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Hello everyone, it is me nebby. I am a very shitty artist. please check my pinned for more details

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@GusBus6Volt't played breath of the wild since it first released from what I can remeber So I'm just playing it for fun… @TommoTheCabbit Punchy is still my favorite islander @GusBus6Volt @Cloud__X__ Oh god I remember that @Cloud__X__ @GusBus6Volt What's April 17th ? Or did joker realise then? @fresno_the Yea @OutOfContextEv2 Poop funny nom @DeadMii I wish @Sora_Sakurai final fantasy more like Uhhh First fantasy @Salt5006 I KNOW IVE BEEN TRYING EVER SINCE THE MODE FIRST GOT RELEASEDAfter so long of trying and failing...I did it I FINALLY BEAT A 32 PLAYER 1 ON 1 ONLINE TOURNAMENT AND PIRANHA P… @TheJRSWorld :0 @TAHK0 Punchy said the same thing for me and I feel the same wayFound my old blow up baloonicorn after 1 year of losing it Just inflaied it back up Looks great @BoiTorchic Aww that looks really really good man ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @NebbyChan I went drew your new oc Frost!
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@starllarx Artistic right here @TheRealArtBoi Yes @Robert_RMR He really do be precious @ifori39 No you are precious @Shadei11 Sakura last place :/ @NintendoAmerica F**K YEAH @Shadei11 Go robot SpongeBob @LewdXT @Shadei11 @DecafeBrewer @AztroDawg @Apex84405451 @fouggie Yes. @Shadei11 Man behind the slaughter @Shadei11 @LewdXT @DecafeBrewer @AztroDawg @Apex84405451 @fouggie The long hair Eevee from Pokemon is one of the we… @Shadei11 The one we all loved is gone F for sea bear @Shadei11 I know @Shadei11 I'm voting for sea bear @Shadei11 @Rusticslinky0 I wonder who hurt them? @Shadei11 @fouggie The hentie protagonist hanging with the females Nice. @Shadei11 HOLY SH*T FROST @Shadei11 @DecafeBrewer @Bladethegamers @Rusticslinky0 PART 9 2 @Shadei11 AAAAAAAAAAA IM SCARED @Shadei11 @OfficialXP249 @TheVibingShizzy @EdwardStarlight Marceline from adventure Time has F @OOCWesternR34 @TheChomsk @Shadei11 :bruh @Shadei11 HE IS STILL ALIVE YES @Shadei11 @TheUnfunniest @thatchezguy @Yayokuya I hope frost can make it long @Shadei11 @TheUnfunniest @thatchezguy @Yayokuya This game was rigged @Shadei11 @TheUnfunniest @thatchezguy @Yayokuya Sakura has fallen so early :< @Shadei11 DeniedMade a quick sketch to show there relationship as freinds Of course she would be overly excited about having a fre… @Shadei11 Sakura bout to do some stuff @jacksfilms I GOT ARRESTED FOR GOING OUTSIDE DURING QUARENTE?! (NOT CLICKBAIT) (STORYTIME) #YiayWalk @chocovania Our Lord and savior Peter Griffin @Shadei11 IM GONNA LOSE WOOOOO @Shadei11 Alright @Shadei11 Wait but isn't this a 1,000 follower celebration? @OOCWesternR34 @Radshyguy BOOM! @GamesCageX Snoc likes the pus @OOCMarioShows Colt @Shadei11 When you hit 1000 @NesscastTM @kaifraz4048 Earthbound.on the PlayStation @Darkmewtix1 @OOCWesternR34 Your gonna be disappointed since it isn't related to uncle grandpa it's just a one off… @TheVibingShizzy Our Lord and savior Peter Griffin @Dark_Wizzy_ The homeless kid: @Awbutterstyx @Awbutterstyx @garbogallery Our Lord and savior Peter Griffin @Snowhuehuehue Well keep on playing the game @OOCWesternR34 (this is from a actual comic and yes I do have the sause) @Shadei11 No matter how much I love my new child I always will love my original baby . Full bets on Sakura @ForSpookable @Shadei11 Respectable choice @Shadei11 District 2 bro totally non bias @itsCruiseElroy I just found you but you have such good art bro So yeah I'm gonna enter :DIt's raffle time! You know the drill: retweet this tweet and follow me for a chance to win! Ends April 23rd. The re…
Retweeted by Nebby @Shadei11 Alright I know who I'm voting for @Shadei11 Do we vote on this post @Shadei11 Pretty good idea Can I vote since I am in the competition @p__l__a__n__t @Snowhuehuehue Go to the nook miles machine in town hall @Gunbunbee Female aquired @ComixPb Hello Ed boys But gosh one day Im gonna make a huge long thing to you about how much I love your exspression work @Awbutterstyx He regrets his choice as I am uncle grandpa @Gunbunbee *sees bunbee* My jaw drops to the floor, my eyes extend at a velocity never before seen, I take out a b… @ChucklesMemeInc @stardream61016 @Dark_Wizzy_ @Art_Dumper Hahahahaha that looks really good bro ❤️ @NebbyChan Here it is
Retweeted by Nebby @Lugouia @thatchezguy I don't know you but that sentence is beautifulGoodmorning everyone Gonna hopefully get a drawing done hopefully @Dragonogon Let's find out togetherGoodnight everyone ❤️ @Art_Dumper Just please change the text to say ******* or b*tch (uncensored though) @Dragonogon Yeah but those are usually stuff like E and Q which are very each to reach @Dragonogon W ASD it's simple @GamesCageX @Tf2Cursed And everyone worshiped me in the server Like 3 scouts just followed me and called me there father I a… @Tf2Cursed One of my favorite moments was in a random 2fort server, I just made my comedic set for scout (a mailman… @GusBus6Volt When they get a 0 to death on the funny skeleton man @OOCWesternR34 @Sora_Sakurai :DSo I got a type and that type was steel So here is some steel Pokemon I think are pretty neat @Valo_Bee @SpectralSeraphu Alright @Roy_1up_ IM TRYING TO @Valo_Bee @SpectralSeraphu I wanted fairy or ghost but ok @Valo_Bee @SpectralSeraphu I want ______ @OhGlassesBaby As long as we get mc nuggies @xKabutey @Pandarianssb Well suks for him