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Brooklyn nerd in LA. Work @CWKatyKeene. Writer. Feminist. Pop culture enthusiast. If it’s gay, I ship it. All good tweets ghostwritten by @cmaroon.

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@davidnuvelle go away David nobody asked for your opinionHappy Pride, y’all. said “Fuck Trump”’all remember when Hitler went to his bunker at the end of World War II? I hope it’s like that. @davidnuvelle Shut your fucking capitalist mouth, bitchBoy you’d think a country that can equip every cop like a soldier could equip every doctor like a doctor
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter“Not all cops” You’re Right, paw patrol would never do this.
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Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter @cmaroon @elcincodemaya Also this I’m so obsessed how strange, this protest today in Echo Park was completely peaceful with zero instances of escalating violence…’s finale of Vida has been such a beautiful send-off to this amazing series, and has provided me with a much… you get stranded in LA, DM me. I’ll Venmo you uber money to get home.
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterI love my comic store and hope they will be able to recover from the protests. @GAppleComics Sending you all love ❤️.@MayorOfLA Giving people 42 minutes notice for a citywide curfew is pathetic, you should be ashamed for the relative silence today. Yesterday took a lot out of me, and I’m trying to find the right words to say… not the KKK? FUCK you
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterCoward in Chief fact that madison beer recorded this is what’s taking me out
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Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterJust a couple weeks ago “protesters” brought their guns and a ROCKET LAUNCHER to a Subway because they didn’t want…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterhours and miles of peaceful protesting yesterday that got little to no coverage. all throughout beverly hills and w…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterGAY COP FROM ONWARD IS A BASTARD
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterAriana Grande is one of the biggest artists in the world. Not only did she use her platform to express her anger an…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterCaught on camera, police explode in rage and violence across the US
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterAny wh*te gay who has spoken out against the destruction of property as a form of protest or has vocally sympathize… @rosedommu Rose omgi repeat FUCK JAKE PAUL he’s a millionaire looting while people are outside protesting, getting shot with rubber bu…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterProtesters in Chile employing Lasers en masse to disorient, neutralize Riot Police
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterAnyhow fuck trump and keep going. be safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask and again, fuck Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterNot Bratz making a better statement than any celeb so far
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterNo. We haven’t “won”. Keep protesting. @CourtneyPerdue1 I know. I hate that. I hate it so much.My friend sent me this video he took from today’s #LAProtests . See how the protesters provoked the cops right befo…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterOn the one hand, I want this man to live long enough to be put on trial and prosecuted to the full extent of the la… @AkilahObviously very thisYou know shit is about to get real when the witches, amish and anonymous come out of hiding. The government’s day o…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterNo rioting. No looting. Nothing on fire. LAPD just starts beating the shit out of people.
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterPut this on the news.
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Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter @macNC40 Love you sis 💖💖💖imagine studying 2020 and you’ve just passed covid and moved onto the blm protests only for anonymous to reappear o…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterCurrently watching @2ftbinch spin over on Twitch, and he's raising money for #BlackLivesMatter. Come dance with us,… @Hman811 THANK YOU for doing your partAnyway, if anybody needs a good escape right now, Legendary on HBO Max is just America's Best Dance Crew meets Pose… @WilliamLLott They must be waiting for the transport busses @mattpnoel fucking hellI'm going to turn the police scanner off and try to calm myself down after these past two hours. I'll still be on T… Detroit: Nashville: Austin:
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterPortland: Houston: Dallas: Colorado:…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterBrooklyn: Louisville: Seattle:
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterThread of bail funds across the country LA: Philly: Chicago:…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter @SchwartzApprovd I'm home safe, don't worry about me! Everything tonight has been from the comfort of my keyboard.… anybody (LA or otherwise) finds themselves in a tight situation tonight, please do not hesitate to reach out. I… minutes until curfew. Please, everyone, stay safe tonight. Things are bad now, and they're going to get worse.…'re trying to trap protestors on Fairfax between Rosewood and Clinton. #LAProtestLAPD is pushing northbound on Fairfax, and there's going to be a blockade at Rosewood. They will start making arres… is calling for additional units to an alleyway at Beverly and Sierra Bonita. If you're in this crowd, be aware. #LAProtestHayworth and Rosewood. Orange Grove and Rosewood. Avoid these areas if you can. Arrests are about to begin. #LAProtestLAPD is about to start making arrests at Fairfax and Beverly. Trying to push people to Oakwood and Orange Grove. Cu…'re trying to contain protesters in-between the current main streets (Fairfax, La Brea, Beverly, and Melrose) t… I was there and you’re full of shit.
