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@quietvertigo I don't see how you can put Bob Dylan higher than Freddie. I don't really consider Bob Dylan a singer, to be honest
@rafaelshimunov What if we just forcibly reallocate all their money to fund research @mattlieb @AOC @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN These folks are utterly incapable of processing "I like both candidates and I…
Tulsi Gabbard say that she doesn’t control the Russian bots that support her, but she did control the hiring of Ch…
Retweeted by NeilAbsolutely brilliant demolition of the arguments against a confirmatory referendum from Rachel in Parliament Square.
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These people should be serving sentences. The fucking morons McConnell project is to use the minoritarian power of the Senate, along with the minoritarian power of the Pres…
Retweeted by NeilWhy isn’t this headline “Sanders leads Trump in Iowa”? Because that’s what the article says
Retweeted by NeilThird Paragraph
Retweeted by Neil @JasonSCampbell @KevinMKruse Show him the one with all the carmakers voluntarily going ahead with California fuel efficiency standards.
@mattlieb I'm in LA area again! Gonna come see one of your shows one of these days and surprise ya @mattlieb Are you working with him on set? Say hi! @mattlieb Whoaaaaa. Oh yeah he's been aping my style for YEARSGonna go out on a limb here and guess that Trump doesn't know anything about Syria/Kurds/Turkey/ISIS I base this as…
So far today, Rand Paul, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Donald Trump Jr. and Meghan McCain have weighed in on how bad nepotism is.
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DANG! Neil Cavuto gave Fox viewers nothing but the truth in this clip. Must watch.
Retweeted by Neil @dmeans_ I have! And I love talismans! @dmeans_ Wtf is that @dmeans_ In the midst of a similar thing with my audio monitors getting cell tower interference
Before and after licking toxic envelopes
Retweeted by Neil @OhNoSheTwitnt Calling it now, Ben Shapiro's child comes out as non-binary in ~10 years.“You, too can rent the U.S. military ... even if you’ve flown jets into our skyscrapers.”
Retweeted by Neil @JordanUhl I never could have predicted the ending. Never
man this is so funny to me. what a coward
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@TheDailyShow "the Republicans are just angry over the result of the 2018 election and want a do over."Just your reminder that if Democrats hadn’t won the House in 2018, all of this would have been buried by Republican…
Retweeted by NeilChallenge accepted! Here is a transition between surface area of US counties and their associated population. This…
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Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years: (Full column:…
Retweeted by Neil @JeniChua I mean none of his voters care @JeniChua Already appealed and ruling stayed. He can slow walk it through the courts until after the election which…
Why aren’t the subways functional? Why is college so expensive? Why is your health insurance premium so high? Why d…
Retweeted by NeilIt's cool that unemployment is at a record low and now everyone has a job that doesn't pay enough to live on
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@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Tell us what the $ raised per person is @realDonaldTrump Now you're just begging. Sad!Whether Bernie stays in or drops out, whether he wins or loses, the best way to honor the enormous amount of good h…
Retweeted by NeilBlack woman who filmed Jean’s last moment, where he asked Amber Guyger, “Why did you shoot me?”: fired from job, fi…
Retweeted by Neil"and if it is, it's not my fault"
@rplevy Libertarians are worthless @rplevy Sure dude. States like Norway, Canada are "people dying" @rplevy This is a stunningly bad take. Gridlock is people dying. Gridlock is humans never overcoming big challenges…
@buttpraxis These people are garbage @milestougeaux 😆 @milestougeaux I think it's the GOP forgot that the right wing media bullshit was for the rubes that vote for them. @CassandraRules Sure. Anyone over 65 doesn't get to vote either.
for context, Trump and the Republicans are trying to claim they don't have to respond to Congressional subpoenas un… not having any of GOP's bullshit. Amazing that an entire political party can huff its own farts instead of j… @gtconway3d what's there to talk about?
