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Intelligence and Spirit (Urbanomic/Sequence/MIT Press). Some of my views on philosophy, rationality, intelligence, etc:

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@confusedskull I looked at one of these online stores to see the prices. First of all they are quite arbitrary, som… @KamranBaradaran One of the reason I came here was to be away from all such concerns and stories once and for all,… @KamranBaradaran I understand, but as we have seen it for a few decades now, the situation can actually continue li… @induceoxytocin Sorry I mean satisfaction of a certain kind of connection. My fingers are not great at typing on a phone keypad. @induceoxytocin Yes, true. But in Iran there have always been terminally unrealistic property prices since I rememb… @induceoxytocin The housing market is sill inflated though even after being adjusted according to dollar. There is… @Muzyar Yes I was going to say that the prices we had we still local prices strained by unavailability of items but… @Cem_Oezhatay Look I think from a strictly economic perspective, it looks uncannily similar to Iran. I know the pri… @Muzyar I talk to my parents and friends so I have a vague idea about all this. It's not exactly like the wartime s… @denizhandak Yes, my of idea of Turkey is like my dad's idea of US he visit it. I have been to Turkey many times bu… @denizhandak Unbelievable. I thought Turkey is in a far better position. @sophistrionics Quite a great but not entirely, the level of mismanagement in Iran has always been legendary and has become more so.The obvious answer is that they don't live because it's impossible but then they do, so then question is under what… I want to know from Iranians friends living in Iran is that how can regular people survive when the national c… @interpretantion He starts as usual with a Husserlian framework which he presents lucidly but then he instantly div… @interpretantion It's all of that plus huge amount of highly technical neurosci research on vision, locomotion, etc.Curious to know who has managed to read Jean Petitot's recently translated Neurogeometry of Vision? The level of ex… @carl_b_sachs The Briefer course. @carl_b_sachs Sadly not. It's from William James Text Book on Psychology. @subtileos Sir, everything I do in life is an act of heresy.The humble position from which cognitive science and the science of mind should begin: @Alephwyr The point of these questions was not extracting information but to break and finally turn communists. The…
Absent inserting a sharp object under my fingernails, etc. here my answers:'ve been reading the communist and anti-communist materials published in the 80s by the Tudeh party and Iran gov.… @cellattached I read this a long time ago, I remember it was scattered throughout. I just looked at the table of co… @sophistrionics No, my question was that what does the intensification of complexity (runway complexification at ea… @cellattached Check out the books I mentioned as well. @cellattached Read further posts in the thread. This is the idea of understanding complexity in a proper sense: whe… @sophistrionics Hard to say. The problem of complexity is always -multi-level meaning complexity cannot be defined… @cotarddeleuzian Can you elaborate on what you mean by inserting sub-levels ad absurdum? Do you mean identifying an… @sophistrionics By runaway complexity do you mean something like claims made about GPT-3's linguistic powers? @induceoxytocin No this is not about the statement, it's about the phenomenological conditions which are implicitly… @EcoGothicNihil Some are in English and some in French. For English look at Zenon Pylyshyn seminal text, Computation and Cognition.In a nutshell 'accumulation of complexity' is the specification of precise levels capable of not only realizing a c…'s roughly the problem of attributing complex perceptual and cognitive abilities to specific intermediary levels… of the most significant insights in cognitive sciences and AI--from both theoretical and methodological pov--is… @IanGrygs Are you familiar with Petitot's neurogeomtry of vision? @AdaDimasalang No this: @AdaDimasalang If you think this is tiresome you haven't seen the lego map of reading I&S. @AdaDimasalang For tracking the outlines like in the book, you need to use ldraw (no blender needed). For model rendering only studio. @AdaDimasalang I think you get those rendering glitches because the base you are using for the home-maker heads (th…
