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Néferi 𓋹 @Nefertidddy 19 | Europe | she/they ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

@buffcore will beat u up if u send penis. don’t. 18+ acc @Nefflixnchill.

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@Haunea NOOOO @ifyalldontstfu no @MonsieurRager yes @SaburoEdits had too mucj @thiccolo69 smart @oshinh_ what is cannoli @craig_stewart11 NOTHING @weljunishorny bread how @ashIyne heyyyyyyyyy @kaiBaaam both @Haunea I want a full meal not a starterhungry what do I eat @glumbo61839 I wanna go purely for all the history stuff @urdreamg1rI that looks so goodi cant explain it but strawberry has red energy, and carrot has orange engergy. Broccoli has green energy. I can't explain it
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹do u like my nails
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @ANDREW1ALBERTT @loonysk what are we naming himi’ve been thinking about this dog for over 48 hours
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Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @redman Wait, so you are just stealing content, eliminating context and creator revenue, and diminishing the labor…
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@Azure4Lanz just the top ^^ @c4Ieb I’ll literally fuck you up @Luis9337 @mimsy maybe one day I’ll get to make my own pieces but for now nope @shidensen WHAT IS THSISI @c4Ieb are you proud of yourself? @flowwwwsss thank u @lyssiu I would risk it all for uwith da boys
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @pixlgirlfrnd DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN PLEASEoops i did it again
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹can we talk about how traumatizing it was for black people during the summer, like we literally saw people dying ev…
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹“how are u prettier than me and im a real gir-“[GUNSHOT]
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @rushid930 what’s your favourite vegetarian dish that you’d recommend @LostMindArtist salmon, mackerel and tuna are the only fish I can eat @Oscar65650460 I just hate the whole idea of consuming another living creature’s flesh lmao @OfficialQtg funny joke @ThirdBaseDan I’d have to learn how to cook firstfish is the only thing I’m somewhat ok with but red meat and bird ,,, no thanks @Coogi314 HUH @NadaxSpecial why not both @ThirdBaseDan that’s hot @oFabz @Coogi314 @KittenElise what is actually wrong with you @Coogi314 . ,, Whatmaybe I’ll go vegetarianall types of meat make me feel sick now @oFabz @Nefertidddy Damnnn even as a baby u were guilt tripping ur way into some boobies
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @KittenElise @oFabz HSJSJJAJA @LostMindArtist unknown for now @KittenElise babe.. @Yuhuuur oh yeah?? send mirror selfies then @HardLadJosh . I’ve been kind to you but not I’m not going to betrying to do this to someone @Jack63184339 I don’t want to share that info sorry, that’s why I have europe in bio @sebastianjii @Yuhuuur no @Yuhuuur literally a nerd @Yuhuuur @KittenElise fuck off it’s not you either it’s never you you’re never anyone’s first choice fuck you @KittenElise It’s not me but I’m gonna pretend it islemon wafersHim vs my girl friend.
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @JSantxnx the only zone you’re out of is my time zone sorry @Epicmeme15 magic epicmeme @simpin_fr hi, do you know someone?is it weird that I completely understand the impulse to do this
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹cant wait to do it for the right person tho!!!I did this all for an ex and I want those minutes back. @Moodywhorefilms @c4Ieb @Haunea usIf he really liked you he would defeat all of your 7 evil ex boyfriends
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @MissBicepslol THATS A WHOLE DAY LMAOO @JSantxnx I meant 3.30h* lol auto is crazyhim: dummy me: :( him: my dummy me: (:
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @juju_bian twinsif you live 4 hours away from me by plane then you’re automatically friend zonedIt’s called receptive bilingualism. Despite being able to understand a language fluently, you can’t actually speak…
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹I don’t know what’s worse, my thighs or stomach but they’re def burningI’m trying to get into twerking/dancehall/bellydancing again and my muscles are ACHINGG @yBLN11 ??? HUHsunrise silhouettes
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @HardLadJosh too late I already ordered hair gummies and hair stuff @xo_michael_ omg Chaseok going for long hair again @luvhfairie I'll cuddle you if u want @xo_michael_ @pixlgirlfrnd I'm so flattered @matrixmika @melanatedmomma RIGHT?? it's white but it doesn't show in the pic because of the light @90lbs_kid who thought this was ok wtfI’m 33 and still far prefer the word “boobs” to “breasts”
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @MaraWilson even the word bOOb has boobs @liluzibo1 ??? @Haunea @c4Ieb @Justininoo u both areParents be like "I know my child" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @TheyHatingOnRy why is she shaped like me .bro did a reverse uno card on her 😭
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @JOSSI4H WE ARE POLAR OPPOSITESNormalize not telling your boss what your day off is for.
Retweeted by Néferi 𓋹 @Nefertidddy @childofheIl u literally just ignored my text saying i miss us
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