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I study journalism. People have a predisposition to hate me.

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Zion 3/5 from distance? least I’m in the top 891 for SuperCoach.Next Saturday I’ll be at Marvel walking around gate five with a microphone. Come and say hello, give me your take… @sam_mcclure Any idea when they last scored less than 34 points? @essendonfc Walla isn’t a key forward. Please stop putting on his head. It’d be great if you’d pass this on to the playing group. Cheers. @CalTwomey @StephanieAfrica Very reminiscent of Anzac Day from last season. Burnt on the rebound, can’t win the foo… chance we can take @BrendonGoddard9 in a he mid-season draft @essendonfc? @Mel_Johnson_01 No poise in defence. No one able to hit a target. No one directing traffic. Fair to say, we need the general.Key defender, Lachie Keeffe, has kicked three goals. Quite embarrassing really, @essendonfc.If there was an Essendon drinking game, the first rule would be to finish your drink every time they put it on Walla’s head. #ObliteratedIt’s humid, not wet. Seen better hands in torrential rain. #MightyBombersFirst quarter summary #MightyBombers #MightyShit the strategy going forward hasn’t changed...You should of heard the outrage in the stands when Baguley put it on Walla’s head...Mark Baguley is currently trying to kick toprs from the pocket. #MightyBombers #AFLGiantsDons
What’s up with Channel Seven and their obsession with players’ tattoos?Me every time Dylan Shiel touches the footy tomorrow #MightyBombers @RebeccaHaarlow Don’t. We’re loving the #FeetHeatSee you soon, Sydney. #MightyBombers @ptknicksblog And he’s not five, four, three or two...Ideal lineup for the second half: Deem Frank Kev LT MitchFrank has 3p, 3r, 3a but is a +/- 7. @nyknicks @emmanuelmudiay @23savage____ @KevKnox Frank is +7 so there’s that.Deandre Jordan is not very good at basketball. @ptknicksblog Fiz: we want to build a defensive identity Also Fiz: proceeds to play guys who don’t defend heavy minutesBench the starters. All of them. They are bad.The starters gave up 26 points in 6:40. The bench conceded 19 points in 10:00. #KnicksNtilikina and Allen are actively looking to hit Mitch on the roll. And it works. Mudiay just completely ignores him.How the fuck is Mudiay -17 in 11 minutes. God almighty.
It took the Knicks to get down by 17 for Fizdale to make a substitution... End the season already... @talkhoops @DozTweets @TheAthletic @NRL Ok, then mute notifications. @DozTweets @talkhoops @TheAthletic @NRL How many countries play league? @DozTweets @talkhoops @TheAthletic @NRL Don’t need a shittier version of NFL. @Jimmy_Cris They’ve listed four of the six as talls. I reckon Brown plays forward, though.I feel like our defence is too tall and too slow. #MightyBombers
@DavidZaharakis @donairpodcast @Adamcooney17 You’re getting a bit close to the microphone Zacka. Sneaky Shaka 🤙🏼 distance away is best.The Knicks really value a guy who can’t guard third string guards and can’t run an offense over a guy who’s elite d… Mitchell talking about how valuable Frank Ntilikina is but I guess he isn’t good because Jeter, 46, from Lo…
Retweeted by n ed @IanBegley 21 points, Ian.
@JCMacriNBA Point Mario, please. Let’s see some of the most ghastly passes!David Zaharakis confirmed on Don Air Cale Hooker will return to main training next week and be back in the early pa… that looks like a Titanaboa... which became extinct 60 million years ago... @donairpodcast is this going to be on apple podcasts / Spotify? @Todd_Hamilton98 @theheraldsun @Robbo_heraldsun It carried 50m and went right through the middle.If the Knicks don’t get the number one pick, I hope the Kings get it. Boston misery is just as good.
