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Please, please take her in even temporarily. The poor baby is only 10 months old and scared at the Sanjay Gandhi sh…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananMy new Sony Bluetooth earphones. Ultra Bass. Isn't the colour too gorgeous for words ? Blue is Pantone colour of t… Read this!
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananAre you really at your most miserable at 47.2 years old?
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @HonoriaPlum Think of it this way. Life can only get better after the age is past :) @LloydMathias @ndcnn @BCCI @businessline Totally agree. Dhoni's impact and influence on a whole generation deserves…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananNot at all sure that it is the definitive book. When @virsanghvi or @sourishb1963 or @ReshmiDG write, I am sure th… @bagchips Thanks Pradipta. Hope you will read it and share feedback.Oyo is in the news for all the wrong reasons today but there is no denying the disruption it caused in the hotel in…
@NameFieldmt @Neelavanam Yup, put all the grating devices/methods and have a race :) Winner crowned Coconut Czar or Czarina @bhartijainTOI Really? Need to get this. @Neelavanam @NameFieldmt Effort wise and time wise it's the same. In the amount of time taken to cut into pieces,… in our eyes! Seriously need this! Other day dad in law was trying to thread a needle without success. Our help… @NameFieldmt @himsini Yes, i use it very much. Husband feels sorry for me and keeps buying new fangled devices that… @Neelavanam @NameFieldmt It ruins the mixie. I tried this for a while and went back to grating . @NameFieldmt I have tried every modern device and gone back to good old contraption. Good exercise sitting on it ,…
Dear #Bengaluru we need urgent foster for this cat who fractured her leg. Anyone you think might help for a month…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @BalakrishnanR That was a 2014 rumour. Don't know why resurfacing now @LloydMathias @BCCI @ndcnn @businessline I agree. The stature of brand Dhoni is not just limited to cricket and s…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @Gautamxl99 @XLRIJamshedpur Lovely! @adite @aseemchandra Indeed. Starts with the very design of a phone. To cite a simple design problem. My 87 year ol…!
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @aseemchandra Also having a deep sense of empathy with the user. Nadella had talked about this at the Adobe Summit… then you would have missed the bus, sorry the loop. #Hyperloop and heartbreaking
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@thesatbir Congratulations! A lot of body of work for four years! Do spare some bandwidth to talk about it with us too :)From LeaderSpeak column this week: Lessons from broken windows theory. @Kamathcometh
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananMy take on how brand Dhoni will be impacted by the @BCCI leaving him out of the annual players contract in this pie…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @muralwrites @hrnext Ah! Well. Please read @hrnext Context? @rucsb @bharat_rajesh @VishakhaJ18 @D_Brat I go there often. Dislike the Rohit Bal et al designer stuff there . Ove… @bharat_rajesh @VishakhaJ18 Khadi India basic stuff is very good though they need to work on designs . Their designer range is awful though.Chikki is the great great grand dada ji of Snickers.
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @SKisContent Scaling up so fast without a cohesive strategy leads to this @illusionatorr Where do you get?Some material that does not last at all! Fade India clothes and slippers contrary to promise are unsustainable as t… &gentlemen do pray for good health of Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi,a war amputee of1965 war. He is undergoing treatme…
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@chopra_niku I think so, yes @kaushikcbasu Kolkata? @netrakushwaha Tastes like jelly gum too - but herbal flavour :) @anandnama Joshandha is very good! I also take haldi, pepper concoction. @kannandelhi @doc_ted @ChandrusWeb I have that cocktail too :) but the placebo effect of a pill cannot be overrated @doc_ted @ChandrusWeb Arrey for cold, cough & flu like symptoms, one does not want to run to the GP, wait one hour… @gainstALLOdds @JDSingh1969 I have kept it in fridge . @Mahes_vishwa @rangakidambee You are right. Trying breathing exercise for permanent cure. Though this is a formulat… @PvjaEnt Its Rs 23 a lozenge. One a day i guess . @BLRrocKS Rs 23 a lozenge . @ProsaicView @Shubhangini1595 Thunder too! @SandipGhose I loved the taste! Jelly like !All through Delhi winter I struggle with respiratory problems . One day trip to Bangalore made it worse (those poll…"Slowbalization" will define this decade says KM Birla @BalakrishnanR @ndcnn Info for you
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananSome good news! May the rains continue!🎞️Most Anticipated Movies of 2020🎞️ 🎥#FantasyIsland 🎥#ThePhotograph 🎥#TheInvisibleMan More:…
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@Bobin_James @rads Can you send me also pleaseLet me teach you lazy humans how to exercise... #fitness 🐶
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @nikhilnarayanan Congratulations! Links to articles please - though wait, are they in Malayalam? Cannot read sadly.. @sinjain @tinaedwin @ashphadnis @ChandrusWeb Fascinating! There is so much manipulation of this medium. @BalakrishnanR @ambimgp Okay, going off tangent. Just googled latest APICON which was held in Agra and star sightse… @BalakrishnanR @ambimgp @NestleIndia @businessline @harishbijoor @desaisantosh @ascionline Well, a lot of formal &… Is it true that my favourite retailer is in town today? #Amazonconsumer #catstore #catproducts #Kishmish @sidin Heh Heh i know someone who dictates replies to emails on phones @sanjivkataria . As for me i have decided… @ambimgp @NestleIndia @businessline @harishbijoor @desaisantosh @ascionline If the Act bars such sponsorship then N…
@SupriyaUnniNair @IndiGo6E Shocking! Can imagine you are shaken. Take care . @ndcnn Reminds me of this classic Heineken ad.
