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@seynacandace oh shit @seynacandace WAIT WHAT
goodnightyeah. :) it‘s time to nap @seynacandace 😭😭😭 @seynacandace this screams lindsey nglthis really made me think.. like wow to nap with makeup oni need to stop comparing myself to my friends & people in general.. @thedivineangeI @thezaynprnt 😭 @thedivineangeI @thezaynprnt help nrkfbdkdkdpigeon up @thezaynprnt don’t have it wanna napit’s gonna take FOREVER to put those on my wall @angeIsring I MISSED U.going to douglas to see if they have rem already @vegangrande_ it’s such a cute song @uplikeanidiot i‘d lose them immediately @uplikeanidiot i think yes but not the proskinda wanna bleach my hair againit’s a link to bed. LOL @Maxi_Neuer HELPplaying mario kart against him later bc he says he’s gonna beat me doejdodbdodwait it’s officially fall.. i couldn’t be happier OMGidk if i should nap or just shower and get ready
Retweeted by laura.i want harry styles and ariana grande to collab.i‘m so sick of seeing myself in the mirror every other day like.. i just wanna feel prettybyhrb is really TOP tier.WHY AM I SO DIZZYwhy do i kinda like those...."why'd u unfollow me?" because i don't wanna follow you anymore so where do we go from here
Retweeted by laura.yeah 🧍🏼‍♀️ am very excited to try the coverage foundation by theordinary happy NEW ORDER ARRIVED IM SO HAPPY @yourstruhy listening to dangerous woman now @toulouseimagine so much more @toulouseimagine not even kidding @toulouseimagine i actually think of u everytime i just read the word moonlight @toulouseimagine i love you omg?i want to get high!i slept for 2 hours & woke up to that email and went to sleep happy Ah @fromnoheaven stealing tweets 👀why am i so dizzy and unwellhave to go to the store & pick up the pictures i ordered omgimagine actually is such a beautiful songi just wanna keep tweeting dumb stuff but like i’m annoying to myselfi miss him :( what ariana album to listen to now might listen to thank u, next on shuffle for funno i won’t i’m too scared to mess this upso do i attempt this today or nah‘THE ALBUM’ JENNIE TEASER POSTER #2 #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #JENNIE #제니 #1stFULLALBUM #THEALBUM #TeaserPoster
Retweeted by beautybay package coming soon IM SO EXCITED @toulouseimagine nobody is used to me being asleep at normal times lols @fromnoheaven its all okay now thank uuwhen she said "i miss you" but ignores your texts lols @toulouseimagine HELP ME BREATHE DIDBDIDKD why is this so funny @toulouseimagine i actually woke up from a 9 hour sleep at like 6:30 😁LITERALLY DOES ANYBODY HAVE FIVE DOLLARS PLEASE
Retweeted by laura. @fuckyouneen i’ll see if i can send a friend money so they send it to u then @fuckyouneen i just read that i cant do venmo in germany i’ll check if a friend is up wait @fuckyouneen OKAY WAIT @fuckyouneen okay thats a lot of work i’ll see if someone w cashapp & paypal is awake to i can somehow get it to u fodkdodkd @fuckyouneen wait i’ll check how venmo works @needyenough LIKE IF 5 PEOPLE SENT ME A DOLLAR RIGHT NOW ID BE FUCKING STRAIGHT
Retweeted by laura. @fuckyouneen send me your paypal i’ll send it to u @fuckyouneen i have 1yesterday’s fit lols @toulouseimagine how did u sleep @toulouseimagine hithis fedex email really made my day already help me breathetiktok makes me feel so alone @toulouseimagine this is weird @ArianaGrande it’s really not funny anymore @sofiexkra du bist krass drauf 😂 @alrightparx cant relate didbdkdbdcan i stop waking up every 2 hours 💔
back to sleeo @backtoneedy abh tracking info for a package i didn’t know i’d get @feltangeI it’s just fedex tracking info from anastasiabeverlyhills 😁 didnt know they still send me stuff 🥺this email just made my day 😁 goodnight againplease read !!!!!!!!!!!! demand justice & call if you are able to. saraya rees #sayhername !!!!!!!!!!…
Retweeted by laura. @toulouseimagine yo my hands and nose be freezing off every single time flfbdodbdid @toulouseimagine i want it to be cold cold like -5 to -10° again I MISS THAT TYPE OF WINTER @toulouseimagine fall = winter >>>>>>>>> the restKFBDLDKDOXKSPXLÖLSNDoomf pissing me off again lols anywayyeah @uplikeanidiot im not normal ig @ntltcami it makes me happy ngl i love that remix @arianaaailysm nothing it just started sgain it was fine for a bit and sometimes it’s ok but sometimes it’s acting up @arianaaailysm yes @honeymavenue watch me fail on snap. soonmy phone acting up AGAIN especially on twitter & i nearly broke my charger goodnight