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“Disintegration---I'm taking it in stride.” 🪓 bibliophile | cinephile | multi-media designer | pop culture pundit | sandwich stan account | #horrorfam

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@JayRodz34 I forgot! Haha I love that nickname tbh @JayRodz34 @heyitsrobbie I’m curious about this upcoming year and what’s gonna be happening with the projects I’ve… @Vincefarraday1 @evil_toast916 Context is important dude.. we are talking about sexual harassment. Not to be dram… @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW @SupGirl 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀 @yeahthatPaula The office 🤍 @yeahthatPaula @SupGirl I’m going to actually pay a tutor to teach me at some point. American Sign Language too. @BrandonEWarren @heyitsrobbie He wasn’t very fit and I wasn’t in any trouble. He was just being an asshole. We we b… @Keitikinz @NathanielPNW They all look great tho. W 🙌 @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW @SupGirl Imagine Santa but a sugar daddy... @SupGirl Latin, so I know what demons I’ve summoned 😌 (and also so I can understand all Romance languages inherentl… @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW @SupGirl stop kink shaming Santa! 😌 @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW @SupGirl and checking it twice haha @SupGirl @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW 🤣🤍😘 @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @NathanielPNW @SupGirl Hahahahaha I have an entire LIST of Twitter faves and you are defini… @icyduff @heyitsrobbie rain or open water being moved by light wind. @NathanielPNW @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie @SupGirl 🥰🥰🥰😄 @BrandonEWarren @heyitsrobbie when the worlds not ending I go to a few local festivals a year during the summer. La… @MrJosh79 @heyitsrobbie I’m honestly don’t have any crushes but my faves are @NathanielPNW and @SupGirl 💍 @heyitsrobbie @MrJosh79 Damn it you beat me too it!! 🤣🤣🤣 @NathanielPNW @Keitikinz Or #3 it’s so Gatsby. I love it 🤍 @NathanielPNW @Keitikinz Same! #2 @heyitsrobbie me too! I love you guys so much haha 😇2. I’m 34 @heyitsrobbie @heyitsrobbie the first time years ago? bc my friends asked me too (I never used it). This more recent foray is due… Neff or Nicky @heyitsrobbie we are even the same height 🤣stolen from @heyitsrobbie 🤍 Like and comment the # of the question you want answered 😈 #horrorfam @MarsellusDurden I too have a loud funny voice. I promise I want this movie to be good tho! 🤣 @heyitsrobbie we have a ridiculous amount of things in common. 🤍😊 @MarsellusDurden Oh he can act, no doubts there & he’s a comedic actor but I have no issue with comedians that have… @MarsellusDurden If he doesn’t use some voice control it’s gonna be a comedy. 😅 honestly hope he doesn’t have a lot… @SupGirl & I'll give you a TV series & then post your favorite characters I got: Letterkenny 🍁…
From the mind of David Lynch
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪 @SupGirl @NathanielPNW @SupGirl How did I miss this? 🤣 @TommyDoyle47 Actually yeah haha
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪 @Spacemonkey907 @ToastedGhost93 🤣🤣🤣 @Bekkiness They are cuz they’re amazing like that. I’m still toxic tho 🤣 @MarindaReads @jeffreyKoval @langis941 @marixapanda @Megan6663 @MorticiaVibes @Sinnful_Redhead @WilliCaroline @ChuckysSideGirl @CazzleBoos @PitchAFett @Rob1987Big I love that horror films are evolving in this way. @StevenD53505389 Smile like you mean it @Rob1987Big I’m excited for it. If they kill her I will fucking riot tho.. @Rob1987Big There hasn’t been one, sis has double tap energy 🤍 @NathanielPNW they put the love of my LIFE Dianna Agron in the video for Just Another Girl. I almost died 😅 @Rob1987Big Yeah she wasn’t dumb at all and all her mishaps were human. I mean, what teenage girl wants to think th… @MASKEDMANIACXXX 🤣 love the Killers they fucking GET me. 🤍 @Rob1987Big That boy could not kill me hahaha I would be gone like a mf 🤣🤣 some of these slashers I find so funny.… @langis941 Haha 😆 @Rob1987Big without stupid people horror movies wouldn’t exist so I like to silently honor these morons tbh haha li… @briianabink sis, I was so upset. 🤣 @80sFanKaz He only kills people that are rude in his dms.. seems fair to me. @Spectreman_ @StarfireLounge I know enough about all of them to stay away from the kool-aid anti-trump or not but I… @briianabink Most worthy villain. Ever. I told my son he was disappointing our ancestors when he said Candyman wa… @briianabink @TheEndIsNighSho 🤣🤣🤣Candyman didn’t fuck with anybody that kept his name out their mouth. let that sink in. @OutdoorHaze perchance 😌 @OutdoorHaze he needs to be speaking about a prison sentence. He’s gonna be the best inmate. ‘UGE. 😎it’s so nice to see a president speak full sentences again 🥺
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪Happy Birthday, David Lynch 🖤
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪 @SupGirl @NathanielPNW
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪 @eastcoastxray @TheRealDee71 @StarfireLounge @heyitsrobbie @JayRodz34 this you? 😎🤍 @omar_syrinx2112 @Pander_Bear28 @LisaPortillo9 @MistressMalevo2 @TheOverlookSC @CharsieLuxxx @GeorgeSchmidt67’m in love with this man 😍🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Rob1987Big Happy Wednesday, good buddy 🤍 @WKsFilms now I wanna watch “without a paddle” haha @evil_toast916 🤣🤣🤣 @NathanielPNW Definitely a good actor. I like him in what I’ve seen him in for sure 😎 @NathanielPNW I had no idea... good for him! @GranyVanHelsing @NathanielPNW @SupGirl I need to find a gif with 3 cats haha 🤍 @NathanielPNW He’s so scary haha 😛actual footage of me saying goodnight to @NathanielPNW & @SupGirl 😇💤 @NathanielPNW Is that the bad guy from the mask!? Haha @Jessie_theAlien It does 🤣 @MrJosh79 Indeed 🙃‘night horror-buddies 🤍 key to a healthy mental state while browsing twitter dot com
Retweeted by neff goldblum 🥪 @birdboxinglife I make bomb brownies ngl haha @brianna_tolbert Yea definitely, I love those coasters 😁Alexa play Toxic by Britney, bitch @KirkCruz @JayRodz34 I haven’t even posted yet 🤣 @JayRodz34 @kerri_HD @Spacemonkey907 @ShayRaeInGame Jay I- HOW? @SupGirl @Horror_Disciple @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls I knooooooow haha we should watch party it soon? 🤔Type “(your first name) horror movie gif” into Google Images search and reply with the GIF that comes up first… @SupGirl @Horror_Disciple @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls 😬 @SupGirl @Horror_Disciple @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls I’ve never seen it 😅