndasfw Bed time for best girl!
Retweeted by nda🔞 @Charles40829049 No, two artists in the past couple weeks with blatantly racist behavior. Chris Chan is a whole different can of worms. @Charles40829049 Not at all the case here, lord almighty @crisisbeat4 @BoonDrawsNSFW 😳gosh I appreciate that so muchsorry, I just really like how her face came out @patring302002 @WolfAfterHours In the past couple recent cases, it’s pretty damn blatant. We’ve all made edgy jokes… @Scalpoff_ @SUPERlewdburger 🤨Artists being outed as bigots and horrible people seem to becoming more frequent @crisisbeat4 @BoonDrawsNSFW Love this oc so much, you def did her justice!Belle in Laker's
Retweeted by nda🔞Commission of Faye for @gardnerverse!
I don't remember if I ever shared this here? But @ndasfw drew ryuuka and I still love this art so so much
Retweeted by nda🔞tight fit @DinaVeeTweets Still do. @Szuhrab1 @RookieXBT Maybe don’t spend hundreds of thousands on something worthless to begin with? @linnibu @thimg_ Is it sleeping well? If so, tell me how @lavabutts He’s so clearly bothered, lol @Sin_Salt You strike me as 27 @SynNoxa Left before the performer I actually wanted to see even went on because of how aggressive the crowd got and how bad it sounded. @SynNoxa Got elbowed in the back and neck, and the acoustics were garbage.I guess you get what you pay for with a free concert.
@otto_watt Yep! Sounds rightthat smile @makjako I need to talk to this walking pile of poop @otkusmsh Tell me about it
@FtWK_comic @Mypostsaregarb2 No, some even dumber deus ex machina shitOld is the DUMBEST shit I’ve seen and it’s amazing. Avoid at all costs. @jvcobjewell Pickup drivers are the worst @yuumiire That was an instant unfollow for me. @thegameawards Elden Ring by a wide margin
@Rafchu MY FAVE COUPLE ahhhhhhh!Effie & Necro from Street Fighter III ! I need more Effie ლ(*´ェ`*)ლ
Retweeted by nda🔞 @NoiseEnjoyer Just read his shirtSomething seriously needs to be done. Sickening.Chris Chan news. What a great thing to wake up to. @ikesCG It’s perplexing at best, really frustrating at worst. @heracullum Some, but nothing too intense I’d say @demonthigh You’d dig it for sureSeeking the Maker. #dune
Retweeted by nda🔞Green Knight was awesome— go in with no expectations- doesn’t really play out like a horror or fantasy. Gorgeous vi…
taking a break’s Naked Night page 45, done for me once again by @ndasfw #enf
Retweeted by nda🔞 @CarlFoxmarten It takes a special talent to get poo on the seat— how the hell does one even do that?The state people leave public restrooms in is SHOCKING. Learn how to flush and clean after yourself you animals. @matthwatson What son?Excited for Green Knight tomorrow! @DurandalJoyeuse I’m making a pitch bible type thing— a comprehensive book/document covering the story, characters,… @SynNoxa Like 20 min a pieceThe twins from Clock Tower some characters for my Clock Tower remake project @yariyari_nee Dm me dude!
@WHEAT0_ hmm, gonna say bad take @scott_malin Perfect 👌 @FreeGlass She’s adorable ❤️ @KillerKakkorot_ Duel of titans! This is so cute!Khora and Aubrey in a stand-off! Thank you to @ndasfw for the opportunity to draw his OC's Aubrey and Evan!
Retweeted by nda🔞 @aikkuwu Such a cool design!shishi
Retweeted by nda🔞 @Wilkydaddy1 Cool to see you going for a more realistic style! Looking good dude!Head shot practice featuring Aubrey from @ndasfw
Retweeted by nda🔞 @Roaking2 AH, how did I miss this?! Love the realistic take on her, and love the expression!Quick sketch! A little bit of fan art of @ndasfw's amazing OC Aubrey
Retweeted by nda🔞This is now her default look @CereysK Go check my page 😏be the change you want to see in the world @CaesareanK I think it’s a great part of the face to show little imperfections— which I think are cute and add pers…