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Nebita @nebita Boston, MA

i make music and i don't use my brain that much @openpitpresents (he/they) blm acab

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@sadgirIIoI my nose hurts i just got it pierced :D @dossyxmusic nostrila friend told me that the piercing place should have given me warm saltwater but they didn't, they gave me saline s… it normal for my nose piercing to still hurt almost 15 hours later??? @hoshymosh i haven't finished mother 1 or 3 yet im a fake ass >.< mother 2 is so important to me tho i have gotten… @hoshymosh earthbound is my favorite video game i could talk about it and play it and watch it for literally hours upon hours @hoshymosh earthbound ??? @slightbeats ❤️ @UncleAsia no u @7bels WHAT THE HECK THANK U @UncleAsia AAAAAAAAA?look what i did today @musicbyrift it is only a matter of time @pooldad i dont like this @pooldad i immediately read "something shitted" @uwueviee hold on to it it might increase in valueit was bound to happen at some point
@thecutestclub @sauceprovided @atura been saying this. we need to turn him into a starif you wanna peep my audius, i have 4 sets uploaded currently (3 with @nebita and 1 with @atura) !!!! i'll upload m…
Retweeted by Nebita @chilledontwit im right @bpencersurch @jedwill1999 why!!!I’m homeless and trans
Retweeted by Nebita @scottmystica get an iphone. PLEASE @thekittiekrew @mikeyalphaa LMMFFAAAOAOOOOO @thekittiekrew yo @mikeyalphaa come get yo roommate @abisoos if i was one of those people who got anything above $10,000 today i would fr have done that LOL @jedwill1999 :) @im__rylee and shitting @dossyxmusic wait dm me on discord @dossyxmusic i thought you withdrew it all? @majorbean_ ?????pain @chilledontwit @sauceprovided youre right @hoshymosh LFGGGGG @icedoutomnitrix bless u 🙏 @icedoutomnitrix the same cool twitter guy that allowed this @AudiusProject you guys are my heroes @DrHouseEDM how do you send it to your metamask wallet? @DEVONDIGITAL_ W @voiamusic i don't even layer kicks @_animester LOL @_animester ????? @PENClLGIRL IM SORRY @1guidebook ur nails are so sick @PetalSupply LOL @therealsheffdan i just made $800 from it today so i would say it's pretty goodAudius paid out more money to artists in a single day than most of my peers have seen from Spotify / SoundCloud ove…
Retweeted by Nebitalink me your audius profile i wanna follow y'all. here's mine
@maxschramp @alias_hallow @DistroKid same ISRC but yes this is exactly true @MatterStreaming @jiccjucc matter are u gonna hit me back in DMS bro 😢THANK YOU JUCCFEST WTF THAT WAS SO INSANE 😭❗🔥 I HAD NO IDEA Y'ALL WERE GONNA GO THAT HARD I AM SO OVERWHELMED!!! T… @draf2k i love u t @metroidism it will be uploaded very soonWHAT IS HAPPENING LOL you have officially won, holy fucking shit
Retweeted by NebitaIM ON NOW TAP IN AND JOIN VC @drive45music im so sorry jaden i love u guys i hope ur ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @singtoconley OMG @holidaykiss_ omg this is about the skrillex album im fine @takashisound nice background 👀 @duumu @nappyisCRACKED love this movie sm @bodejacat im gonna try this fr @DEVONDIGITAL_ bless @deadsunproject he lives in LA homie its only 1:30 for himskrillex dropped on the day after the debates because he wanted us to be okay :) @majorbean_ @inkwillmusic LOLtoo many people are talking about not skrillex. what is wrong with youIT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'S AN ALBUM IT'… say 'thank you skrillex'
Retweeted by Nebitaim literally fucking sobbing uncontrollably what the FUCKWAKE UP BABE NEW SKRILLEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was in a vc with @duumu literally an hour ago and this mf said "can we just get a new skrillex album PLEASE" and then this happened
Retweeted by Nebitaif you're following @/motti, please reconsider
Retweeted by Nebita @jedwill1999 isnt that actually what he said though @tripmally do u expect anything else from him LOL @tripmally that clip is so fucking weird lol he refers to the black person like hes someone's cute dog at a house p… @buffcore ayo 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @tripmally ur totally right. he uses that as a talking point all the time, the very small number of black trump sup… @abstrekt2 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthis dude says goo goo ga ga what the fuck are you on
Retweeted by NebitaLOOOOL EVERYONE POINT AND LAUGH dude said "shawty arabia" @spiderjoce all those countries are sick but it doesnt matter because they are fucking rolling in money :D :D :DOminous but probably true
Retweeted by NebitaDid the acting president just call China and India filthy? What the fuck is happening
Retweeted by Nebita @spiderjoce thats like pretty xenophobic LOLonly donald trump can make climate change racist @tripmally i heard donald trump say he was the least racist person in the room and i slammed my face against my keyboard really hardTRUMP IS OFF THE FUCKIN BEAN BRO"i am the least racist person in this room" SHUTTTTTTTTTT EHF CUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK @spiderjoce THATS THE MOST JARRING PART LIKE WHOOOOOO TOLD HIM TO SAY THIS 😭😭😭😭😭 @spiderjoce im literally screaming i just woke the whole fuckin place up im so tired"i have black friends" looking ass shut upNO WAY DONALD TRUMP JUST SAID HE HAS DONE THE MOST FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY. NO WAY. MY FRIEND SAID HE WOULD SAY THA… @PENClLGIRL LMFAOOOOOO @spiderjoce my brain has an alarm going off WEE WOO WEE WOO