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sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. from reality. away from your own thoughts. from eve…
Indian govt earn 700cr/day that's approx 25 trillion rupee annuly. In 45 days public proved if ppl won't drink the…
India: We need more hospitals. Hospitals: We need PPE kits and ventilators. Modi: Shower petals on hospitals.
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@y_priyanshi Modi bas maan ki baat krta h desh k baat desh k logo pe chor dia hArmed forces to fly past from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Helicopter to shower flower petals on hospitals to thanks h… Lockdown extended for two more weeks.(4 May - 17 May)
They can't bear the pain that @WhiteHouse unfollow MODI and President KOVIND. Now they are comparing who has bigg… in India m pakode ke sath chai bhi chal rha hai. @sane_indian That not real issue when we have much to worry about.🙂2020 is a cursed year for India. It has started with Modi destroying economy. Announcement of CAA NRC. Kapil Mishr…
Open threat on camera to poor Muslim vendors by BJP MLA. In this crucial time of epidemic BJP used it as a golden… confirmed that Hydroxychloroquine sent by Modi to his friend Doland Trump was non-branded Patanjali chaap whi… Khan star of Slumdog Millionaire demised on Wednesday at the age of 54. First Bollywood actor in two Academ…
Highly advanced technology santra mask with gaumutr antivirus software installed which protects you from COVID+UV+H… @aadshh4 Google knows everything.Modia report: BREAKING NEWS A mob of muslim jihadist killed a innocent Hindu and they carried him on a bier and bur… Agnivesh was attacked by a mob in Pakur, Jharkhand in July 2018. Two Sadhus was lynched in Palghar Maharasht…
Mumbai police are very well aware of what is more threatening than COVID. COVID can kill millions but modia virus… there would have been a weekly contest named "Twitter Person of the Week". No doubt Arnab wouldn't have coined…;dr: Arnab is as brave & courageous during a police investigation as Modi ji is during an open press conference.
Retweeted by Nehr_who™ @vishj05 Mumbai police know modia virus is more fatal than coronavirus.Who has dog collar and biscuits in his mouth nation knows BnD. The legit question to ask here is was 12 hour inter… like Modi had track of black money and counterfeit notes after demonetization. for @MumbaiPolice increased today. This is a tit for tat situation for Arnab. The way he harass people in h… english is bad I don't get prepared script as Modiji and also i not a bona fide degree holder as Modiji. are disappointed“Karta ne, karm ko, karan se ke dwara,sampradana ko ke liye,apadan se, adhikaran me par,sambhodan hey arey”"Like Modi is wisest & honest Prime Minister.''
When modiji can ask people to bang utensils from balcony then why can't they fly kites from home. Has there been a… only reminds me of Modiji. I'm extremely sad there will be no one to ask him how he will eat out mangoes this… of the biggest epidemic in the history: • The Black Death (1346-1353) • Spanish flu (1918) • Sixth cholera (1… world will remember India while the whole world was busy fighting the deadly virus here some morons were bus…'S only fetish is communal angel. is a society where rape victims have to die or commit suicide to get justice. @leo_r111 Let me be very clear I'm not a sorcerer💀RTI had showed that a #MannKiBaat program cost ₹8.3 cr Since COVID crisis started, Modi has done 4 #MannKiBaat sho…
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Some of the benefits of coronavirus epidemic: • 4.5% Economy settled down • CAA, NRC settled down • Delhi riot set… #Google @aadshh4 There was never a backup plan to save democracy. love ट्विटर night Trump suggested injecting disinfectants as a treatment for COVID. Today in a press release he said he… @Pun_Starr Vivek Agnihotri is listening to you over and out. @AMukher51728437 @BhavikaKapoor5 I belong to republic party
@bandrabachha @Pun_Starr @Nehru_wh0 Parody is the pillar of twitter. Gn 😴 @ikaveri Give me any but not this quarantine.Ar kab tak lockdown karwao folkes. Modiji bina vacation k kab tak bunker mein band rhenge!? @Pun_Starr I'm awake so i can comment. @ikaveri He is just the parody version of modi or vice versa. @Marwari_gujju2 @Squirrelly_Sour @totalymental @vishj05 @AhmedabadPolice @MODIfiedVikas #RamadanMubarak @desi___hu @FlatEarthOrg is offering you a free membership.BREAKING NEWS: Two cats in New York have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile tension among Modi la… want to participate in #boycott_DainikJagran campaign. But i haven't subscribed to them ever. Am I eligible to boycott?I thought these were mango. paisa bhejo phr jawab. i lost my taste in 90s songs. like Modi degree. Modiji kuch kijyea wafadari ka inaam kidhar hai? Modi: Ho jaega BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court judge transfer… has bought a 9.9% stake in Reliance Jio for $5.7 billion (Rs 43,574 crore), making Mukesh Ambani richest p…
@Pun_Starr Abhi toh soya bhi nhi bhaiBd. @AMISHDEVGAN 's special request to @narendramodi ji. #ArnabAttacked #AmishAttackedDaily
Retweeted by Nehr_who™ @BhavikaKapoor5 Sab changi siSC didn't give date for 370 for months , for CAA for weeks and for an ethical person like Arnab SC immediately ready hear. Wow just Wow ...
