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Neither leave nor remain. classical liberal. Laissez-faire capitalism, libertarian currently supporting the Tories to keep the UK free from evils of Socialism.

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@sbd1704 I want him on tv now, to laugh at @_AdrianLane @mrjamesob We won get over it 😂 @smiteone1988 @4mygr4ndkids @mrjamesob @GavinQuinney Today it feels great to be a thicko from the provinces @mrjamesob Oh deary me. Us stupid thick people in the provinces just got tired of the sneering know all’s I guess.…’s called ‘democracy’.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynPaddy mauled it with that - god knows what he would have thought of Swinsons strategy - she defied the people and p…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @addicted2newz @Shaz_Barnett Alan Johnson sums up the problem of UK politics in 75 seconds. Kick momentum out of la…! Go Alan Johnson! 😂👏👏👏 "Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep! Everyone knew that he couldn't lead the working…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @katesbush @TomBlenkinsop It was the highlight of my night. Stake through the heart of the vile socialist wing. Laughed tears of joyPidcock. Lost a safe council seat and a safe parliamentary seat in two years. Must be a record. Aaaaaand sums up Corbynism quite succinctly.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @EssexPR @Conservatives People in small business have lived in fear since June 9th 2017. The nightmare is over. “No…’ve had subtle tweets threatening my businesses tonight,along the lines of people will stay away from my pubs, bec…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynNooooooooo Jeremy Corbyn.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynFascinating speech from a liberated Johnson: "Those people want change. We must not let them down"
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn"I and we will never take your support for granted" Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @Kevin_Maguire Go and find another IRA supporting anti Semite to champion, you knew better, Shame on you for getting behind these socialists @BBCPolitics Best part of the night. The arrogant oxygen thief corbyista relegated to ex-MP, bye bye… don’t normally drink red wine at 5.30am but all media gigs over and I’m very happy
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @toadmeister Safe from socialism. Thank you for your efforts TobySo long as the hard Left remains in charge of the Labour Party, it will lose. But the hard Left will always come up…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @thomasbrake how are you and Swinson doing. Proud of your silly parliamentary games? Fuckety bye brake 😂 @Conservatives @JamesCleverly Fuckety bye WilliamsonJohn Mann, a straight talking decent bloke!
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @thatginamiller thank you for the massive Tory victory. Your arrogance and silly games helped galvanise the anti so… @kz_silver @benjaminullmann @Shroppietory @GNev2 @Carra23 @stormzy @LittleMix @StanCollymore @lilyallen you @GNev2 Fuck you @Carra23 Fuck you @stormzy Fuck you @LittleMix Fuck you @StanCollymore Fuck you @lilyallen
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynAnna Soubry has lost her seat #GE2019 #GeneralElection #UKElection
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @AvonandsomerRob @Sugar86578012 Epic grade A imbecileGreat news, fuckety bye @LauraPidcockMP edge up their majority prediction to 74 seats. Still looks a bit low.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynSpare a thought for many of the journalists at Sky News, ITV, BBC and Channel 4 who are having to tell us about a s…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynDent-Coad GONE in Kensington.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynWe’re going to hear the Corbynistas blame it on Brexit and the Labour Uber Remainers blaming Corbyn. Both are to bl…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @BBCPolitics What a prickDent Coad out!!
