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Nedra Weinreich 🗺 @Nedra Jerusalem • Los Angeles

Behavior change strategist with a roadmap to change the world using social marketing & behavior design. "Hands-On Social Marketing" author & trainer.

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@adammaanit Your experience hit me in the pit of my stomach. I've done some work w/UN & other int'l NGOs & always b… @kweansmom @IfNotNowOrg Exactly. They have no clue what they're even saying (assuming they're singing the correct words). @jtk0621 @DegenRolf @robkhenderson Public health in general tilts extremely left. @EphraimGopin I feel ya. Over the years I've had to turn down many amazing opportunities because they would have re… @EphraimGopin I'm good at what I do! @EphraimGopin Yeah, we okay. @gofiliberto All I can think about is "how many more self-inflicted fireworks injuries will be showing up in the ER than usual?"2020 continues to reveal itself as the year we can finally answer the question "Was 'Idiocracy' actually a document…
@Michael_Hoffman Your city or county likely has an electronics disposal center. Look on the website of whichever mu… @Michael_Hoffman Before we moved, we donated a ton of books to our local library. They sell donated books as a fundraiser. @alisongond Exactly. But the way technology is heading it's a very real concern.
@kmatthews Better yet, pull off the L at the end and stick it at a jaunty angle in front to use as the apostrophe ('til).Just saw a job listing for the "Campaign to Stop Killer Robots" and laughed, figuring it was an ARG. Then I looked… researchers take note 👇🏼
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@novysan @kesvelt Thanks for always making me laugh with your #ZoomADay creations! @koenfucius @freakonometrics The problem with this is that it assumes people are totally rational and only care abo…
@Cheryl_Gumption @JeffFrenchSSM Great point - the response to that type of approach will depend on the culture of that audience. @antonmccarthy @noahkagan That example was assuming it was the truth, making the ask at a place you usually go. But… @kingofzion_ Grew up in LA, now live in Israel. This is spot-on. But it's like Southern California, not the rest of the state. @andrewdoyle_com Wasn't me, though as a Jew, I have a huge beef with the Romans. The Arch of Titus celebrates my pe… @noahroth I'm sure that went over well! @Cheryl_Gumption @JeffFrenchSSM I like the wordplay, but I have a feeling that the shaming approach could backfire… @noahkagan I know the discount is not the point, but I wonder if you would be more successful getting one if you of… have a Carl Reiner story that I hold very dear to me. I figured I'd share it today, on the day of his passing, be…
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺 @sm1guru Hey Mike, FYI I've seen many people recommend not using the Thread Reader and RTing the original thread in… @TOIAlerts @TimesofIsrael Or, just another Wednesday. @EphraimGopin Don't we all? (I mean our own voices, not yours!) @CreativeTweets Absolutely. Nobody sees themselves as a villain. Everyone thinks they have "good reasons" for why t…
We can't convince people to change their behavior by insulting them. Public health needs to do a better job of meet… @nathanallebach Speaking of which, I was wondering what happened to @steak_umm. Haven't heard any words of wisdom from it for a while. @Voice_of_Salam Ah, that kind of pride! I was thinking more like Am Yisrael Chai. 😆 @Voice_of_Salam Now you've got me craving fried chicken! Which Israeli pride song are you talking about? Just curious.
@abouddandachi Because many of us don't have the patience to listen to voice messages or don't want the sound to bo…"The American idea of freedom has more to do with my freedom to do what I want than your freedom to do what you want." - #DouglasAdams
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺Criminal negligence. @AnnaMeierPS I wasn't 1st generation. My dad was a professor. But I still wouldn't have known any of the things you…
Cool job alert! is me, except that as I'm self-employed, I'm taking revenge on myself for feeling like I didn't get enough don… @Gingerheaddad @EphraimGopin @BOReillyWHC @mcahalane @tclaybuck Oh, but "sex-crazed zombie cicadas" has such a bett… @vcmcguire @BrandyLJensen 🎵This is the dawning of the age of takweria, age of takweria....🎶 @goeljasper Totally agree! I have some dear friends named Karen and they do not deserve this.
@LizTray @BoxDgz @Sara_Rose_G Definitely true that there are tons of nice Israelis. But living in Jerusalem, I find… @LizTray @BoxDgz @Sara_Rose_G Both of these things are true at the same time. Israelis are often blunt (or rude, de…
@DGlaucomflecken Fancy! @HananyaNaftali What a beautiful name. So glad she's okay. @jane_c_hu They can hear you but they're not listening. @Tony1979 @Sleekchic01 @IndiaDionna As I read it, I could hear him say it. The detail about the accent was a nice t… in a role in behaviour change? Our great team is looking for 2 social marketers to join us👇 #1: Protec…
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺 @Jerusalem_Post What's the point in paying to promote this tweet when the event already happened? Your promoted twe… @sparklyjew How have we come to this? So awful. @rundlesr I'm about to earn the "Went Outside" badge today, which is quite exciting!