@AdaDimasalang I see you have become addicted. The base for the home-maker heads in the book's diagram is wrong. Yo… @froglament PP picks up certain aspects of it, not the full idea of the thought experiment. The only works I have i… particularly: @induceoxytocin It has in epistemology. Re semantics, I suspect so, but then requires a certain kind of explicit li… @mccoyspace The actual correspondence is I think in Boltzmann's later life and philosophy by Blackmore. @mccoyspace Another great reference is Cattaruzza's Brentano and Boltzmann...And what if this time interval could be represented a daemon who replaces the pen with the book or another object… put a pen in the drawer, close the drawer and expect that upon opening the drawer you will see a pen and not a… example, one problem coming from the drawer-opening experiment is the translation of discretely time-stamped i… it comes to perception, how can we ever generate a genuine problem by understanding 'where' the problem is.In a very crude sense, the drawer-opening experiment is as simple as putting an object in a drawer, closing it and… a blade with multiple edges targeting at once established dogmas regarding temporal perception, phenomenal perm… writing intelligence and spirit's chapter on Boltzmann, I have slowly realized the disquieting significance o… @lastpositivist Babylon is a different story. True gods of civilization never go wrong around these issues. @lastpositivist Another tweet that if I like it sets me back at least 3k followers! @simon_sellars @MiguelPrad0 The early episodes are dismally slow, but it is great in the late episodes. The final e… a classic, John O’Keefe on Kant:
@EqualParallel This is the best summary of the griftoid art world. @bauerbrun @bratton Thank you so much for this investigating work. @bratton If I were the monetarily desensitized CEO of a a very controversial and self-professed laid-back company l… @AforAbstraction See my exchanges with Simon on exactly this point. @EqualParallel Great point. Lethal capitalism is not your theoretical enemy, its actions are, lol. @PizzledMilk I have had my own fair of meta-Stalin jokes. This however is not a joke though, it's a misfired idiocy. @PizzledMilk Zizek has no qualm about it. His Stalin poster is great whereas this is cringe all the way up or down.And yes we are talking about this unfortunate setback in the history of publicity unfortunately: a pic of Foucault in your exec room, thinking it will help your cause as a Panopticon contractor is going t… @peligrietzer The whole configuration too, Wittgenstein reborn. @peligrietzer You look a bit like a melancholic Wittgenstein here. What is going on? @JPCaron1 My dear sir, we should talk soon. @subtileos I don't think you absolutely need to read his political writings like Take Back Your Government, but sim… @subtileos In a nutshell, alt-right in the Thiel sense is essentially the continuation of the legacy of those commu… @subtileos ... someone like Heinlein is a sophisticated libertarian (think if the macho commie Jack London had aged… @subtileos No, I don't think so. Rand is just a libertarian scarecrow. Within the ranks of libertarianism there are… @ethicistforhire @fitchett_adam Have you read Bertolotti's Legosophie? It could be a great work addressing ideas ab… @noologizing @nemocentric In other words, he is just plopping time-reversal / inversion on everything in the movie… @noologizing @nemocentric You are right there is a re-enactment of time-reversal on the level of sound / dialogue.… great thread by Simon. And here some exchanges between the two of us re what I would call the Thiel functio… @noologizing @nemocentric Was it because of the method of sound mixing? The dialogues themselves are quite muddled. @8leggedloser Yes, but it's the inferential connection that is important. Real concepts and the explication of thei… @ethicistforhire @fitchett_adam Just because someone did it, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. I very much look for… @SimonDeDeo Or for that matter, it can lead them to be better capitalists. @SimonDeDeo I have this joke that heretic capitalism in the sense of ideological separationism like Thiel's uprisin… @SimonDeDeo By the time that capitalism starts to undermine their financial well-being in the most drastic, then th… @SimonDeDeo Yes, because they are naive to think that there is an explicit political ideology inherent in capitalis… @SimonDeDeo Thiel's explicit political alliance is his Achilles' heel, but Capitalism does not give two cents about… @SimonDeDeo Which means the long con of tech capitalism is not Thiel or Karp's version of exodus from Silicon Valle… @SimonDeDeo Yes, definitely but these controversial contracts are always at the whim of the political climate. With… @SimonDeDeo Which means the long con of tech capitalism is not Thiel or Karp's version of exodus from Silicon Valle… @SimonDeDeo I can see Alex Karp reading this book and techno-capitalism still intact albeit in a new form. @demogramas I have a good example of this in Iranian Revolution: the use of these cliques by Tudeh party. Their pub… @demogramas It's a symptom of a fundamental methodological problem in pedagogy, in circulation of ideas and in crea… @great_old_ones_ @polt_ Antiviral is a genuine early Cronenberg the father cosmic sleaze horror. I highly recommend… @demogramas By replacing or at least supplementing with conceptual unpacking / actual argumentation.Hidden in the mathematical structure of Bayes' Rule are atomic values of explanation-making. These give us new insi…
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@bluubijan Oh, I see LA. Did you go to that grocery store where they make kebab properly? Every restaurant in LA is… @bluubijan This is disgustingly Persian. How did you get this amount fresh herb to begin with? @NA5DAQ That is absolutely right.The critical mood: @induceoxytocin They do play a role but not fundamentally. There is essay by Seibt and co on catastrophe theory which I recommend.