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterThey are trying to push crowds East. DO NOT GO EAST. #LAProtestLAPD is pushing protestors to Poinsettia. #LAProtestLAPD is trying to push protestors eastbound and into alleys right now. Stick to the side streets. #LAProtestLAPD says they can't contain the side-streets in West Hollywood. Protestors, take note. #LAProtest @kevinpokeeffe @ArmandTweets cops are cops, they chose to do this.Every white gay posting a selfie right now should be publicly shamed. Read the room, homos. Retweet a PoC posting a… is sending additional munitions to 3rd and Gardner. #LAProtestsLos Angeles Military Department.
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterThey are trying to push protestors over to Gardner street in West Hollywood. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. #LAProtestsThey are sending ammo to Curson and Beverly. #LAProtestsIf any protestors need rides home before the 8pm curfew, sound off in the replies. Also, if you're willing to run… reports of large groups pushing East. DO NOT GO EAST. They are trying to drive you East to make mass arrests. #LAProtestsThey're running out of ammo guys. Don't push northbound. They're trying to trap you while they wait for runners to… was at the 3rd and Fairfax protest. It was peaceful before the cops arrived
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterThey will start pushing protestors northbound and east. Keep pushing south, y'all. They want to corral you north of… heading to Beverly and Stanley. Get out of there. #LAProtestsThey will try to push you northbound on The Grove Drive. Avoid at all costs. #LAProtestsSquads heading to 3rd and Hayworth. #LAProtestsTHEY ARE RELOADING AT BEVERLY AND STANLEY. GET OUT OF THERE. #LAProtestsThey want protestors to go eastbound to start making mass arrests. They are calling for ammo reloads. 40 and 9mm. #LAProtestsThey're shutting down traffic eastbound at Beverly and Fairfax. #LAProtests @matty_bagels ✊✊✊ Love you dude, stay safeThey are sending a squad to the north side of Beverly and Genesee. I repeat: BEVERLY AND GENESEE. #LAProtestsThey are sending officers to Genesee and Beverly. Get out of there. #LAProtestsAvoid Grove Drive at all possible costs, they are trying to drive protestors there to start making arrests next.LAPD wants protesters to move eastbound. Do NOT let them herd you.Stay alert. Stay vigilant. Here’s the scanner., they just said “If they figure out to use the alleys by the Grove, it’s going to be a problem for us”. Stick to the alleyways.THE COALITION FOR HUMANE IMMIGRANT RIGHTS OF LOS ANGELES (CHIRLA) Phone (213) 353-1333 Toll-free: 1-888-624-4752…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatter“Let’s start picking individuals off” is a legitimate thing that was just said on the LAPD police scanner. They are… NOT RUN OUT OF THE PARKING LOT ONTO 3RD STREET. THEY ARE TRYING TO BOTTLENECK YOU AND MAKE MASS ARRESTS. #BLACKLIVESMATTERIf you are in the parking lot at Fairfax and 3rd, GET OUT! They are calling for additional resources to block every… is currently planning mass arrests and requesting backup. Here’s the Sheriff’s dispatch feed if you’re still o… Chromatica, no one person is greater than another. We ask our followers to raise their voice and do what they ca…
Retweeted by Queer Rebel #BlackLivesMatterNot only did the cops prevent this peaceful display from moving forward, but because of the standstill a Jeep (driv…