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I study journalism. People have a predisposition to hate me.

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He’s done absolutely nothing to deserve a finals appearance. Lmao. many OTs... @Bombers_Boss Don’t think we should get too y’all against the Tigs. But would love to see him mock another dive again.I don’t think people understand how serious the accusation of cheating is. Thomas deserves a week.
@StephanieAfrica Only a boundary umpire.RIP Australia. We just voted for climate change denying, white supremacist, Islamophobic, homophobic, misogynist an…
Retweeted by n edThe Raptors could really use Delon Wright, right about now. #NBAPlayoffs.That was a foul on Siakam, no?He took that square in the chest. Not sure that a block is the correct call.Gasol moved into Middleton. He wasn’t stationary. Foul.Adam Saad surely has to be an All-Australian back pocket at the moment. #MightyBombers
Essendon is 4-0 when Walla kicks a snag. Essendon is 1-0 when Dyl kicks a goal. #BombersWe’re winning. That’s all I care about. #MightyBombersJust because Walla took one contested mark doesn’t mean he’s your centre half forward, just so we’re clear Woosha. #MightyBombers @aartusa I find it incredible he’s gone from beloved to Stanton punching bag in such quick fashion.Saad breaks away, has plenty of space... but no one in front of him to kick to. FFS Essendon. @ItIsWhatItIsAnn Watch some AFL!Ahhhhhh. Essendon’s doing the thing where they send all their numbers back and have nothing to kick to forward. Jus… @essendonfc How many have been given straight back to Fremantle? What a shit stat. @CharlieDons The bloke Hirdy had a go at for wearing bright boots? @Hughesey23 Trick question. Most athletes have shit work.25 minutes before the bounce. There’s nobody here. It’s disappointing. But, I can’t have a go at other people for… @essendonfc @SOLREPUBLIC @Spotify Ooft.How many bounces tonight, Conor? those wondering what Mason Redman listens to, his playlist is on at the moment. He really is a country boy.Francis’ warmup consisted of shots at goal. Looks like the swap for Hooker hasn’t happened. #MightyBombersAlmost as much as Israel’s post! @3ree6ixty would you say your album Utopia was a cry for help, looking back?Nick Nurse: Kyle, try and have two good games in a row. Kyle Lowry:
@Troydan Nokia N-Gage
Im not actually that excited for the game, more so just to see Fridge hopefully kick a snag. #MightyBombersRest In Peace, Bob Hawke. I’ll down a beverage this weekend in your honour.Essendon dropped a senior player. A player who is in their leadership group. It’s a start. @essendonfc Play Mosquito, not Baguley.Changes I’d like to see tonight: Daniher in for Clarke. Hooker forward, Francis back. D.Clarke for Smith. Langfo… @Bombergrl2000 @7AFL I dunno, there just something about it. I love my AFL guernseys with just numbers but I love N… think the chances Shane Watson, a New South Welshman, comes to Melbourne and ventures out to Frankston are slim. @davidfuternick I’m offended. It’s Robin. @BryanGibberman Far, far from it.So what’re the changes? Daniher for Clarke Baguley for Fantasia (ugh) Smith? Langford or Clarke. Francis to… @ScooterMcNeice @RonnyLerner You get 30 from Lowry and lose. That was their chance to steal one. Felt like how Rock… Lowry dropped 30 and the Raptors still lost. Bucks in four.Let the Mozzie, bite! @essendonfc @BryanGibberman Our job is to report on what people say. We don’t insert opinion or theorise in hard news. If what…
Knicks prospects ranked: 1. Barrett 2. Culver 3. Morant 4. Reddish 5. Hunter 6. Garland 7. White 8. Bol 9. Langford 10. Little @ScooterMcNeice @BenSimmons25 Exum is not playing. He’s injured. @tomhersz @EmmaTurnerBA @FIBAWC Get Green in there; he’s special. Broekhoff is doubtful. @OlgunUluc Randle is a free agent. Someone will give him the bag, and it won’t be the Pelicans. @ramonashelburne There’s absolutely no fucking correlation. Just stop, you dipshit.Voters out of area are getting whizzed through. Why are they getting preferential treatment over those who vote in… @WorldWideWob It’s disappointing but we were all expecting the fifth pick. Decent result. Trade it for Beal. @BryanGibberman Mike Conley, perhaps. Could try for Sabonis.For fucks sake Knicks fans, get a grip. It isn’t rigged, there’s no conspiracy. Nobody is out to get us. It is mathe-fuckin-matics. @apocatits We already had the pick and were already bad.David fucking Griffin. Nick Gilbert wasn’t the good luck charm.
