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Writer/historian. Contributing writer @TheWeek Opinion. Podcast host @pastpresentpod. Book Author, WE GATHER TOGETHER. Words: @nytimes, @atlantic, @latimes etc.

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“Over time, everyone who worked for Trump learned to tolerate his lying....Some began to think defending the presid…
The "party of personal responsibility" never meant personal responsibility for themselves. That was for you.
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @publicroad “we didn’t even know she was expecting”
@JamesSurowiecki The wisdom of crooks.The B-Team @kayaoakes This Is All I Got by @laurenosandler is the best book I read this year.taylor swift looks like she has strong opinions about hymns and infant baptism
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The very pro-life Amy Coney Barrett
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungIt’s a cult. ⁦@washingtonpost⁩: This is an unprecedented subversion of democracy, whether “critics” say it or not.
Retweeted by Neil J. Young"tried to steal an election, gave everyone covid instead" is exactly how you would expect this all to go.
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungThis was written for me. a headline. after four years, it still astounds me that an entire political party and its media apparatus are so devoted t… @AaronLGriffith I often sign my emails as Nel (😬) and frequently refer to myself in conversation as Nate (my partner’s name).
@republicofspin Well, yes.This exactly. The fact that Trump won’t succeed doesn’t make it any less troubling than that he is trying to do so… @Randall_Stps @WinbergOscar @Hilde_L_Stephs @LBRolsky This guy? @heathwcarter I know! The hair is unforgivable, though.
If you loved ⁦⁦@rachelheldevans⁩, you’ll want to read this beautiful interview with her father, Peter Held. “I don… a native Floridian, it’s strange to not see my home state in the worst position of something. But I know I only… like the Trump organization., that’s how it works., seriously considering getting these two paragraphs tattooed on my chest. to post this excellent @pastpunditry piece on my Facebook feed approximately one million times between now an… surprise here - The FBI’s Annual Hate Crime Statistics Report found that Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes increased during… love reading headlines from outlets not based in the US because they make it so simple and concise
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @kkdumez No shame. @cgehrz @eerdmansbooks Can’t wait to read!This is one Zoom call you don’t want to miss. @heathwcarter @cgehrz So good!Imagine if Obama lost in 2012 by 6,000,000 votes, spent weeks claiming he won but the race was stolen, flirted with…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungWe don’t deserve this angel queen.“voter fraud” is just the latest way to say “black votes shouldn’t count”
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So much losing. episode! This week we discuss the possible new #CovidVaccine and what it means for the history of medicine. Lis…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungColor me shocked that Lindsey Graham is lying. @al__jawf He dropped out of Patrick Henry College his first year because he was getting all Ds which he said was be… of New Zealand's new Parliament is #LGBTQ - the highest rate in the world. As one NZ political scientist put it…'s a long history of Christian conversion ministries to Jews - and a lot of it is very problematic! But newly…"You can see how 'Save the Children' would be appealing: It feeds on a mother’s desire to protect children, and it’…"They want to belong to something, believe in something. Maybe, before the pandemic, that was the church, or the PT… all know the Lindsey Graham story is real and the fact that a sitting senator tried to interfere in an election…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young🤯🤯 was a full national freakout because Bill Clinton had a convo on the plane with the AG and now we've got the…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @KevinMKruse It’s not even a hard word to spell. Imagine if they had to do Massachusetts.
How to navigate political conversations at family get-togethers this Thanksgiving: Don’t have the family get-togethers
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungHave been thinking about this a lot but also doubt that this is the angle Fox News - where far more get their “theo… @thealyssalo Somewhere in Utah!
"Wrapping heinous and harmful words and actions in the thin veneer of humor is a go-to move for any schoolyard bull…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungFound my favorite national monument.
@LukeEpplin Lots of them in California as soon as you get out of LA.
PA/GA beats MAGA.
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @tressiemcphd My mom just gave me a heart attack by calling me at 8 AM on a Friday. “Just wanted to talk!”One thing I think people still don't quite get about Trump is that he *enjoys* cheating. It makes him feel like he'…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungWhat is give me a break
The GOP has got to get a handle on this. The president has stopped governing, we have an out of control pandemic, a…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungWell lookee here. We’re being ALLOWED to wear our hair the way it grows out of our heads. How mighty .... oh neve…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungAn open question is whether Republican lawmakers don’t understand basic facts of our system (such as that PR doesn’…"Wrapping heinous and harmful words and actions in the thin veneer of humor is a go-to move for any schoolyard bull…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungThe problem here isn't Donald Trump. If he were ranting alone, none of this would matter. The problem is the Republ…
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@BrantleyGasaway Wow, that has to be upsetting to have to deal with. I’m sorry. But especially irritating that your… Here's what Jeffress is sending out to folks on his email list (yes, I get these). Seems like he first wrote t…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @natemcdermott Fraternities.Neil in Mobile. their nature - isolated, homogenous, self-contained - red bubbles are far more cut off from other people and per… surprised that Robert Jeffress has called Biden the ‘president-elect’ and urged (white) Christians to acce…" ... the dead serious reality is that Republicans are attempting to stage a coup in defiance of the 2020 election,…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungThen stop sustaining it. wrote about how Trump's most dangerous ideas always start as “jokes” - my latest for ⁦@TheWeek⁩ @espiers Considering making this my new Twitter bio.The military is one of the most diverse institutions in American life - over 40% of servicepersons are racial and e… the affair ended, he told the woman they were both “beautiful, broken people.”Good morning. Carl Lentz, former head of Hillsong and pastor to Justin Bieber and other celebs, posed as a “sports… is literally the worst, most ridiculous bothsideism ever. We are doomed. lost and republicans refuses to acknowledge it because they’re scared of him.
Retweeted by Neil J. Youngthat these members-elect trust the results enough to claim their offices just gives away the game that the alleged…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @rgay He is perfect.Trump is a major counterintelligence threat once he leaves the WH (basically ensuring that the FBI will investigate…
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Nov. 10, 2008 (exactly 12 years ago).
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungTrump world has used “humor” to mainstream and normalize its egregious anti-democratic and illiberal aims, a tactic… stunning. All the alarm bells should be going off. episode! This week we discuss the #2020Election and the history behind its momentous results. Listen to Episode…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungThe GOP has given far, far more attention to Trump's emotional needs over losing the election than they have to any…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @sdowland @AaronLGriffith Going to put this on my CV. @sdowland @AaronLGriffith LITERALLY eating candy corn right now and feeling #blessed @sdowland @AaronLGriffith Seth!What is the downside? Just directly attacking the foundations of our 200+ year experiment to “humor” the man who wa… @rgay No Harvard visiting professorships either!Nothing makes sense anymore but how can only one vote on a ballot be “illegal” while the rest on that same ballot a…
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Thinking about the time Trump lost the Iowa Caucus in 2016 and immediately demanded the results be thrown out, base…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungRefusal to authorize the transition isn't just symbolic: it prevents the Biden-Harris transition from getting the f…
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Following Biden’s references to the Bible and a hymn in his speech last night, struck by this simple line in…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungWe already empathize with Trump supporters on policy. We want them all to have healthcare, to make a living wage, t…
Retweeted by Neil J. YoungPer pool reports: Trump is at his golf course in Sterling, VA, the 298th golf trip of his presidency. Biden is he…
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @SenRonJohnson 230,000 dead Americans
Mr. President Elect.
Retweeted by Neil J. Young @HunterCrowder6 Hunter!Alexa, play GOODBYE EARL.
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