My freelancer friends will like these. I actually earned some of these badges today! @richferrer @reglash @JewishNewsUK Is it really such a mystery? Most likely due to communal prayers and holidays (i… @TwitterSupport Any help forthcoming? This is driving me bonkers. @EphraimGopin Hmmmm, maybe he started off in the South and Manifest Destiny brought him West. @EphraimGopin Yosemite Sam a confederate soldier? 😆 More likely Foghorn Leghorn. The clue is in the name. He's a 4…
@hardlynormal I read that and thought "I hope that was satire" but seemed entirely plausible. Luckily, I did find a… @LevParikian If his niece or nephew got him the shirt, I think it's really sweet that he's wearing it. That's the only possible excuse.the disturbing lack of time travellers arriving to stop 2020 happening suggests we never actually invent it
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺 @L0rd_sh0gun I'd love to know the source for the cancer survival stat. Do you know where it came from?Nailed it! (HT @EphraimGopin, finder of awesome content) ER Doc here, @Twitter needs to flag this tweet as medical misinformation. There is NO scientific evidence that…
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺 @cambartley I'm sure they're fantastic. I'll add them to my backlog of videos I intend to watch when I have the tim… @cambartley Videos take too much time. I'd rather read an article, or even a transcript, in a few minutes than watc…
@caenhillcc @caro_painter That was fascinating to watch! He makes it look so easy. @JenMaidenberg @UHC Like people are getting appendectomies for kicks? @TheAngrySemite It doesn't work that way. The hate is not logical. @noahroth Nice!
@Voice_of_Salam She's Kristen Schaal, an actress. She's funny and great, and I would not mind at all being compared to her!The peak of this morning's partial solar eclipse (35%) captured in a colander! #eclipse #Jerusalem
@TwitterSupport I keep getting phantom DMs on both web and app. It constantly shows that there's a new message wait…
@TimesofIsrael If he's going to use the Bible for his argument, he's lost the case right there. @BeliefChallenge @EphraimGopin When I have a chance, I'll dig deeper into the site to see how it works myself. 😀 @BeliefChallenge @EphraimGopin Here's a thought, take it or leave it, but I can see it being even more powerful if… @BeliefChallenge @EphraimGopin Am I understanding correctly that the person who makes the post is the one who adds… @RealJStreets @EphraimGopin I did the same thing back when I was blogging. Titles that didn't really give much info… @BeliefChallenge @EphraimGopin Do I have to sign up before I can do anything on the site? And are there prompts or… @BeliefChallenge @EphraimGopin What an interesting idea! But it's not clear to me what I'm supposed to do with it b… @DellAnnaLuca You're waaaaay too optimistic about the distribution of critical thinking in the population!True for all communications, not just fundraising. Remove the friction. Don't make people think about the words, an… @EphraimGopin Great point. Nobody's going to notice it's written at a 5th grade level. They're just going to read i…
@Karminker What? You brush more than one?THIS is the campaign we need. @mordecaiholtz Where is that? @interacter Right, I'd say I keep the sound off for 90% of the videos I watch here. I'm often not in a situation wh… @footesea 🤣🤣🤣Going on the record right now (pun not intended, but now that I see it, I totally intend it) that if any of you pos…
@yaelbarzeev @Twitter Thanks, Yael. I did look there also, and nobody's home! It just seems to be a weird glitch. @CreativeTweets @Twitter @willcoley @Twitter Hmmm... dunno.Over the past day or two, I keep getting a @Twitter notification that I have a direct message, but nothing's ever t… was able to track down some of the resources I remembered seeing on facilitating virtual workshops. Here's the b… back towards the beginning of The Great Hunkering Down, I remember seeing some resources shared on how to facil… knows a Python/Djanjo developer looking for a well paid gig (contract, remote, flex) for a good cause? DM us!
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@LevParikian This may be heresy, but I think your heron is more herony than Audubon's.If you do any game design work, don't miss this! (And if you are a gamer, it may be fun to read this to understand… @yaelbarzeev Mazal tov!
any copywriters for hire in the philly area? DM me!
Retweeted by Nedra Weinreich 🗺If your #nonprofit has (or wants to start) an email newsletter, don't miss @EphraimGopin's fantastic guide to desig…