@TheKnicksWall Pls. poorly worded headline @NBA @WorldWideWob @NewLookKnicks The draw is meant to be at 7:30, no mobile devices allowed. It happens behind closed d… @_Njay3 And every other fan base. @MikeVorkunov 8:34 am in Melbourne. I’ll be at the pub by 11am, most likely.The comments are disgusting. @EFCcorrespond Really disheartened by the lack of a response by the club. Chain of command feels disjointed. @EFCcorrespond Genuine question. I don’t listen to footy podcasts. @EFCcorrespond Which podcasts? @essendonfc fuck this. Appeal the result. The decision can’t get ticked off and then the player be fined. I’ll pers… journalist owning a mistake. New York media should take a hint. @TheKnicksWall @Ryan2Gray are you able to track the number of sims?First of the day 🔥🔥🔥 @TheKnicksWall
@TheSashPod you raised the issue of player management. It’s an issue. We’re load managing the likes of Myers and… @ZachLowe_NBA @Herring_NBA This is the dream team. @donairpodcast How long before you take David’s spot in the team?Players who’ve regressed: Myers Langford Smith Baguley Zaharakis Francis Tipungwuti McKenna Those are eight… @livvalice It’s a missed call. Shit happens, get over it.I will personally pay for David Myers’ return flights to Sydney. This is horseshit. @7AFL At which point did your cerebrum cease to work?Great shot and all, but like, Bucks in 5?
Like, you’re load managing the likes of Baguley and Myers who aren’t best 22, acting as if they’re vitally importan… was injured but played out the game. You know this guy is a barometer and we need him fit and firing... took… Worsfold (cerebrum) is under an injury cloud for Essendon’s clash shading Fremantle on Saturday.
Retweeted by n ed @Bombergrl2000 No! Saw him in Philadelphia in a spur-of-the-moment decision last year!J.Cole Leonard Cohen Justin Timberlake 360 Bruce Springsteen Thundamentals
@BenDuBose hey, what was the score? @OlgunUluc I think they knew it’d be an overpay at some point. I doubt they thought the decline would be this soon.33 point second half. Yikes. went to Gerald Green!? 🤢🤢🤢 @Herring_NBA Ice cold coors light running through his veins @TheKnicksWall @Ro0STA The common sense we are asking for is for the rules to be adjudicated as they stand, not interpreted how they see fit.. @triplemfooty The common sense we seek is adjudicating the rules as they stand. We aren’t here for umpires interpre… @tommorris32 @FOXFOOTY So what’s the precedent now? Any time someone is lining up for goal you’re allowed to mount… basically the message the AFL has sent is during any run up for goal your allowed to mount and shake the post. I…
Anything to say @xaviercampbell?Out: Francis, Clarke, Myers, Ham In: Daniher, Ridley, Langford, Mynott. @KalebFox1 @EssendonFCSP Unleash monster Mynott.Live look at John Worsfold: have to win about 13 games to make finals. That would mean going 10-4 the rest of the way. I don’t see it.David Myers has been dreadful this season. Monumental drop off compared to where he finished last year. I don’t c… in clearances +12 tackles +5 tackles in F50 +13 inside 50s John Wordsfold can’t be so dumb as to not see wh…