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Spanish/Catalan Cultural Studies at Indiana | Tweeting between Btown and Barcelona.

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Retweeted by Nathan DouglasJust recorded myself eating a piece of broccoli on Zoom. I'm doing well. @JakeGThrasher More gay academic networking, sisplau. Redrafting my chapters is slowly leeching away at my soul. I’m in if we’re mutual 😅
I need everyone to learn Catalan so they can read Eva Baltasar with me. This passage is just too good. fucking Goode #RuPaulsDragRace #RPDR
Retweeted by Nathan Douglas @AlexHamilton_88 @brianbrownbear Alex do NOT feed the tr0llz
Hope all other b*ttoms who attended the Lana Del Rey concert at the Olympia in Paris on April 27, 2013 are WELLIt has been 69 Fahrenheit in Bloomington for maybe 20 minutes and I’ve already found myself parked in the parking l… videos of myself for my class @Hocclevefanboy What school did they go to where they didn’t have to work a second/third job? Can I go??Just me and Maddow against the world present: a living wage, guaranteed writing fellowships, fee waivers, summer employment, or equity for graduate… @sdickinson_ @AlexHamilton_88 says
Tried to participate in neoliberal capitalism by ordering from @ChipotleTweets on #NationalBurritoDay (which is app… @AlexHamilton_88 That is when I’m not too busy as @AlexHamilton_88 I’m Zoom class today @AlexHamilton_88 Would never sweaty and I don’t even know what those words mean #🦅
The immediate calming effect these four words gave me
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasWelcome to my shower playlist it’s just If I Could Turn Back Time ten times in a rowProtect @IamSandraOh at all costs emails from Gilead. mean, per D&G you can’t actually just walk up and use desiring-production anyway... ... but also brrrrrrrrrr 1st vs. March 31st
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Absolute dumpster fire: The title. The color. Bats stylized as “native” masks. The feigned transparency of “we just…, as it is me, I have given the piece a very dramatic yet opaque title page proofs in from my first publication, a book review to be published in the summer issue of Cultural Polit…
can’t wait to give myself a haircut soon
Retweeted by Nathan Douglas @SpenserMestel @KrisKelkar @QuaranTeamDiary Best part of my day ❤️As universities shut down due to Covid-19, some are adjusting expectations for graduate students.
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Ok who does this to someone my, it seems like I’ll be going to humanities Disney World (the MLA) next January, conveniently located in Toronto 🥶🥶🥶Advising instructors *NOT* to tell students about their right to request a Satisfactory/Fail grade instead of an A/… @AlexHamilton_88 My 1986 TV guide says otherwise,,h @AlexHamilton_88 Okay, I will wait for your call at 7pm (right after Wheel of Fortune ha Ha). But please do not tal… @AlexHamilton_88 I don’t know how to “zoom” sweaty but I will sit by the kitchen Rotary phone and wait for you to c…
we teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. we say to girls, you can have ambition, but not to…
Retweeted by Nathan Douglas“This” hits too “close” to “home” greatest hits: "You Didn't Actually Read Bodies That Matter" "You Didn't Actually Read Bodies That Matter (Exten… also know I complained about neoliberal sentimentality earlier today, but I just found such a kind note from one… we're at it, let's stop fetishizing length in publication. Remember when daddy Gilles gooped the entire worl…
Good morning, stream Dua Lipa
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasBut seriously if you’re going to steal an argument, don’t steal an immediately recognizable one from what can only… reading a book by a respected scholar and catching them stealing arguments from a neighboring field with no ci…
Retweeted by Nathan Douglasbreitbart dot com has embedded my tweet in an article, allowing me to insert any phrase i want onto their putrid we…
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasIf I get *one* more off-the-cuff message from someone making six figures about the threat to neoliberal sentimental… @Hocclevefanboy You are my muse (but don’t tell my students because they still have two close reading assignments due)
and if a reference *IS* being made, it is v aproposAside from the materialization of this title which makes absolutely no references and has definitely never been use… Spears as different editions of The Communist Manifesto: A Thread.
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasDid someone say "workers' revolution?"
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@sdickinson_ @...Survey for #AcademicTwitter (esp. those at diss. stage): What texts are you crying/touching your face/hand sanitiz… yes, Barbra Streisand's character is, in this very scene, protesting the rise of Spanish dictator Francisco Fra… thirst over the Spanish army makes me wanna post a sick pharmacopornographic analysis of why we're cool with th…
People just now realizing that the gig economy is... a scam?, just 3 is sufficient. Can’t say I know anyone who has done 1 or 2.🕶
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I have a PhD, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what you're supposed to do on this kindergarten worksheet.
Retweeted by Nathan Douglas @AlexHamilton_88 It’s tainted and I want it out of my house 🏡 sweaty“America’s Next Drag Superstar needs to think globally and act locally” Is R*Paul talking about Walter Mignolo??? I care about during quarantine is the Wife Swap reboot (?)
From the introduction to Lauren Berlant's _Cruel Optimism_ (@DukePress, 2011, p. 7): to be dramatic but this picture of Robyn in V Magazine cured my depression
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasRIP to me and all the other gays (At least this means another year of listening to Zero Gravity)
Talking to someone on Gr*ndr and he says "yeah, that good life"; suddenly, I'm thrown into a Berlantian Cruel Optim…
And yes I did say create a creative video because I believe in *emphasis**really hoping* this chaos means that we will unfortunately not be able to dedicate class time to discussing Lorca's play _Bloo… Tuesday, our classes were canceled through April 6. Thirty minutes ago, they were canceled through the remain… @sdickinson_ me likey
Gives a welcome shift to my diss, which looks at the evolving discourses of Catalan independence and narrative thro… @mariabohigassal #ClubEditor are making me sing with Eva Balthasar’s new novel _Boulder_ this week. Unfortunately n… my presentation via Zoom at next year’s MLA on why this song is a #SlowDeathAnthem and also the best album cl… @pmckelveyphd Fight the Canon-Industrial Complex @The_Slavsquatch Thanks for long-forming this scrap of a thought for me! @jdgtranen Makes for a great (yet still problematically named) Cuban dish called moros y cristianos. You can survive anything with that.queer self quarantine = cruising dystopia
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasNacionalisme banal + periodisme d'estat.
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasAmazing thread weaving together so many things I’ve been thinking the past few days through @jkpuar The Right to Ma…
Absolutely cannot wait to devour Eva Baltasar's new novel _Boulder_ once I finish Alicia Kopf's _Germà de gel_. Sa… @AlexHamilton_88 You know it... and the GOOD coffeeAnyway, like any good Cuban, I’ve hoarded just the essentials: rice, beans, chicken parts, and the GOOD coffee (non…’s not lost on me that the only place I can currently buy toilet paper (not hoarding; I was down to three rolls!)… @AlexHamilton_88 We are DIRTYAnyone writing a dissertation was social distancing before it was cool/mandatory #AcademicChatter
This punctuation-forward interjection$1.5 trillion is the ENTIRE student debt crisis, and y’all always want to trash millennials about voting for progre…
Retweeted by Nathan DouglasI could listen to him say "subSTAHnce" for hoursDONATE TO AMY MCGRATH listening to this until I know all of French: @sdickinson_ me likey @AlexHamilton_88 Sanitize, wash your hands, don't touch your face. Assuming you have no immuno-compromises, build…
Although I’m still a bébé scholar, so hopefully publishing is in the not-too-distant future. On that note, everyo… only hope to one day work with a publisher like @DukePress that does the right thing and makes knowledge open… week is actually the long 18th century
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