strutting into local wework, slapping down a hundo and taking over half a floor for 6 months. I have no startup, ju…
Retweeted by Neil @realDonaldTrump Pelosi spent the first ten minutes of her press conference today updating the country on all the t… FIGHT: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly press conference with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair…
Retweeted by Neil @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Lol what are the standards of impeachment, you ask? Literally whatever the House says the…
@SharylAttkisson Sharyl, how many Democrats are there in the United States? How many Republicans?the last, what, 10 days of news have shown what happens when a political force perceived as unstoppable encounters…
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@steveklabnik We save $50,000 a year but besides that...“Waiter, there’s a cockroach in my rice.” “WHAT ABOUT COCKROACHES AT OTHER RESTUARANTS?!” - American politics 2019
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@swedenfactcheck @Hbomberguy 👏 they 👏 are 👏This is true: Taft never got impeached @RudyGiuliani Deal. From here in out, no Bidens, Clintons, or Trumps can be President ever again. Help make it happen, Rudy @PreetBharara He makes money, today, off concentration camps for children, Preet.
@jsmooth995 "The only jokes that are funny to me have the word 'fag' in them." @buttpraxis it might cure you @realDonaldTrump But Biden denies it, so, it's not true.
2019 media i found the 'explicit quid pro quo' and I'm available to answer any questions you may have on how to read. @shane_burley1 coachella for sure. Burning Man at least started out cool @Glambert4everAL It's great! My favorite track is Stranger You Are @alx @realDonaldTrump people calling the situation in Ukraine from 2014-Present a "fabricated story" are really telling on themselves here.“The point of investigating the administration is not to find the one thing they could nail him on, but to find all…
Retweeted by NeilHey look, exactly what people who have been pushing for impeachment for years have been saying would happen happene…
Retweeted by Neil @lm_arts But you're right. Her age has nothing to do with her failure to act sooner. That's just her political acum… @lm_arts Sooo I have a problem with that? @lm_arts It's also about forcing the GOP to vote yes or no on whether THEY are ok with these crimes. And nothing be… @lm_arts As you know there's no chance in hell that the GOP votes to remove Donald Trump from office. This is entir… secret computer server. Irony is dead.
Retweeted by NeilHere's @RepRatcliffe, whose nomination to become DNI crashed and burned after it emerged he had lied about his cred…
Retweeted by NeilRussians knew back in MAY that Trump admin was extorting an entire country for political gain. How do you think the… @lm_arts Again, I commend pelosi for doing the bare minimum required of her office that when the opportunity finall… @lm_arts Yeah IN RETROSPECT. None of this would be happening if not for a single whistleblower having some courage.… @lm_arts That's a fair point and you're right. I think a lot of my anger is coming from a place where I haven't see… @peterdaou Don't forget the white Boomer women! Just check my mentions over the last few days @boring_as_heck @willmenaker Fat Lindsey Graham @benshapiro for a guy whining about how the media jumps to conclusions instead of waiting for more information, you… @benshapiro @benshapiro @benshapiro @benshapiro Culture Isn't A Thing, You Snowflakes - Some More News @BetoORourke to be clear, it was dead the moment the last group of people were dead by guns because the Republicans remain in charge.'no time, not mine' live (hasty-take) ...
Retweeted by Neiloldie but a goodie. See ya tomorrow, you spineless leech
2019 @thehill @GOPLeader "Please ignore the guy who blew the whistle on crimes committed, and then the guy who violated… @alohaPF @Mitla96 @mickivick i'm going off of her statements over the past 2 years. She's been against impeachment… @Invisible_Ride and if your main objective is to stick a thumb into the eye of the media, your vote would be for Sanders. @Invisible_Ride that's fair, i just ask you to be realistic about who you'll actually have the option of voting for in November. @Invisible_Ride wait so your theory is that everything Warren has said in the past 8 years is an elaborate ruse to… @Invisible_Ride voted...for? As a private citizen? Are we just wanting everyone's idea about policy to stay frozen…