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Infodemic hater. Tired of GOP enabling an authoritarian wannabe. Mostly tired of everything and everyone. normalish.

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@tinyvegetablee1 Good lyrics
I just want to be normal
Ok. Too much
@byjoelanderson I've had a few periods worse, but it is high nowI've been 100% @truth Anything else would be dumb and dangerousPlay it again, Sam
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@sarahjeong Right!!!! Wth @KarlBode Lyme, huh. @PandemicMy @conspirator0 @ZellaQuixote They are clearly the best, and it's not even close. @albamonica Then what? @goldengateblond Take itThe only thing I have to rely on is the truth, and the truth is enough. I'm the expert on me, and everything I have shared is true.
@shad0wbits I do not
@RYP__ This is the kind of thing that's been missing. Of course it has some wrong assumptions, but I'm going to lean into it anyway. @CraigSilverman See, I see right through this @FrankFigliuzzi1 I care more than anything I could describe @Duckfootball192 @ryanjhaas @OPB You should actually read the article. See who is being blamed. @ryanjhaas This is really good. Damning, but good. @nategoldschmidt @areidross Holy shit. People believe that video is real? @HongKongHermit I came across a version with about a tenth of that stuff and didn't get it then. There is no way to parse that image.Thank you to everyone that joined our History of Portland Police Reform event this evening! We hope you learned a l…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @stuartathompson No, man @kay_bail @AaronMesh Maybe, but there is video. We don't need to defend this kind of violence. @AaronMesh @wweek I have a theory. Unity center made him worse. @josh_emerson Very famous that "royals" are monkeying with US elections @CowboyConserva2 @wweek LMAO @CowboyConserva2 @wweek Do you even know where southern oregon is?
what kind of robocop bullshit is this?
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @MollyJongFast That is not really her job @kevinroose Hard to tell if this is a joke tweet 🤷‍♂️ @emmibevensee @questauthority @Popehat Haha @PressSec
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @cameronwilson Hey? @nycsouthpaw My invoice has not been paid yetlove this class of shitty news stories in which desperate American responses to things that should not be happening…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskI mean this sure looks like $500,000 for Hootsuite licenses to ICE
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @TheOnion I'm picking up some Mr potato head vibesUncle Ben’s Unveils New Rorschach Mascot That Lets Consumers See Whatever They Want
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @sparrowmedia They have mastered changing the subject. I forget who said it, but "narrative control".Damn Ken 😭 @FPWellman It probably isn't legal, but playing this while dropping your ballot in the box would feel nice @areidross What is that picture at the bottom?Together, we mourn the more than 200,000 men, women and children who we have lost to this virus. We owe it to their…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskToo often we find false comfort in the low probability when what really matters is that it's an extremely high risk…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @AliVelshi @JoyceWhiteVance If they say too much he could still fire themSaving this so I can find it DONALD TRUMP
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @intelwire Your link didn't work unless I add 'www.' DNS error?Trump's tactic is to keep us spinning and sputtering with rage so we can't remember what happened yesterday or imag…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @matthewamiller He is dodging several of the real issues*) Bonus track: Seat a new SCOTUS before the election, preferably one who just approved poll taxes 6) Figure out wh…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @PokerPolitics The proof is the fact that it isn't visible @tomgara Doing this tweet without a screenshot is probably a crime @jimsciutto I'm readyI’ve studied compromised elections around the world. American democracy is under assault on 2 fronts: 1) Trump say…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @davidashimer GOP is pretending not to hear anything and isn't doing anything to stop him @tedwheeler Ok, this will definitely solve itHmm, maybe normalThat was weird as hell @TheMoheagonMtz NoThis pattern is so predictable that he is almost like a robot. And yet people still haven't caught on yet... @MarkHarrisNYC @ZoeMcLaren Yes @JaneLytv English is really screwed up unless you are born in it. Even then... @tedwheeler Do you have a plan for the weekend? Seems important.
@TwoAndFour1 @ne0liberal I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but so far I'm not expecting them to have a backboneOh my god. Republicans. Say something.
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @chrislhayes Where are the news bulletins saying <Trump Declares Voters Cannot Remove Him>? The banner headlines s…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @AaronMesh @wweek I doubt this "law and order" crowd will obey something as trifling as the lawPart of me is glad seeing that Portland isn't the biggest dumpster fire at the moment. Would be nice not to have d… @Inkling61 @ShimonPro Does not appear so @ndotedotb @oneunderscore__ Same feature for mobile browsers, although I don't see it trending for me😤 scene reminiscent to many @CIA ops officers stationed in troubled failing nations around the world--roving armed…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @rothschildmd They always tell us up front what they are going to do as a trial balloon. Then they keep repeating… there anything that isn't ominous about this?
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @DerekCressman Their track record is stellar 😐When you pump up uncertainty in your model enough, you get weird results. Would anyone take that bet?
Retweeted by Fleece MaskWitness testimony directly implicated former Secretary Rick Perry in a scheme to undermine anti-corruption efforts…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask#BREAKING: A judge just ruled that Eric Trump can no longer delay an interview under oath with my office as part of…
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @TwitterSupport Gotta love kafka @atrupar Isn't this moron a Dr?Photo of RBG's clerks, from @dougmillsnyt
Retweeted by Fleece MaskI wouldn’t call myself a whistleblower (the events I describe happened a long time ago) but the mind war tricks I e…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskWhy can Trump openly plan to steal the election? Because there was no accountability for welcoming Russian help in…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskTurning Texas blue changes EVERYTHING! Please have at least one Vote Buddy. Register/confirm registered to #vote
Retweeted by Fleece Mask"This year, with a judge no longer watching, the Republicans are recruiting 50,000 volunteers in 15 contested state…
Retweeted by Fleece Maskit is me, I am the system that is broken and still working at the same time
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @MOBurns6 @BrittanyVenti PS4 directly on the carpet, it's gonna eat up dust like mad. Needs to be on a piece of ply…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskThis is terrifying. I share it because terrible threats can only be avoided when faced. We need a plan for immedia…
Retweeted by Fleece MaskI think the term for this is coup, and we should absolutely be prepared for them to try it.
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @Atticus59914029 It is hard to even use the word patriotic any more in a serious way, it has been so polluted. @Andrew_Airlie Dear world, Sorry.📣 Interrupting your timeline to make sure you’re #VoteReady. Tap below to get started. 👇
Retweeted by Fleece Mask @Isikoff People don't talk enough about Alex Acosta @nathanallebach Jokes on them, my blood is toxic @HolografikSteve @MollyMcKew Seems like it isn't san Diego @HolografikSteve @MollyMcKew Very true @MollyMcKew San Diego P.D.?Reuters: Advocates of legislation to beef up the US fight against money laundering made a fresh push to get Congres…
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