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@dan_spratling Thanks Dan, got a lot to work on now 💪 @dan_spratling @dan_spratling I’m nervous. @rothecoder 😂😂 @sudo_overflow @Netlify Also you don’t need to set up the configuration if it’s a react project that you need for GitHub pages @sudo_overflow @Netlify Yup it’s amazing! @Lindsey_design Amazing 👏👏 @RikNieu *more @weibenfalk @traversymedia It would be awesome if I could play it on mobile :) @RabbiGreenberg @VonageDev Looks good 😋 @RikNieu Just a note in depth knowledge and maybe lesser known functionality @idoshamun Whatever works best for you 🙏 @EddyVinckk Not sure I’ll ever learn vim, time will tell @LeonMichalak Literally everything. Hosting, authentication, storage. @BryanGuillenS What does Nest do? @jackdomleo7 Solid list 🙏 @jackdomleo7 I’m happy for your success!Things I need/want to learn (or learn better) - React Native ⚛️ - Firebase 🔥 - Material UI - Git ✅ - Tailwind CS… @cat__logic I’m not saying it’s bad I’m saying I don’t like it
Why are people offended or get upset with me when I say I don’t like TypeScript? Feel free to use it, I just personally don’t want to 😅 @RiaCorpeno @rafrasenberg 🤔👀👀 @SimonHoiberg Option 2. But I don’t like using entries for this reason. I prefer to use keys @trevorpage1287 It’s not super uncommon, came home the other day @traversymedia I don’t think I’ve ever heard array outside of a programming context 😂😂 @dechmilznik Yes. We had a lot of automation coverage and would often assume it was the automation that was broken 😂 @JavaScriptCoff1 Probably a good extension for your Editor @MpowOfficial @jackdomleo7 :)Here are some of mine: Event Object React Hooks DevelopWhat are some common words that instantly make you think of programming? @willvincent I approve. @idoshamun Super quick to start especially when I’m not 100% sure how the application will change @mhm13_dev @bijay_ps But what if you don’t do any validation @bijay_ps So for me express does make things much quicker. But I’m not sure Mongoose is making anything quicker or easier @madza911 What does it simplify for you? @kelvinmai But do I really need defined schemas? @BryanGuillenS I do not like typescript :) @dustinspecker @CrashleyGames Agreed. Filter is great when you want to remove values, map for changing values :). I… always seem to use Mongoose but I’m not sure why... should I just use mongodb directly? 😅 @devinDford @FrancescoCiull4 I’ve been promoted since then. @devinDford Amazing, congratulations! @BlakieCodes That seems like a good wishlist of skills to me @felizardodev Being able to write code is knowledge
@laurieontech But then how will I feel better about myself?!? @theisomorphic That’s some next level Runescape grindWe just published an alpha release of Create React App 4.0 with Fast Refresh! Help us test before the official rele…
Retweeted by Nehemiah @jackdomleo7 Much more detailed, nice!Coding, can I put you on a hold for a second? My imposter syndrome is calling... @rothecoder I haven’t had pizza in the past two weeks 😂 @towernter 💪 @BeyondLoop Interesting. How would you conduct the interviewing process? What would the interview itself consist of… @oh_hey_josh I like how precise this example is! @jackdomleo7 Really? I’m not sure if I was in a hiring position I would set the bar that low. It would be really ha… @imraghava Is basic created a few of their own projects or watched a few tutorials? @britnorcodes You wouldn’t expect someone with a lot of drive to have some level of knowledge? @jherr What level of experience in that knowledge would you expect?I think we can all agree companies need to start hiring more junior developers. Here’s my question: What knowledg… @_mallorybrewer_ I don’t think anyone suggested FreeCodeCamp yet, so I strongly would recommend @rothecoder That’s impressiveOne of my favorites parts of coding is when you’re building a side project and you get to the point in the project… @SantamariaCode See my comment to Brandon :) @brand1saunders Case by basis. But I had a weird feeling going in. And already after a week or two I was miserable.… @joojaco Oh hello 👋 @kvlly Why is this so relatable? @SoSplush 😂 I hate when autocorrect doesn’t let me use my fake words that I use way more frequently than the real ones @agentm831 I have your best interests in mind ;)You don’t need to update your LinkedIn the second you get a new job. It’s okay to wait and see that it works out fi… @RabbiGreenberg Good morning 🌞 @skay_tech Oh hi familiar faces :) @rothecoder Congrats Ro!Congratulations @CodeDiv16 on being selected to win a copy of @catalinmpit new eBook - Improve Your Online Presence…
@jackdomleo7 @catalinmpit Congratulations! @dan_spratling Very nice @BauerVadim @anniebombanie_ @jackdomleo7 @AnnaJMcDougall @catalinmpit @rafrasenberg @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev @TheCodePixi You’d be surprised I think 🤔 @elyktrix I guess I’ll take it 🤷‍♂️Confession: I never go to Stack Overflow directly, it’s only when Google tells me to. @jackdomleo7 @anniebombanie_ Does Jack realize where the original came from....?
@jarodpeachey I fully support this endeavour:) @weibenfalk @traversymedia Really neat @EddyVinckk Really good way to look at it @jarodpeachey The struggle is realDoes anyone else get stressed out when they see articles that are way over their heads? @ossia @Netlify Quincy, you’re quite the early adopter. @kentaro_au 😂 @Sephtyi 💪 @rafrasenberg Never. Legacy code. @oliverjumpertz 😷😎 @TheKinng96 I do need some authentication. I’m more wondering in general. Currently a recipe app thoughWhat should I use for my project, Axios or fetch? @Vanaf1979 If I had Face ID 😂 @lauracharvey I was just thinking that 😂 @abhiajinkya Ha wow that is me right now. I also have my backpack on 😂 @abhiajinkya Is this what they look like in COD? @nitrocode @FrancescoCiull4 has already dubbed me as Codepool 🤓A mask covering my mouth and nose to keep Corona away. 😷 Headphones over my ears to keep the music in my ears. 🎧… @sarah_bean 😓 @agentm831 Congrats! @amit_sheen @CodePen Really cool @HaugFreddy Feel free to clone it from my GitHub 🤓 @MattCodeJourney @anniebombanie_ @traversymedia @SimonHoiberg @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev @thecodercoder 😂😂