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Not a topic south park is afraid of πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
This is what I'll be doing today @DoubleSpending Love these guys! Been holding since the beginning! @BradMichelson Man that trade woulda been something! Also woulda been something if we didn't trade Seguin and tuuka rask draft picks!#DeFi performance so far: 23 closed winners 42 closed losers (6 of them rugs) 21 open positions, of which: --->…
Retweeted by Needacoin @iamWolby I dunno... year of tampa...Reds and Braves Longest 0-0 game in history and most strikeouts in playoff history. #MLBPlayoffsAltuve and bregman .000 in the series yet they're advancing. Unreal. @stoolpresidente Dave where was the most strikeouts in playoff history prop for the reds/braves game?How I picture most of crypto twitter spending their airdrops was so bored this morning I brushed up on my sign language.yeah I only agree with 30 something % of youPrice of bitcoin $10763 Where will it be this time tomorrow? @CryptoGainz1 I went and looked too nglHassan Whiteside has the right idea
Retweeted by NeedacoinThis kinda stuff is why we all found crypto πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈWatching the debate like @inversebrah @CryptoGainz1 Don't worry brah, I put you on notify around my friends so I seem super important. @CryptoGainz1 Imagine sending 0.0001 of anything anywhere @CryptoGainz1 Why do they add .0000? Is this to make you feel smarter or not poor? @loomdart @inversebrah 2x trump in 2 years. absolutely worthy of mute, I mean follow.I have thousands of unread DMs most from 2017 but some recent. Trying to respond to a few but... 33% coins that… coin was also offering me 5 eth. If you wanna dump on my followers atleast be respectful!A coin wanted me to shill their project 9 days ago via DM I just went to look at the project and they rug pulled 2…
@notsofast We only own one coin together @CryptoDale @13Prince31 @CryptoDale @13Prince31 Depending when there was definitely a play there. I think I hit like 68x or something on that stupid coin @carliche1on1 Still don't know but he's confirmed not related with andre 3000I had no idea who andre was before yesterday #cryptoconfessions @meaculpaK9 When i first mentioned she needed a tight end her face was like 😲 @meaculpaK9 I may have influenced a few picks πŸ˜‚ Not bad considering a month ago she didn't know what a tight end wasWife 1st season of fantasy football and she moved from 7th to 2nd so she is talkin lots of smack to the men right n… @_TheRange @jebus911 @Bozarod Must be hodling similar coins lolMy portfolio moves eerily similar to a heart rate @2xtops Its a little mix of everything haha @Cwpv_ No sir πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ @uki_wee 1000w led @PrimeLoTSC2 lettuce, zucchini @natenog90 They make you big and πŸ’ͺ @Tradermayne I mean, we gotta have some basil right?Indoor veggies @KEmmra 100 @CryptoWendyO Which is why you can't possibly be invested in all of them! No need for chasin! @DoubleSpending *rolls out list of bags I own2 days before rent is due πŸ€” @CryptoMessiah @CryptoDonAlt @MoonOverlord You can find hobbies too.Only 85 other people left in the survivor pool for 5btc. #halfway @teodorgxg Yes but when they lose now you need the 10x @rlamps92 Not always but it's a good edge!Only 50x until $1Can't believe people are fighting over scams when we have endless good projects in this spaceStill waiting, #Yolobit
Retweeted by Needacoin @BradMichelson Hill I will die on @TomasG44396389 🀣 @barstoolsports Rays division champions Bucs got brady Could it be? #yearoftampaEvery single Tampa Bay lighting fan was at the game tonight #StanleyCupFinal #tampabaylightning @notsofast Bitbean was sent straight from the heavens
2020 @DickPound74 And it was so good @sportsncoffee Just messin around, off to a hot start!Adds for tonight Ravens -3 O54 Stars (NHL) O5
Retweeted by Needacoin @CryptoHolmes @guccipopsickle you own $chain? @CryptoGainz1 @CryptoGainz1 Looking for a bf? Female trait. @CryptoScumbag The pain is real @Mel03114501 I got spring beef bourguignon going in one and potatoe bacon soup going in another πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‹The worst part about having the crock pot on is smelling it knowing you still gotta wait 4hrs @Chieffanjosh Lol just messing around!6-2 on the day 13-5-1 for the season @EastVanalyst not really tbh I just prefer it! @dad_crypto cards wtf happened sheeshAdds: Packers +3 Packers ML 1H U24.5For all the crypto twitter gamers $chain
Recap 4-1 Season 11-4-1 @crypchad @CryptoDale Basically called the entire week. Shoulda listened to my gut with falcons haha @CryptoDale .... @Chad_Capital You'll be cashing in tminus 4hrs @CryptoDale It's like that eh?Love this so much @CryptoDale Who you got today? @CryptoDale I'm expecting atl to be up 21 and almost blow it in the 5mins @OCDecaf Not bad at allBet with bitcoin here ------><------- Week 3 LFG! ATL -3 Buff -2 Browns -6.5 Browns o44 Pats O47 Season 7-3-1 @Livingonstimmy Incredibly smart dog! @OCDecaf Airdale. Loyal af dogs! @KryptoKoin Legends @CryptoMessiah "Quick get the fook over here gotta one up needacoin" "Argh fu dad" @meaculpaK9 Should do the trick!Best friends
@meaculpaK9 @zdurd Hey now first timer, what do you suggest?Who doesn't make a little moonshine while campin? to see it
Now he's a grumpy old man who needs his own bed