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @ramkid Superb. And yes, that's me! @theotherveda Lol:) @conquerer47 Doesn't work. Especially not if you have two cats getting under your feet. @rananth True. Senseless amount of woollens need to be taken. Just discovered unnecessary gloves in handbag @shaaneavadh11 Have you taken ticket, boarding card, please call after landing and a million such questions/ requests @sudesna_ghosh Kishmish starts yelling for food the minute he sees anyone stirring so rush to fill his bowl first.The worst part of early morning flights is trying to tip toe around house with minimum lights, making tea, getting…
The medals deserve a medal for #Recycling 👏👏 these #MaraduFlats been located in the national capital, I feel the narrative would have been different
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananFabulous story. I’ll reach out to him to see if I can invest in upgradations for his workshop. In fact he’s inspire…
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NEONS are "computationally created" virtual beings that look like yoga instructors, bankers and news anchors. They…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @pranavmistry Congratulations! Blown away by the NEON concept. Ace marketer Harish Bhat had written that loneliness… this time r underestimating #Budget2020. PM Modi is directly & openly seen on TV screens holding all imp prebu…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan @sudesna_ghosh @Author_Devika I have been there. I write articles in my head during walks. But usually those never get penned down. @raju Excellent piece. However social listening is an altogether new and different skill as the capacity to be misunderstood is higher.
@rushbl Suspect it must be reverse migration. Returning gulf malayalis? Especially as Kerala has a low fertility ra… @RichaMishraBL It will be highly populist for sure @soorpanakha wow. Not heard that song in ages. And unusual. Otherwise think Yesudas in Hindi songs and mostly Chitc… @kannandelhi Oh, not heard that. There was some controversy over re-recording of Harivarasanam I know. Link please. @kannandelhi Grown up hearing Harivarasanam!Happy birthday to the man with the golden voice #Yesudas @sushil My favourite is Nee Madhu Pakaru Malar Choriyoo. has been retweeted by multiple people, this is violation of my friend's privacy, a targeted harassment, amounts…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananHave you ever talked to someone about something and seen an ad immediately after? I asked about testosterone throug…
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@apurva_purohit On the other hand, got to read that the largest tech show CES has gotten more inclusive with The Fe… you see in Bengal. Someone has wrapped a shawl and forced a monkey cap to the stayed of Ramkrishna.
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananAt 94, Harbhajan Kaur Ji has shown that age is just a number for those who live life to the fullest. Her homemade s…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananWas surprised & disappointed to see shops blatantly selling NON IODISED salts in Indian markets. Please know that w…
Retweeted by Chitra Narayanan#BLTransportersMeet - the second edition of @businessline's prestigious transporters meet to kick off in #Mumbai on…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananAny YouTuber here who might be interested in managing a popular channel? #Mumbai #ConsultingJob RTs appreciated.
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananWas the Ukrainian plane unwittingly caught in the Iran US crossfire?
Fab discussion. Even though it looks like there is no possibility of getting back on the straight path after all th… are nearly 70 people locked inside a room in Vishwa Bharati, Santiniketan, for the crime of attending an offi…
Retweeted by Chitra NarayananNow, to nip frauds in the bud, #coconut seedlings get #QRcode @businessline
Retweeted by Chitra Narayananhow to play catch with your dog (hdbrosriley IG)
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