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random boy who cant draw but does it anyway, i say dumb things and Draw alot of mii gunner. i love you so much already. be yourself :3

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@StormYorha @Sora_Sakurai Playing pokemon go in a bad neighborhood @Dark_Wizzy_ Every 12 year old xbox player: @Uncaged3torm Storm pee @MinaAshidoFan @Dark_Wizzy_ Wizzy I'm scared @hollow_alpha She is friend @RipVanSlyme2 Thanks I just draw with thicc lines @Roberto15407264 Thanks means alot
@Roberto15407264 Thanks I like the sweater to @BoiTorchic Thanks @Snowhuehuehue @AztroDawg Kid knee @Taiyotobii Aww thank you @MinaAshidoFan *talking intensities* @ghosteruuu_art Why thank you so much @iruzzgames Thank you so much ❤❤❤ @ifori39 Thank you so much @craftydemoncat Why thank you so muchhere is another take of a redesign i am not good at it im gonna keep trying to make her great i think its ok at…
Retweeted by Nebby @Dragonogon •//~//• @iruzzgames I might do the blaster thing But not the mario hat @iruzzgames Can you elaborate @BoiTorchic I know but I wanna make it separate from the smash series I do have drawings of those outfits but ther… @MinaAshidoFan You wouldn't @VinMan17 Father I must breed @MinaAshidoFan Same here @BoiTorchic Dude that was her original designwhat do you guys want in a gunn redesign? @AztroDawg Being high be like:Brainware
Retweeted by Nebby @YTMark6O9 @CrypticEri YOU SHALL BE TUCKED @ImJustShizzy Aww thanks shizzy uwu @tim_dude12 62 cents @Shadei11 Run down apartment, low middle class, basic attire I really like the direction you are taking this character☀️ Connie has finally woke up☀️
Retweeted by Nebby @Taiyotobii This is fantastic <3 You are a amazing artist 💖❤❤❤❤💖💖❤❤Bro this is beutiful Look at this art man Why do I get so many amazing fan art @ChikoritaCheez Froakie in pokemon X @iruzzgames the hand is a f**king nerf gun @Taiyotobii day another time thinking of how to make Gunn a better OC @Snowhuehuehue PeePee @Snowhuehuehue He be sit @MinaAshidoFan @LilNeoh @late_matt @ImJustShizzy @romo_nixon Epic @Bladethegamers OH COME ON LEON IS HOTWell....*unzips pants* @660rd This is a real baby platypus @sulphurshibe @Snowhuehuehue I've seen that video so many times I just feel like ok about it I have seen MUCH worse @MinaAshidoFan I understand @Sora_Sakurai Mario got stolen @StormYorha time is now steal yo princess 🔥🐢
Retweeted by Nebby @Snowhuehuehue @Supersauce92 @itsyaboiY_E_S @Scoop479 @ItIsIWeeg @gg123official @NewHMode I WISH I SAW IT @Yolo360Swag_ Garfield and friends is my favorite version of the garfield castI AM NEBBY DESTROYER OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wait what choose sobble and if you dont choose it I am kinda mildly upset with you @NesscastTM F @ifori39 What about grugNebby is 10% boy 10% girl 0% cutie 30% confused about himself 50% grug @Dark_Helmet_0 Have a laugh
❤️Way =/= Lost❤️
Retweeted by Nebby @ifori39 I am very loud @landonaero @ImJustShizzy Yeh @Snowhuehuehue @Coblin_Toota *laugh track* @Snowhuehuehue I love you to @Snowhuehuehue Hot @Colorful_Prism You deserve it uwu Keep on doing the art and making amazing art you good artist @Colorful_Prism You are soooooo good Kelly <3still playing around with paint tool sai and i actually really like the colors on this ngl-
Retweeted by Nebby @mana_chan__ Bongo @ImJustShizzy Oh shoot hello new friend I am nebby you probably dont know me @Sparkle_Valo Fnaf? More like fa-bland @MaglorBestWaifu You can change it @Gazoogaloo A plank of wood @MinaAshidoFan huh neat @MinaAshidoFan I mean This is under crush Are you sure you meant to tag me @ImJustShizzy Heck yeah @NesscastTM You have entered the sex dungeon @MinaAshidoFan Wait what.... @ramenynoodley Hits to close to home man @BezierToon @ImJustShizzy While I have a hard history with splatoon Your splatoon stuff is some of the only media… up! Another quick animation test.
Retweeted by Nebby @Shadei11 @NotAxoZ Very nice indeedI'm bored as heck @Dark_Wizzy_ No @hollow_alpha @NightmarePetrol No @iruzzgames @NightmarePetrol Believe me I already saw @NightmarePetrol I am the god of mii gunner rule 34 @Snowhuehuehue Get the woof woof puppy @Snowhuehuehue Mii gunner is sitting down and someone comes up behind her and rips a hole in her shirt. They then s… @Snowhuehuehue @hattedtraveler dang Alright @Snowhuehuehue She likes the Wii for that reason And also the pew pew blaster does have different modes to wear it… @JustANezuko To succ @Snowhuehuehue She cannot take the pew pew blaster off since it is apart of her body So she is left handed @Snowhuehuehue She is a good girl she won't go pew pew in the school @gg123official Thanks @gg123official Coming exsclusively to youtube red