Retweeted by Nehr_who™*hisArnab is a child who after a fight with this elder brother end up getting beaten and after crying goes to his dad t… 114K to 114 followers. Earth is round 🌎 @AmanAswal17 @vikasaayega Lockdown chal rha h upar wala cahega sab thik ho jaega @Rofl_Swara @Rofl_Swara_ Welcome to the club buddy @Pun_Starr @RoflGandhi_ @BajpayeeManoj Version 2.0 Manoj Bajpai hai yeYe Sambit Patra #RentalMulle kidr se doondh ke lata h. Abhi toh market bhi band h. Ye kaunsa chor bazar hai jiska mujhe nhi pta.🤔 @SOURAVM92125478 @Apni_JK @RoflGandhi_ new #COVID19 cases & 34 deaths reported in the last 24 hours and whole India is playing Arnab-Arnab.BREAKING NEWS: Report from the sources claim that @kunalkamra88 was the original mastermind behind the last night f… khatam hue h jazbaa junoon ar sarcasm nhi aur pyaar krne walo ki toh kami h nhi h NEWS: After looking at the pattern of attack on Arnab since 2002 Gujrat car attack then attack by… proved Arnab is the biggest threat to India than COVID.Suddenly biggest pandemic coronavirus is not the biggest issue of the India. Alleged attack on the Arnab is the big…न्यूज़ वालों को भी न्यूज़ में रहने का शौक़ है। अजीब दौर है।
Retweeted by Nehr_who™Arnab's Father was a BJP leader Arnab's Uncle was a Cabinet Minister Arnab made it big because of his bada baap c…
Retweeted by Nehr_who™There is a report coming that the person who attacked Arnab i mean who threw ink on the Arnab's car was #JohnCena🖖 @retheeshraj10 How about Vivek Agnihotri?
@RahulSampat2 @vikasaayega शुभ शुभ बोलो मोदी जी सुन लेंगे @vikasaayega @Avichamp7 @Nehr_who @GautamTrivedi_ पार्टी चलेगी टील सिक्स इन द मोरनिंग।।इतनी अच्छी कहानी तो चेतन भगत भी नहीं लिखता अपनी नोबेल में जितनी अर्नब सुना रहा है। at this ridiculous creature! You don’t have the support of “the people of India,” Arnab, you have the support…
Retweeted by Nehr_who™अर्नब हबीबी का कार बुरी तरह लहू लुहान होगया, काला काला खून कार पे फैली है। अर्नब के गाड़ी का भी काला खून? 😳😳😳
Retweeted by Nehr_who™#SoniaGandhi sent such sloppy goons🤣... it took #ArnabGoswami’s guards JUST 5 MINUTES to extract the info. from the…
Retweeted by Nehr_who™A thief commits larceny. After that, he puts the valuables down, writes his address, mobile no. on a paper and give…
Retweeted by Nehr_who™Arnab is the second best dramebaz after Modi. Period! @rohini_sgh His security guard could be the one who were performing this scripted act for Arnab to gain sympathy an…मै अर्णब के कार पर सियाही फेके जाने पर इसकी कड़ी राजनाथ निंदा करता हूं। @republic @coolfunnytshirt Script for the next episode of Crime Petrol is ready. Anyone interested? @rohini_sgh Attack on Arnab is more legit than Modi promise to people of India of 15 lakh in their bank acc and 5 trillion economy.Some people are comparing Arnab with Ravish Kumar. It's just like comparing untamed dog with his kind master.People who are supporting Arnab on twitter are the same people who__ *sorry they are just bunch of bhakts and IT cell botsEveryone who is asking where I have been what happened to my account where are my followers? Modi ji ka bulwa aaya tha yaad kia the humko.Peekaboo! I'm back😎