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Neil @neilbelieves New Jersey, USA

Here to talk everything Movies, Music, & Sports. 📽🎞🎬🎶🎸🥁🎤🏈⚾️🏀🏒

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@TheGrungeScene @GrungeInspired @LeahBLeedy24 @jmr___18 @titletownusa73 @Mikehomeseller @IMDb The Witches (1990) @sequelsonly @TommyDoyle47 @80sMovieNetwork @1carolinagirl @abhorrently_urs @govivaloco @stephiesmallls @BrysonHerr Awesome comment by @BrysonHerr ! Lol My territory from my old job was part of CT. I lo…’s your favorite Kubrick film? 🍿🎬
Retweeted by Neil @stephiesmallls I think country music is good but then again I listen to every genre of music. I think you could li… @BrysonHerr @stephiesmallls Lol I love CT! @LaurelA0622 She got to finish her shower but....😬Friday the 13th Part III (1982) - Andy "lost" his balance.😬 #HorrorFam @goaterhead Thats soo awesome!!Friday the 13th Part III (1982) - First scene ever with Jason wearing the iconic Hockey Mask. #HorrorFam I can't watch any cool streaming movies, I'm rewatching VHS, y'all streamers are too cool for me. Love ya ho…
Retweeted by Neil @Eric_M888 "That's cute" @britx528 Lollll @Mountaingal456 @dukefan1909 @jen_NY25 Cheers Tina!! @MikeRoz56 @FittieSmalls @neilbelieves Good creepy movie
Retweeted by Neil @MikeRoz56 @mikeyced66 @DarrylSlater @FittieSmalls @DoughboyFresshh @5on_it @stephiesmallls @BobbySkinner_ I think… @TommyDoyle47 Thank you!! Your comments are always appreciated 🙌🏾Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) #HorrorFam I love the beginning of this movie! @blackcoffiend @IMDb Yesssss @Keitikins @RachaelKHarper1 @MattFelico @AliceInChains Definitely one of the best MTV Unplugged showsWithout revealing spoilers, name the horror movie that has the best plot twist.
Retweeted by Neil @stephanie_k09 @Eric_M888 I was going to say...😂😂 @TheMaj_NFL We all ultimately want the Giants to succeed but have different ways we want that to happen Sports can… @MARDUKAS3 @PopulaCultureTV @TheRealDee71 @RachaelKHarper1 @MattFelico @AliceInChains Absolutely! @FilmandPhil @RachaelKHarper1 @MattFelico @AliceInChains 😂😂 Long before @MTV endlessly aired @Ridiculousness marath… @titletownusa73 @PopulaCultureTV @vivien2112 @mykindascene @mokalestica @LeahBLeedy24 @TWaller3rdTime1 @PopulaCultureTV Master of Puppets of course Honestly Master of Puppets is arguably the best Metallica album ever.… @dukefan1909 what are your thoughts on the movie: The Changeling (1980) Se7en is my all-time favorite film, I say that it could have been nominated for Picture, Director, Best Actor…
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@DarrylSlater Very well done article. I laugh because Kevin Abrams is #14 on this list but we all damn well know th… @Kanekighoul999 @RachaelKHarper1 @MattFelico @AliceInChains So very true!Would you wanna see this become a film on the big screen? 🔪
Retweeted by Neil @OmegaRu32803183 Exactly! Lol @dukefan1909 @jen_NY25 @Mountaingal456 🍻🍻Alice In Chains - Got Me Wrong (Unplugged) One of my favorite bands & MTV Unplugged shows. Thanks to… @ThiefCGT 1000%Se7en should have been nominated for Best Picture that year at the 68th Academy Awards. That along with Best Direct… @PardonMeImBlunt Same! It's a very powerful sceneLeland Orser stole this entire scene. Love this movie! #Se7enSe7en (1995) - Lust..continued @legodsy1 I love the all the colors in this scene and it was wonderfully shot. It seems so simple but very detailed…’s an Alice In Chains type of day 🎶
Retweeted by Neil @dukefan1909 🔥Se7en (1995) - Lust @TheCinemaTicket Se7en watching: The People Under the Stairs (1991) Wes Cravens most under appreciated gem? Thoughts?🤘@AspersiaBaby…
Retweeted by Neil @neilbelieves I Don't Know,The Burlap Sack Just Wasn't As Cool As The Hockey Mask & The Franchise Really Took Off B…
Retweeted by Neil @dukefan1909 😬😬😬 @govivaloco Exactly!! Soo over the top brutal! I wonder how this franchise would have been if he kept this look? @FilmandPhil 😂😂😂 Soooo messed up!Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) #HorrorFam movies.....One choice!!!