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @faizashaheen I supported Iain Duncan smith helping remind you your take over of the party has been rejected by thi… ta, Sarah you traitorous bag!🥳
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynFcuk off you Marxist anti Semitic anti British
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynFun at the McDonnell count as crowd shout 'Terrorist' and 'Liar'!😂
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @AyoCaesar Pidcock gone. This is fantastic night. Hard left routed. This wonderful country hates socialism. Now do one @jth100000 @AyoCaesar Hell will freeze over before these talk to themselves spit flecked socialists admit no one wa… @SmartBusSol @LauraPidcockMP I just want to watch the hard left blame everyone but their east Germany policies @SmartBusSol @LauraPidcockMP @SmartBusSol @LauraPidcockMP It’s just been declared moments before Swinson “prime minister” lost @JGForsyth So funny. No one will miss @LauraPidcockMP @EmzTym It’s a joy, and @LauraPidcockMP where’s @OwenJones84 to 😂 at @LauraPidcockMP Fuckety bye bye 😂 @LauraPidcockMP see ya, Tory Gain, hope you on TV soon. 😂 😂 😂 😂 @SmartBusSol Ding dong the witch is gone, fuckety bye @LauraPidcockMP @HannahAlOthman Not socialism then @_Josh_2230 McDonalds need toilet cleaners @SmartBusSol I can’t be arsed to google Anglesey spelling 😂 @SmartBusSol Yeah that’s the stupid name for Angelsey that little island on north west walesBollocks. You've been spreading lies for 3 years. They didn't work. You got the spanking you deserved.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @AyoCaesar Ah diddums. Tories fucked the socialists like champions. “Literally idiots” 😂 @SmartBusSol Angelsey or however it’s spelt. Just think sodor and Thomas the tank engineObviously got to wait to analyse all the results. But if things continue like this it’s starting to look like retur…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynIt's funny cos in some seats LibDems have helped us by taking votes from Labour. Thank you Swinson
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynHUGE! The Tories have taken Redcar in the NE. Probably as poor and working class as they come. Anna Turley who said…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @MPIainDS well done Iain @faizashaheen Important update. There’s a job going in McDonald’s for a toilet cleaner. Wonderful to see Iain Duncan Smith hold @MarkMyWords2019 Laura PidcockWho are you looking forward to see get royally stuffed later? Here's my list: 1. Anna Soubry 2. Dominic Grieve 3.…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynIn 1983, when Margaret Thatcher won her greatest victory, she polled 42.4% of the vote. Looks like Boris’s Tories have won 46% of the vote.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @HackneyAbbott It’s a great night Tory majority of 900 @thecarolemalone No, I’m pissing tears of joy. Socialism defeated, momenscum defeatedWe are the champions @ghost_wales 😂🤣😂
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @karindcarver What joy @lewis_goodall Fuckety bye PidcockGot Peterborough, my vote counted @SJJB55 Night night. Thank you for your tweets the last six weeksAfter 97 years as a Labour constituency, Workington is taken by the Conservatives. The exit polls look spot on. Gam…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynShame on Corbyn but also his vile cheerleaders who have peddled an indulgent ideological fantasy. & it wasn’t just…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynNot one of them is fit to be the next labour leader. Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey favourites to be next le…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @SmartBusSol Pidcock gonna go then @nannyloulou @OwenJones84 Absolutely, well said. Momentum filth took social democracy off the table. Take your east… @OwenJones84 Fuckety bye 👋 👋 👋 you off to Caracas tomorrow with Mcdonell Corbyn and Sarkar @AyoCaesar @Gabriel_Pogrund @novaramedia It was great wasn’t it. Boris f**ked momentum like a champion 😂 @sbd1704 @AyoCaesar you need to relish people finally welcoming you on a tv screen 😂 @sbd1704 OMG the two people who polute my TV, finally glad to see them just to 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 “literally laughing like a fucked champion” @absolutegazelle Yawn @AndreaTiggy746 Wind it in @NJamesWorld Well done @NJamesWorld for all your efforts. I wonder if anyone feels fucked like a champion, thoughts @AyoCaesarOh Lefties have started. They are huffing. They saying their farewells to he NHS
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynJust think about this: The Conservatives, will win a massive majoirty. The Conservatives, will be in government,…
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @anneqy @faizashaheen Looking good for IDS hold. Thank god for that. Off you trot, see you n momentum in 36 years t…
Con gain Blyth Valley with 2pc maj. That's a surprise based on our figures and could be a Con maj of more than 100.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynBrexit Party cost ERG Tory Howarth victory in Sunderland, he lost to Labour by 3,000 Brexit Party got 6,000 votes.
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @SmartBusSol She’s forecast out @RuleBrexitannia Seeing the back of her and @faizashaheen will be great#corbynout #pissoffpidcock Exit Poll suggests Laura Pidcock may have lost her seat:
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @SmartBusSol Yeah where are they 😂 @faizashaheen Bye bye momentum. You won’t be missed. Moderates back in charge soon. See you in 36 years time for another drubbing 😂 @AyoCaesar Bye bye momentum. You won’t be missed. Moderates back in charge soon. See you in 36 years time for another drubbing 😂🇬🇧
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbynSeaman is about to come out
Retweeted by Neal Crossley #nevercorbyn @SmartBusSol I do hope Pidcock is gone. Good luck tonight @HackneyAbbott Vote for you is vote for IRA @NikkiStix55 Love his music but Roger Waters