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β€œYour capacity for love is huge, king.” Zed (they/she/he)

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My first webinar was splendid. The host mentioned entering this field by way of fascination with the homoeroticism… @strangeinsects :^| / oil on canvas 11x14 inches \ 2020
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@tropigotico 😁What an ORDEAL it was restoring this old table top lighter 😩 Made wick from cotton twine + copper wire from a broke… am looking at pictures of Cat Stevens from 1970, do not bother meNew shirt is good shirt
@tropigotico The Virgin Mary πŸ™β€œAround 1900 Nigerians were killed by security forces in 2020.” That’s more than twice the amount of people killed…
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I’ve been dyeing yarns with random flowers and other dyestuff to experiment with β€œpreserving” memories of events/pe…
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Damn this erotic horror playlist is synthing me to hellCamping out on my porch until this sweatshirt I made and ordered on zazzle arrives the fuck would my credit score decrease by 5 points just because I used 10% more credit this month than usual w… who were shamed for having bad handwriting and loose papers in their backpacks are all trans masc now sorry I don’t make the rules
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π‡πžπ₯π₯𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐞π₯𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 πœπ‘πšπ¦π›πžπ« a bottle of Brisk Half & Half iced tea + watermelon lemonade at the store because I’ve never had it before.… beers
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The underwear I ordered arrived today. You know what that means? I get to put off doing my laundry for yet another day πŸ™ŒWhat they don’t tell you about pursuing medical transition is that while you’re in the waiting room for your initia… are asking if i want to see their dicks. girls are asking if i want to see their dicks. its like, im all ears
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spoon is cheaper than change the whole fence
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@trailofcrumbz she say frame smel like goodwill
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Dude I found these pics from March 2019 that I never posted anywhere and I have no idea why, they’re a whole vibe @susdonot For realI illustrated the classic song β€œWindy” and it got stranger than I anticipated.
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Transmascs talking to each other: β€œThank you, king” β€œYou’re welcome, king”This is me flirting am having (1) beer after not having even a single sip of alcohol since august. This shit rocksYo have you guys ever heard of alcohol? It’s a drink that makes you feel awesome. Trying to get the word out.So anyway my therapist broke up with me which sounds like it belongs in a standup set2020 has really been like β€œYou think you’ve reached rock bottom? Here’s a jackhammer”
Thinking about getting new headphones but idk on tumblr who doesn’t even follow me sent me a message saying β€œHi how are you” and I clicked through to the…
Abble bicking 🍎 @strangeinsects TrulyOn the way to go apple picking with my family. The 7-y/o has called herself both β€œa skinny legend” and β€œa thicc legend”. πŸ’€
The 7-y/o just had me watch a BLACKPINK music video with her lolbe careful not to mix up *** (die) w the other *** (cum)!
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I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY heard back about my top surgery referral!!! They’re sending me an email with the requirem…'m inventing a roller coaster called French Kiss. You get to sit next to Kevin Kline and it doesn't stop until he falls in love with you.
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Oh come onTransmasc icon River Phoenix
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