Retweeted by Neil @Seanofthethread Love it! Also never forget the song Clowny Clown Clown by Crispin Glover. Honestly idk wtf is go… @0fficialStacey @NHLSeattle_ Awesome! @unbrelieveable It almost seemed intentional, it was that bad @mashleymovies @bfastallday @christylemire @filmandmoviepod @LatinxLens @nminow @peachfuzzcritic @bewellviewed - @bfastallday @christylemire @filmandmoviepod @LatinxLens @nminow @peachfuzzcritic @bewellviewed
Retweeted by Neil @HorrorDads 1000% @EmaRusijan6 @TheCinemaTicket @ithrah69 @certaindoomsday @amadejlah @smiths125 @noveliciouss @olivergilbert01 @TheCinemaTicket @ithrah69 @certaindoomsday @amadejlah @smiths125 @noveliciouss @olivergilbert01 @neilbelieves
Retweeted by Neil @Coffeelover0077 🎉🎊🎉🎊Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Reba McEntire, the dad from Family Ties, and several others band together to fight off slug…
Retweeted by Neil @govivaloco Yeah The Stepfather (1987) is a classic and I thought they went in a different direction from a typical… @JenDifatta Very sorry to hear this! 💔 @DaveFlame45 @Kimmnng @oucrimsongirl @TimGreg20 @SassyCritic @rj1975 @matthew46956757 @rachel_eo @dukefan1909's Finally Friday!!! Using GIFs, what's your mood for this weekend? @ZeppelinYankee Happy Birthday!! @Keitikins @DJSocRat Very well said @DJSocRat Hahahhahahaha!!! How tf did Pamela Voorhees do that?! @NerdZro 💯#FilmTwitter what are your thoughts on the movie: Bug (2006) the 13th (1980) @WBG84 Evan Engram needs to be traded and it would unacceptable if that doesn't happen @kwakuchief7 @art_stapleton I think he's good. He's shown flashes that he could be great some day. The Engram drop… Unsolved Mysteries episodes, I'm ready to binge and solve crime!
Retweeted by Neil @FittieSmalls Absolute foolishness smh @Eric_M888 @Logicaln0nsense @stephanie_k09 Smh fucking ridiculous @5on_it Smh @stephiesmallls @MJTorres1230 @MrsT245 @acheatingvegan @BearFoodKitchen @GirlsGoneFood @Mojojo_NY @holyshitfood @SOWETO_food @britx528 🙌🏾🙌🏾 @Kristen_MarieNY Summer 1000%. 4th of July, fireworks, beaches, BBQs concerts, summer nights, vacations, boats, my… @britx528 Entrepreneur/Author/C.E.O. @FittieSmalls @FrankiesTwoLoud @stephiesmallls Sigh @stephiesmallls @lt4kicks I miss those days when The Giants had training camp @ualbany @kwakuchief7 @Anthony_Rivardo Danny Dimes!! @EmEmpressed Yess Jill Schoelen is awesome! @DJSocRat Yess me too! Terry O'Quinn was brilliant and disturbing
@dukefan1909 @billboard @_girlinred_ Facts 🔥🍁🍂🍃 @billboard @_girlinred_ "We fell in love in October That's why I love fall Looking at the stars Admiring from a far" @omacolt Absolutely! @Rob_Motto Please watch it. I'd love to hear your take @Mountaingal456 Amazing!!!