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@imaginevante done @imaginevante send me the post and i’ll help ☺️ @trulyariana happy birthdayyy @ariscupcakexx you got this! i’m proud of you for doing this 🤍 @ariscupcakexx parallel parking was deff the hardest part. but try not to stress too much over it. the less i’m you… @ariscupcakexx just stay focused and you’ll do great @angeIsring yeah that’s what i did. i didn’t wanna feel them moving around in my mouth 😭 @angeIsring are you gonna do local or general anesthesia? @angeIsring sorry 😭 but that’s so annoying. i’m sure you’ll be fine though. don’t stress too much cuz that’ll just make things worse for you @angeIsring why did you wait 💀 my friend who waited to get hers removed ended up getting such a bad infection when… @angeIsring no 😭 @angeIsring it’s not as bad as you think. you’re gonna be fine ily @ghostinrudy i felt this. ilyno makeup self love post in my new favorite crewneck! i’m so in love thank you so much @needyshells !!
Retweeted by shells @getwelldavey shipping is so ugly lol
Retweeted by shells stickers came!!! @caIlmeneedy @remcolton i don’t even want his signature like lol
2020 @piggybarkbutera @throwbackagb nah. i saw her once that year and it was in may in boston @aIrightave yeah some girl in nashville won. but no clue when it’ll actually happen lol @piggybarkbutera @throwbackagb no 😭 @gngsoul happy birthday @emanibronson they really are a lifesaver in the cold winter days haha @emanibronson i have the first ones. they’re so comfy @vegangrande_ bye 😭 @magicalrem happy birthdayyy @vegangrande_ i’d be so fcking stressed shipping them loltired of waking up every morning to my moms bf yelling at her. i hate it here @ghostinbecs @1993Avenue obsessed @yourstrulymills good luck. you got this 🤍i fell asleep so early now i’m wide awake 😭 @officialmosesp omg @likelylex ilyyyy. here if you need helping with anything alwaysi’m literally on my death bed. goodnight @kaylallewellynn ily 🥺people asking me how they can buy one 😭 i literally wasn’t even planning on selling these bc everyone was selling t… @gwskris10 thank you for all the support. fr means the worldhad the longest day of my life 😭 @gwskris10 i’m shipping out your second package tomorrow. the tie dying took a little longer to make since it’s a bit of a process @gwskris10 i thought it got lost bc it was taking forever to update 😭 i literally shipped it out 6 days ago lmao @amongusporn @zoemevorah i made it ☺️I LOVE IT 🥺
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@toulouseimagine happy birthdayyyyhate it here @swtluxe @ArianaGrande YOURE INSANE @sweetenerjoy this was so long ago for me but i recently took a safe driving test and it was pretty similar and hon… @needyenough @dagibee y’all are both so pretty 🥺 @bryandidrovo now you really have to watchshe’s so cute 😭 i’m so happy for her 🥺
every time i tie dye i wear gloves and my hands still manage to change colors 😭 @grandebabes93 grossi was going through boxes and found an entire envelope filled with greedy money lolgoing back to sleep and hoping to wake up refreshed so i can go back to working on orders 😭11:11 @needyaudrey it could take a few hours to go backIf u can ... pls support a small business 🤍🦋 Everything is designed and made from my livin…
Retweeted by shells @arismoonshine that pic makes me ill 🤢 @defsoulari @ArianaGrande im@obsessedi got another order last night but i never got a notif 🥴 @ohhesgay finally
just wanted to say i love and appreciate all of you so much and that i’m always here if anyone needs anything 🤍tw ed seeing a lot of people on my feed rn talking about how hard quarantine has been on ur mental health in regar…
Retweeted by shellsthere was a huge sale on vinyl at michaels and i am v happy :)i miss going into the city 😭 @exactlymegs i’m cool with anything honestly @arianaaailysm seen itsend me good movies to watch. it’s a stay in bed kind of day today @ARlANAZONA yesssi honestly would get so confused having random pics for icons. that’s how ik what app i wanna use. i don’t look at the text 😭 @whydtry youre insane?? @ARlANAZONA it looks good on you tho @getweIIshan 😭 @arianaaailysm it’s gonna be awhile bc people don’t know how to follow rules plus we need a vaccine @feltangeI neither lolmy sleep schedule has really been complete shit this weekquibi has so many good series. i’ve been watching them all @sweetenerjoy happy birthday 🎈 @successfultae i think i still have this book 😭Thank you for everything you gave us! Brilliance, Integrity, Fairness and Humanity.. You were a Champion of Gender…
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i do not have the patience to edit my homescreen idek how anyone does lol @angetoss after 30 mins it’s no longer a nap. that’s a full on rem cycle sleep session 😭 @ntltcami byeeee @onelovesbutera so cute omg @cluelessyan same 😭 @cluelessyan idk how anyone drinks it. i’d be in the bathroom for days 😭 @arianasctrI considering you’re connected to wifi and charging gonna say it’s lack of storage @1993Avenue @arianaaailysm @osnapitzenis🪐 Star Space Crewneck Giveaway 🪐 RULES: ♡ must be following us (@1993Avenue) ♡ rt to enter ♡ tag 2 friends winner…
Retweeted by shellshave the random urge to take a 10 hour shower lmao @needyenough thanks!!! @needyenough got inspired by this ☺️ @needyenough it took so long to make 😭 thank youlook how cute 🥺 @needyenough you can easily do thatworking through the night to finish every single order i have before the weekendim watching anna kendricks quibi show and it’s so fcking funny 😭