ooooooffft. If this isn’t the damn truth... @_Njay3 Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go out and be in peace? Rather than being hassled on your day off all the damn time. @WorldWideWob I don’t like this tweet, Wob.“I won’t stop until you reach your dream.” This is one of the many reasons why @FrankLikina’s mom is his Sixth Man.…
Retweeted by n ed @Neroli_M_FOX @taylaharriss Her foot is above her head. I don’t think I’ve done that since, well, ever.Cale Hooker’s injury was meant to be six weeks wasn’t it? The injury update said he’ll be doing main training next week. That’s good, right? @StephanieAfrica He had one at Captain’s Day last Friday.If we started a go fund to build a rocket which would launch Abbott and Anning into the sun would you be up for that? @KawhiMVP19 @23savage____ Fuck off.With this bucket, @swish41 moves to No. 6 on the #NBA all-time scoring list! #MFFL
Retweeted by n ed @KG_NYK Ohh I thought you meant like outside the lottery. He’s late first / early second. In the lottery I’m a fan of Jarrett Culver. @KG_NYK Matisse Thybulle. He’s averaging 3.5 steals and 2.2 blocks this season. He’s only 6’5. I like people who can defend.At least Mitch got his two blocks... @shwinnypooh There’s a reason he’s been with five teams and never played a meaningful minute in his career. So many… Luke Kornet. #KnicksUp 34 and still playing four starters. That one’s on Nick Nurse.God I hate Emmanuel Mudiay.David Fizdale really thinks Kevin Knox isolation equate to good possessions. Can we end the season already.
The XI I’d take to England for the World Cup as of 18/3/19: 1. Khawaja 2. Finch 3. Smith 4.Maxwell 5. S Marsh… just tastes like footy take: I’d rather trade for Mike Conley and pair him with KD over Kyrie and Kemba.Yep, I’ve done it. Finally. I’ve purchased my @WholeTeamDot jersey. #Knicks @mariohezonja do you use ‘b’ at the end of sentences?Mario T.Lue’d Giannis, dipped for two months, postered Marquese Chriss, dipped for another six weeks and put LeBron…
@ChrisIseman did Fiz / Knicks say anything about DSJ, Vonleh and Frank regarding tomorrow’s game?Mike Scott just tryin to party
Retweeted by n edI would like Matisse Thybulle to be on the Knicks. @kylekuzma @Ballislife Mike and Clyde or DB and Mike.I’m going to dm someone who retweets this tweet a $1,000 Amazon Gift card in 72 hours. If you’re picked but don’t f…
Retweeted by n ed @InsideHoops I’m here for Serge vs Pat Bev
@alanhahn It’s the number one topic of discussion among Knicks fans. A lot of people care. @Jimmy_Cris Incredibly frustrating. Fizdale only sticks to his words when it suits. @DanielM2k2020 This is propaganda. It needs to stop.We really sent Kadeem Allen away for a month. I’m sick.
If you’re heading to the Bombers round one match at GWS I’ll be the guy outside pre-game with my headphones in and… do people sit down on the floor on trains? You’re just taking up too much space...
@IOnlySayFacts Skip Ant Man.Yet Jim Dolan is the worst of the worst... see Mitchell Robinson signed with Nike but wore Js last game?Bill Simmons being so triggered by everything the Knicks do is incredibly fun. @TheKnicksWall Joe Alexander?
@KingJames Aren’t you a cowboys fan? @mkebucksaus Had the opportunity to say “Kane, like the big red machine.” @NewEraKnicks Nah. He doesn’t contest anything outside of three feet and hasn’t for three seasons.Unblock me you coward @HowardBeck @DanielM2k2020 I’ve been blocked! What up, Beck? @ChadwickBic @ChrisPalmerNBA @djhellayella Called Frank Ntilikina a “French f**got”, Kevin Knox was “Kevin the cun…
Whoever told Emmanuel Mudiay he should be posting up deserves to rocketed into the sun.If I gave Deandre Jordan a dollar for every shot he contested I’d still have all my money. @nyknicks @WessyWes23 Mans was here for four days @JJSportsBeat @KSL5TV @kslsports @ChrisPalmerNBA @djhellayella 2. Philadelphia. I heard some of the worst things in one game. @essendonfc @BenSimmons25 @clakkasclarke for sure. The KJ jersey is cleaaaan. @EmmaTurnerBA SVU, surely.Since the All-Star break Emmanuel Mudiay is scoring 11 points per game on 11 shots per game (38 percent). He also h…