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For the love of Football #YNWA ❤️

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Klopp and Pep checking out the meltdown over the lineup the morning after @petercrouch are you free on the 17th for a 11v11 mate ?
Retweeted by NeesOh so you dumb dumb? @luchogarcia14 @LFC Free on the 17th for a couple of hours? We kinda need u @RobieSlick Easy.. Salah is the Egyptian 👑 and Firmino is Firmino:)
Would just like to point out that Sadio Mané is the best football player in the world and Divock Origi is the 🐐 key villian that Robbo! beautiful keep telling you... 🙌🏽 @LFC Ummm alright.. Let’s get itLet’s Go! 🔴🔴⃣0⃣ ➡ 1⃣0⃣ The list of Africa's elite now has 10 names 🌎🔝 Who'll be crowned African Player of the Year? 🏆…
Retweeted by NeesWhat’s going on with Man City.. They’re celebrating more than they did on their domestic treble parade?
@trevor8sinclair Why are you still talking @otitokoro77 In Egypt both are icons in different era’s, internationally Salah..😍 @tarektal3at Eh el habal da? @ahmedIfc @Barzaboy i stopped reading after the 3rd "dear virgil"
@VirgilvDijk @piersmorgan @Cristiano U tell him KING! And also Piers... he’s not gonna shag u mateBest team in the world! ❤️ Dijk: “Six times Ballon d’Or. You gotta respect greatness.” Class guy. 👏
Retweeted by Nees @trentaa98 @andrewrobertso5 @Alex_OxChambo @LFC Legendary!! 🙌🏽 @TheEuropeanLad @RTL7😍😍🙌🏽 @TGOKVDK_LFC97 Yes he must be @Moeeamiin is too nice.. it’s freaking me out! game. Raps win!
Retweeted by Nees @VirgilvDijk @BleacherReport @luka7doncic Good luck tomorrow King!
Man said lie down 😭 world lost a good one, 6 years ago today. #RIP #PaulWalker
Retweeted by Nees @bayer04_en I heard Bayern lostIt’s all good my Boo! ❤️😃
@bayer04_en That was close! 😱Worst possible case scenario happened in today’s match.. we still won, still unbeaten 14 down... 24 more to go 💪🏽 #upthereds 🔴C’mon Liverpool! 🔴 @Mobyhaque1 LoolIt’s Van Dijk’s world.. we’re all just living in it! @Tactical_Times No doubt it will be popular.. just wondering how the players themselves wd feel abt it.. it’s always interesting to see tho! @Tactical_Times Why wd they create footage like this i wonder? Wd only lead to sarcasm and reliving that incredible…
Liverpool vs. Barcelona - the aftermath.💉
Retweeted by Nees @_TheBoss Get in line! 😃Proper Klopp hug that! ❤️ @_pauljoyce Hello darkness my old friend @ahmedIfc Respect the process
It’s now or never... idc what hurts, we need u @ahmedIfc 🤢🤢 @ahmedIfc Is he?Forever bro’s! Love this of the day
Well, that wasn’t prettyGood luck today boys! 💪🏾🔴 @KarlThyer
@GWijnaldum @LFC @VirgilvDijk @Memphis So December yeah? @LFC @VirgilvDijk @NIVEAMENUK Beautiful! ❤️ @Nigerianscamsss It’s all fun and games till he gets SIX! 👀 @Nigerianscamsss Just saying goodnight! 😴 😀 @Nigerianscamsss @ManUtd @Ravens @daithi_lfc @KlavanDijk Thats so wrong lol @KlavanDijk @Mobyhaque1 Lol it happened to the best of us @KlavanDijk Add the detergent in the bottom of the wash basket (bottom machine) before u load the clothes
Let me talk!! 😂 Klopp: “If you give the Ballon d'Or to the best player of last season, then it was Virgil van Dijk.'' 👏🏻🔴
Retweeted by Nees @otitokoro77 Known as “the prince of hearts”Guy lost his voice! 😃❤️
Ancelotti not happy at Napoli Napoli coming to Anfield.... Just saying and Left excellence 🙌🏽 @Mobyhaque1 Dammit!! @Mobyhaque1 The EFA has changed its members so can’t really judge them yet.. maybe they wd want him to actually com… it wasn’t a handball 2- Rent free 🔴🔴👋🏽 @Mobyhaque1 Im just saying its all speculation and rumours.. of course they’d want Salah, who wouldn’t? Think he wd…✊🏽 Word! @ahmedIfc I know 😒 @Mobyhaque1 Thats obviously what i meant 😊 @ahmedIfc I support this @Mobyhaque1 Tough competition ngl @Nigerianscamsss 😂 ok @Nigerianscamsss @ManUtd Too late 😭 @Mobyhaque1 😱Fabinho to anyone running towards him: @a_fajem fume... it’s everywhere.. loving it! Up the Reds 🙌🏽
@Mobyhaque1 Was there any such announcements from Egypt’s side.. don’t think so @ahmedIfc Don’t make me choose! @Mobyhaque1 Me? Never.. im a good luck charmLove u both ❤️😍 @Awesome_mada Wasn’t clear why @EslamMesbah5 They slacked off at the endUuufff always hard core football😳🔥#CopaLibertadores2019 @Mobyhaque1 Wana say Revenge tiiime but dnt wana jinx it so I won’t.. Napoli are so stubborn! @richardajkeys @Ahmed1Afify 🧿🤚🏽🔴🔴🔴💃💃💃 @ftbljosh Naah it’s Dele 😀Dele’s playing like Dele @Mobyhaque1 @GWijnaldum @LFC @ChampionsLeague @TheRedDebate @LFC_Lucas17 @MPBFirmino9 @Aidinho10 @k_dreads1’s one to get you all ready for the weekend! The Kop in 1964 singing She Loves You. This is brilliant @LFC
Retweeted by Nees @CAF_Online @RamadanSobhi What a guy! 💪🏽
@hasanalnaqour Thanks! 🙏🏽